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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 390: East Imperial Continent

Chapter 390: East Imperial Continent

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I am Yi Piaopiao!

When Jiang Yi heard this, it felt as though he was struck by lightning. While looking at the image which looked exactly like the sculpture, he thought he saw the real person for a moment. However, the image’s next sentence woke him up.

The image continued speaking: “My child. Firstly, I need to tell you that this image is an illusion which I preserved using great ability!”


Jiang Yi’s body shook as he moved to the side. As expected, the image didn’t move along with him and was still looking at where he was standing previously. This wasn’t a remanent soul like the Witch God’s and was indeed an illusion which was preserved.

“My child, if you can see this illusion, it means that you have broken the seal on your dantian and that you have attained Soul Travel Realm before the age of 20. I have informed Shui Youlan back then if you cannot come to Starfall Island with your own strength, this wooden sculpture would never be handed over to you. Furthermore, if you didn’t come to Starfall Island before the age of 20, this wooden sculpture would self-destruct.

“Perhaps you would blame Mother for being ruthless, but I want to say that… I didn’t put the seal on your dantian. It was already there when you were born; Mother wasn’t able to break this seal! Hence, I was thinking if you were unable to cultivate, then you should spend your life peacefully in Skyplume City. Knowing too much would only make you unhappy! Of course… if you are able to see this illusion now, it proves that my child is extraordinary; and you are qualified to know some hard secrets.

“If you can come here, you might have known that my tomb is empty. In fact… Mother had lied to you. I… didn’t die! Please forgive Mother as I didn’t lie to you intentionally. Mother didn’t want to leave you and abandon you. Mother has some untold difficulties. If we are fated to meet again, I will personally tell you this untold trouble!

“My child, do not try to look for Mother and do not try to find out where Mother did go to. Even your father doesn’t know where I came from. If you can see this wooden sculpture, it means that Mother isn’t back yet. Please believe Mother that I will try my utmost best to come back and look for you. Of course… if you are able to cultivate to the peak stage of the Vajra Realm before the age of 20, you are then qualified to come and look for Mother. When that time comes, you can go to the East Imperial Continent and look for a man named Yu Wen. He will tell you how to look for me. You have to remember if you cannot reach the peak stage of the Vajra Realm—even if you look for Yu Wen, he will not tell you anything.

“Alright, my child! If we are unable to meet each other in this lifetime, please don’t be sad. This is the destiny given to us by Heaven. Also… don’t blame your father. The matter back then is also because Mother is overly aggressive. If possible, I wish that you can acknowledge your father as he is still your birth father after all. Finally, I wish that you are in good health. Mother will always love you, miss you, and think of you…”

Finishing the final statement, Yi Piaopiao’s image gradually disappeared. When she was speaking, her face had this kind smile from start to finish, which was so beautiful that it was intoxicating. When the image disappeared, Jiang Yi’s cheeks were streaming with tears.

Yi Piaopiao didn’t leave behind a lot of words, and the information given wasn’t complete. However, Jiang Yi was still reinvigorated as he had ascertained a few things.

First, Yi Piaopiao was still alive. Second, she did leave because of some untold difficulties. Third, there was a chance that the two of them could meet again.

These three points were enough to excite Jiang Yi. No matter how difficult or how minute hope was, there was still hope!

“Reaching the peak stage of Vajra Realm by 20 years old! East Imperial Continent! Yu Wen!”

Jiang Yi muttered and had this resolute expression. He was currently 17 years old, but his strength was already at the Vajra Realm. Two years ago, he was still trash at the first stage of Cast Tripod Realm. Since he was able to create miracles within these two years, it wasn’t impossible for him to create the next miracle.

“Mother, wait for this child. I will come and look for you as soon as possible.”

At this moment, Jiang Yi had this pressing desire to gain more strength. Only by getting stronger would he be able to find that woman with a bitter fate. The woman who came from a faraway place, that woman who was heartbroken in the Stellarsky Continent, that bitter fated woman who had no choice but to ultimately abandon her birth son.

Yi Piaopiao left this illusion and this message which proved how much she loved Jiang Yi. As a woman—if there wasn’t an irresistible reason, why would she abandon her young child? Why would she not even return to see him once?

Yi Piaopiao was extremely formidable and was unable to resist, meaning that this untold difficulty must be very severe. It was highly possible that she was currently suffering some kind of powerful censure.

When he thought about this, Jiang Yi’s heart felt as though there was a knife that was twisting in it. He stood silently on the roof of the Clear Sky Pavilion and remained speechless. He stood there for two hours while his mind was filled with that gentle, beautiful, and kind face.

Pong! Pong!

After two hours, he walked down the Clear Sky Pavilion resolutely. When he walked out, he had already regained his composure; and his eyes were filled with a fighting spirit which was unprecedentedly powerful.

Shui Youlan sat in the main hall and was leisurely drinking tea. When Jiang Yi walked out, she took a quick glance and nodded her head. “Lady Piaopiao’s son has a strong heart. Jiang Yi, you are good!”

There were three other elders from the Water Moon Observatory in the main hall, and when they heard Shui Youlan, they were all astonished. This was the first time in so many years that they heard Shui Youlan praising someone. As the no.1 martial expert of the continent, Shui Youlan had pride in her bones which normally wouldn’t see anyone that was worthy. It was a rare honor to obtain her praise.

Jiang Yi bowed with cupped hands before he looked at the three elders. Shui Youlan waved her hand as the three elders dismissed themselves immediately. Jiang Yi and spoke in a soft voice, “Hostess, do you know of the East Imperial Continent?”


Shui Youlan’s good-looking brows knitted as she shook her head and replied, “Never. It should be the continent over at the other side of the sea. In the history of the Water Moon Observatory, no experts were able to reach the other side of the sea, which includes me! Of course, there were a few Heaven Monarchs from the Stellarsky Continent who went there; but they didn’t come back afterward. It was unknown whether they were dead or alive or if they didn’t want to return. Hence, I do not have any information pertaining to the other side of the sea.”

“Oh… would one be able to travel across the sea region after achieving your strength?” Jiang Yi asked nervously. Yi Piaopiao said that once he reached the peak stage of Vajra Realm, he would be qualified to look for her. Shui Youlan’s strength was exactly at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm.

“I cannot guarantee!”

Shui Youlan pondered for a moment before replying, “According to my thoughts. If I want to cross this sea region, the possibility of perishing was around 60% to 70%. This sea region has too many dangers. Take… the south’s Sea of Death for example. It gives me a feeling that if I dared to enter it, I will certainly perish in it.”

“Sea of Death? Ancient coffin, female corpse!”

Jiang Yi exclaimed as the scene in the Sea of Death appeared in his mind. He felt his blood running cold and this lingering fear in his heart.


When Shui Youlan saw at Jiang Yi’s expression, her beautiful eyes had a flash of radiance as she yelled, “Jiang Yi, how did you know the Sea of Death had an ancient coffin and a female corpse? Did you enter it?”

Seeing Jiang Yi nodding, even this shrewd Shui Youlan was slightly astonished. She lightly exclaimed, “Jiang Yi, how did you escape? This is unbelievable. Quickly tell me the details. That female corpse might be the hidden calamity that might extinguish the entire Stellarsky Continent!”

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