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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 391: Wind Myriad

Chapter 391: Wind Myriad

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Jiang Yi hesitated. If the escape was because of him, he could say it. He didn’t want to tell anyone about Jiang Xiaonu’s matter.

Thus, he elaborated about everything regarding the sea demons attacking them, but he had to conceal the fact about how they escaped. He bowed with cupped hands and spoke apologetically, “Hostess. The matter happened like this. As for how I escaped, please forgive me as I cannot say it. Sorry!”


Shui Youlan didn’t find it weird as Yi Piaopiao had too many secrets on her while Jiang Yi was able to change his fate as a first-stage Cast Tripod Realm trash into the no.1 prodigy in the continent. He, too, had too many secrets; she naturally didn’t ask too much into it.

She muttered for a moment before asking again, “Jiang Yi, are you able to determine whether that woman in the ancient coffin was dead or alive? Think carefully. This is very important.”

“Not sure!”

Jiang Yi tried to recall, but he shook his head and said, “I only took a few glances, and I tried to use my divine senses afterward, but that ancient coffin lit up with white light, damaging my soul spirit. I had no way to determine whether that woman was dead or alive, but I felt a trace of life.”

“So that’s how it is!”

Shui Youlan sighed slightly and said, “My divine sense couldn’t scout it either. The restriction on that ancient coffin is too powerful, and that thunderous power from above would attack when the divine senses get too near. It wouldn’t be too dangerous if this woman was alive, but I am afraid she is a millennium ancient corpse which is using the power of lightning to temper her body. It would be horrible if she was absorbing all the life force and essence force that accidentally entered the Sea of Death. If she was still unable to revive after absorbing a large amount of life essence force, then… the entire continent would have to suffer an extinction calamity.”

Jiang Yi nodded with a serious expression. The Sea of Death didn’t have any surviving life, and any living being that accidentally entered that sea region would be corroded by the sea vines. Finally, all the life essence force would certainly enter the ancient coffin and get absorbed by that woman.

It didn’t matter if this woman was dead or alive. She must be cultivating some extremely vicious evil art! I must never get near her in the future.

Jiang Yi thought in his heart and lifted his head to speak with Shui Youlan, “Hostess, does this sea region regularly have sea demon insurrection?”


Shui Youlan let out a faint laugh and said, “I know what you are trying to ask. This matter should have a mastermind behind it. Moreover, this person isn’t hard to guess. There are only two individuals who have the strength to incite three demon kings without leaving any trace of evidence. One of them is that old fart from the Azure Dragon Empire, and the other is the Eunuch Lin who possesses a type of mystical and invisible saint elixir. The two of them are the suspects. Then again… don’t even think about finding evidence. If these old farts dared to do it, they naturally wouldn’t leave any traces behind.”

“Ling Clan’s old ancestor? The old eunuch?”

Jiang Yi’s eyes revealed a smear of killing intent. If it wasn’t for Jiang Xiaonu that time, the three of them would have been dead. He would settle this score sooner or later. He had guessed that Old Eunuch Lin might probably be the culprit. Only a half-man-half-woman individual would be fond of such treacherous actions.

“Hostess, do you have a Martial Arts Demonstration Court here?” Jiang Yi suddenly raised a strange request which startled Shui Youlan. She quickly got up and said, “Follow me.”

Shui Youlan walked out of the main hall while her hand emitted a blue essence force which she swung with her jade hands. The nearby space had a blue protection dome that enveloped them. She then spoke indistinctly, “This is a ready-made Martial Arts Demonstration Court. You can casually release an attack. If you can penetrate my protection dome, you will be considered incredible.”


Jiang Yi cut off all the nonsense and released the dao pattern attack with the Fire Dragon Sword. Tens of thousands of fire dragons were released which constantly blasted at the protection dome.


Shui Youlan exposed yet another surprised expression. She took a few looks at these fire dragons and was abnormally certain when she spoke, “Jiang Yi, your mid-grade dao pattern is the Wind Myriad. Did you fuse it with low-grade dao patterns or did you directly comprehend it?”

“So this is really a mid-grade dao pattern? It is called Wind Myriad? Low-grade dao patterns can actually fuse to become mid-grade dao patterns?” Jiang Yi was slightly startled as he explained, “Hostess, I directly comprehended this dao pattern.”

“Heavenly prodigy, a heavenly prodigy!”

Shui Youlan lamented twice, but she quickly realized something and sighed indistinctly. “Lady Piaopiao had reached the fifth stage of the Vajra Realm at the age of 17. Jiang Bieli is also a prodigy that appears once every ten thousand years. How could two prodigies give birth to a mediocre son?”

After lamenting, Shui Youlan then spoke to Jiang Yi, “Jiang Yi, I have a library collection here. There are introductions to dao patterns in there. There are also various low-grade and mid-grade dao patterns’ names and descriptions. If you have time, you can take a look. Of course, there aren’t any names of high-grade dao patterns in the library collection because no one in the history of Stellarsky Continent was able to fuse high-grade dao patterns. Even those Heaven Monarchs were only able to comprehend and fuse three types of mid-grade dao patterns.”


What Jiang Yi lacked were these theories and knowledge. In the past, no one taught him; and he had to rely on himself by trial-and-error. If he was able to study in detail, he would at least have some general direction for his cultivation in the future.

After affirming this, Jiang Yi asked about the final thing that he came to Starfall Island for. “Hostess, do you know how to excavate Divine Veins?”

“Divine Veins?”

Shui Youlan had a flash of severity in her eyes before she quickly reacted and said in a serious tone, “Jiang Yi, are you thinking of excavating the Great Xia Kingdom’s Divine Veins? No way! You cannot ruin your own future. If you are able to comprehend a mid-grade dao pattern, it means that your future is limitless. Essence force is easy to cultivate while the dao patterns are hard to comprehend. If you seclude yourself and cultivate for ten or twenty years, you might be able to break through to the final step and become a Heaven Monarch! You might even be able to shatter the limits and attain a higher realm!”

“Ten years? Twenty years?”

Jiang Yi laughed bitterly. He originally had a three-year promise, now he had another invisible three-year promise. He had to reach the peak stage of the Vajra Realm during these three years, and he had to find the East Imperial Continent. Otherwise, he would never have a chance to see Yi Piaopiao anymore.

Thus, it didn’t matter what the future was going to be like. Jiang Yi no longer had to consider if he could become a Heaven Monarch or if he could climb to the pinnacle of the martial dao. ‘Worrying about it when something happens’—this had always been his life!

“Hostess, I beg you to tell me the method of excavating the Divine Veins. Please!”

Jiang Yi bowed deeply. As long as Shui Youlan didn’t reply, he would keep his head down; and his attitude was very resolute. Shui Youlan’s eyes flickered and let out a helpless sigh. “Alright then. Your mother has done be a great favor. For the sake of Water Moon Observatory, I cannot help you too much. However, I have no reason to reject small matters like this. You think about it for three days. If you are sure you need it after three days, I will provide you the method to excavate the Divine Veins.”

“Thank you, Hostess!”

Jiang Yi nodded. Jiang Xiaonu needed time to recuperate as well; hence, he had to stay in Starfall Island for a period of time. When Jiang Xiaonu was fully recovered, they would then depart back to the Great Xia Kingdom.

Shui Youlan waved her hand and summoned an elder to make arrangements for Jiang Yi before she went back to the Clear Sky Pavilion.

Jiang Yi didn’t go to any resting place and came back to the plaza in front of the white jade sculpture. He stood there silently for a very long time. All the while, he had this faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

Two hours later, his eyes became abnormally resolute. He spoke in a voice where only he could hear it, “Mother, wait for this child. I will definitely go and look for you.”

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