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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 392: Five Elemental Dao Patterns, Heaven-and-Earth Dao Patterns!

Chapter 392: Five Elemental Dao Patterns, Heaven-and-Earth Dao Patterns!

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Jiang Yi temporarily stayed at Starfall Island. He let out Jiang Xiaonu and He Lao while the Yazi beast went to an island by the side. It felt that Shui Youlan shouldn’t be trifled with, and so it didn’t feel comfortable staying here and simply went to wait in the nearby island.

Jiang Xiaonu was still in a deep slumber. Jiang Yi asked the people from the Water Moon Observatory to help her bathe and change a new set of clothes. Shui Youlan even sent someone to ask if there was a need to give Jiang Xiaonu a check-up, but it was rejected by Jiang Yi.

Jiang Xiaonu’s breathing had stabilized day by day, and her complexion was much better. Jiang Yi reckoned that she was going to awaken soon, and he naturally didn’t wish for Shui Youlan to discover her secret. He had cautiously informed He Lao not to divulge any information about Jiang Xiaonu to anyone else.

The elders and the current generation of outstanding disciples from Water Moon Observatory invited Jiang Yi and He Lao for dinner on behalf of Shui Youlan. During this period of time, a few female disciples actually threw flirtatious glances at Jiang Yi, which was filled with tender feelings—obviously indicating their interest towards Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi might be in a hostile relationship with Shui Qianrou, but it didn’t have any signs of influence for their admiration towards Jiang Yi.

This world viewed martial experts with supremacy while women worshiped experts and adored exceptional young masters even more. Jiang Yi might not be handsome, but he had a steady and unflustered nature, unlike those young masters who looked poised and elegant but were all boastful. Jiang Yi had experienced a lot and went through many hardships, which helped him formed a special aura which was very attractive to young women.

He had a complex history and had countless secrets. His strength was tyrannical as he was able to sweep across the Soul Travel Realm. Right now, he even had a Yazi Beast which gave him the ability to go against a regular Vajra Realm martial expert. He had innumerable heroic and outstanding feats: obtaining the first place for the Kingdom War, brazenly committing treason, pursuing the Divine Martial Kingdom’s army, wreaking havoc in Summer Rain City, rescuing the little fox, and preventing a continent’s calamity. He even went against the six influential factions which had one million soldiers by himself, survived the Witch God forbidden ground, and ran amok in the Mystic Heaven City.

He had too much glory, too many secrets, and too many heroic feats. All these were like poppy flowers which deeply fascinated the female disciples from the Water Moon Observatory.

Most female disciples knew that Jiang Yi already had someone he loved, but they didn’t give up and boldly made some kind of hints to Jiang Yi. Their meanings were obvious. As long as Jiang Yi gave the go-ahead, they would be his woman tonight.

There were plenty of beauties among the female disciples of the Water Moon Observatory, and they all had extraordinary bearings after growing up in the continent’s no.1 observatory. A pity that Jiang Yi wasn’t some regular individual. He had seen plenty of beauties. Since he had Su Ruoxue, his heart was still like water, ignoring all the hints that these ladies made. Many female disciples were all heartbroken because of him.

The food that was offered in the Water Moon Observatory was very special. They rarely had meat and were all mainly vegetarian dishes, but the dishes had distinctive flavors. Coupled with all the beauties eating along with him, the fact that he had resolved many troubles in his heart put him in a rather good mood—hence his great appetite.

After having a sumptuous meal, Jiang Yi went to the library collection. He totally ignored all those earth-tier and heaven-tier martial skills. All these martial skills were derived from the dao patterns, but they didn’t contain the quintessence of dao patterns. If he was to comprehend dao patterns by referring to these martial skills, he might just stray into the wrong path.

Thus, Jiang Yi immediately went to the top floor of the library collection and began to look through the information on the dao patterns.

There wasn’t a lot!

However, Jiang Yi still read for two full days, reading everything in detail and even memorizing everything. These were all the accumulation of the ten-thousand-year history of the Water Moon Observatory. It was naturally wise to not let such a great opportunity to slip away.

The information was separated in the summary of the dao patterns and the cultivation comprehension from generations of hostesses. After reading all this information, Jiang Yi once again felt that this was a worthwhile trip to Starfall Island.

“There are actually so many types of dao patterns. This world is indeed mystical!”

Jiang Yi put down the last book and opened the window to look at the outside world. Right now, he felt that this world was entirely different; and it was filled with mystics, laws, and profundity.

In the records, there were two kinds of dao patterns. One of them was the five elements of dao patterns—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth! These five elements of dao patterns have nine types of low-grade dao patterns and six types of mid-grade dao patterns. In theory, there should be three types of high-grade dao patterns and one type of ultimate dao pattern.

Apart from the five elemental dao patterns, there were also the heaven-and-earth dao patterns, which were much stronger than the five elemental dao patterns. There were the thunder dao patterns, spatial dao patterns, time dao patterns, destruction dao patterns, life dao patterns, etc.

It was unknown how many heaven-and-earth dao patterns there were as the Water Moon Observatory didn’t have that information. The people that could comprehend these dao patterns were too rare, and no one could comprehend them in overall. It was needless to say that heaven-and-earth dao patterns were much stronger than the five elemental dao patterns.

Dao patterns could be fused, and three low-grade dao patterns could be fused into one mid-grade dao pattern. Three mid-grade dao patterns could be fused into a high-grade dao pattern. Finally, three high-grade dao patterns could be fused into the ultimate dao pattern!

According to the seniors in the Water Moon Observatory…

Dao patterns were the laws and profundity of this world. As long as one could comprehend dao patterns, one would be able to borrow the power of this world and form various powerful abilities. Shifting mountains, filling seas—even splitting the sky wasn’t impossible.

Jiang Yi had deeply experienced it, too. Just like his Binding of Wind, it could use the power of the wind to bind his enemies.

A martial artist cultivates in order to go against heaven. If one wants to obtain more power, then one has to understand this world in order to borrow strength from this world.

No matter how powerful a human was, they would still be human. This world was the origin of all sources of life. All living beings were nurtured by this world. How could a human be compared to the world? The power of heaven and earth was omnipotent and could effortlessly oppress all martial experts of any race.

Take a simple example… like time!

No matter how powerful a martial artist was, they wouldn’t be able to go against the flow of time. Time was like a butcher’s knife, which would force all experts to lower their heads. No matter if you were an overlord or the no.1 martial expert in the world, you wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow from time and would ultimately become a pile of dirt.

The spatial dao patterns could cause the collapse of space, which had the ability to distort space and shatter all living beings. Also, take the thunder dao pattern for example, which would make all humans tiny under the horrific thunder and lightning. Once lightning struck, no matter how powerful an individual was, they would still be turned into dregs.

“Dao patterns are such mystical existence. I wonder how terrifying high-grade and ultimate dao patterns would be. Could it possibly cleave the Stellarsky Continent in two? Would I, Jiang Yi, have the hope to comprehend them during this lifetime?” Jiang Yi muttered and lamented while his eyes dimmed.

The three experts—Zhuge Qingyun, the Demon Empress, and Shui Youlan—all said the same thing. If he dared to refine a large number of celestial stones, he might be able to raise his strength within a short period of time; but his future would be limited in this lifetime. The three of them naturally wouldn’t lie to him, and he might never have the opportunity to make contact with those high-level things.

“Time to go! Two days have passed. I wonder if Xiaonu is already awake.”

Shaking his head, Jiang Yi didn’t want to mull over it anymore. He had to refine the celestial stones, and he was going to do everything he could to transform all nine star spheres. He wanted to see how far his strength would progress to. If he could survive after the three-year promise, he would immediately depart to search for the East Imperial Continent and to look for Yi Piaopiao.

He turned back and left the library. He walked past the two female disciples guarding the library collection and strutted towards the hall where he was residing.

“Hurhur, Jiang Yi, accept your death!”

Just as he left the library, an extremely angered voice echoed from behind. A seductive and graceful figure shot out from behind. She was wielding a silver longsword, which had a sharp aura, as it drew across the air and thrust at Jiang Yi’s back.

Jiang Yi didn’t seem notice that sword and leisurely turned to look at the flying woman. He let out a faint smile and said, “Young Lady Qianrou, long time, no see.”

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