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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 447: Little Beauty

Chapter 447: Little Beauty

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Jiang Yi becoming the Principal of Mt. Spirit Beast College was somewhat foreseen by some people. After announcing it to the world, it caused a huge commotion in the continent.

In the past, when Jiang Yi was the regent of Great Xia Kingdom, everyone felt that it was nothing worth paying attention to. After all, the Great Xia Kingdom had almost been annihilated. During then, they felt that once the three-year deadline was up, the Great Xia Kingdom would definitely be annihilated. Let alone the regent, even the queen was just a joke to the people.

It was no longer the same now that Jiang Yi had become the Principal of Mt. Spirit Beast College. Furthermore, he obtained this position a few days after the battle at Monarch City. Mt. Spirit Beast College was one of the three major colleges, and countless descendants from various clans were in it. It was a holy land for the youths that were from poor and humble clans. Who wouldn’t wish to be able to tame an outstanding spirit beast? Who wouldn’t wish to possess a formidable spirit beast to fight together with them? If they wish to possess a spirit beast, they had to think of ways to enter the college.

Jiang Yi was able to slaughter Eunuch Lin and injure Xia Tingwei as well as Jiang Bieli. His strength could be said to be top ten in the whole continent. In addition to his Principal position in Mt. Spirit Beast College, his status had risen drastically, allowing him to be equals with the Azure Dragon College Principal Yu. His status now was equivalent to those elite martial experts of the continent.

A youth, which was yet to be 18 yet, had actually managed to be on equal footing with powerful and awe-inspiring experts. How much of a shock was this to everyone? Regardless of them being the enemies of the country, Jiang Yi’s enemies, or those enemies who held hatred towards Jiang Yi—all of them had no choice but to accept this.

They were all youths. Yet, Jiang Yi was stronger than their fathers—he was even stronger than their grandfathers. How could they not be convinced?

“Are you guys returning?”

In the backyard of Mt. Spirit Beast College, Jiang Yi looked at Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan as he inquired gravely. Very quickly, he overruled his previous speech. “No. It’s too dangerous. At this very moment, the Divine Martial Kingdom is very chaotic. Although your clans are very influential in the Divine Martial Kingdom, wasn’t Yun Fei was still attacked in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom?”

Qian Wanguan replied worriedly, “It is because of the chaos why we have to return. We have brought so many people out. If there’s any upheaval in the Monarch City, and there was a lack of manpower, Qian Xue and his group could still attend to it… if he returns.”

Zhan Wushuang nodded, “The marriage between Yun Fei and I cannot drag on any longer. Once I return, I have to send my people out to escort the bride immediately. Without her by my side, I would never be able to cultivate in peace.”

“No way!”

Jiang Yi retorted firmly, “Qian Xue and his men can return, but the two of you have to stay at my side. As for the fetching the bride, there is not a need to be so grand. You can just send people to carry the betrothal gift over, and I will get Grandma Silver Flower to bring Yun Fei over. After that, I will hold a wedding ceremony for you two in the Summer Rain City. Believe in my intuition. Something will definitely happen if the two of you are to return.”

Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan looked at each other before sighing helplessly. Following which, Zhan Wushuang commented, “Alright. I reckon that Monarch City should be in quite a mess right now. It wouldn’t be wise to arrange this matter without any caution. I can only disappoint Yun Fei then.”

“There will be no disappointment. When we return, I will also hold my wedding with Ruoxue. We can just hold them together!” Jiang Yi instructed with a wave of hand tyrannically. Unknowingly, his body had cultivated a kind of grandeur that would cause others to feel convinced.

He paused for a moment before shifting his gaze to Qian Wanguan, “Wanguan, how about you find a girl as well, and we can hold the weddings together?”


Qian Wanguan shook his head, “I also wish to. Unfortunately, the person I have taken a fancy on doesn’t seem to be fond of me. As for someone I have no feelings for, why bother marrying?”

“Then it’s decided. Get Qian Xue and his men to return so that they could assist the two uncles. Brother Wushuang will transmit a message to Uncle Zhan to get him to send out the bridal escort guards immediately, and I will get Grandma Silver Flower to personally escort them to the Summer Rain City. Three days later, we will head back.”

After Jiang Yi came to a conclusion, he walked out to arrange the matters. He looked for Principal Qi, and the moment Jiang Yi saw him, he got straight to the point, “Principal Qi, I might have taken the Principal position. However, I will still have to trouble you with college matters. I shall be frank with you; it’s impossible for me to stay in the college for a long period of time. Therefore, I’m just a Principal-in-name, and the real Principal is you. Of course, if there are any troubles, I will immediately return.”


Principal Qi started to hesitate. Subsequently, she could only nod her head helplessly. She and the other Vice Principals had already anticipated this reply. Jiang Yi would never interfere with the college matters, and he didn’t have the time to. What they wanted was to draw support using his prestige and strength.

With Jiang Yi as their Principal—as long as he didn’t perish, no one would dare to touch the college. Eunuch Lin’s death was the best example for everyone. Therefore, they were somewhat relieved.

Qian Xue and his men left on the same day. It was safer for Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan to follow Jiang Yi than them staying in the Zhan and the Qian Clans. Thus, there was not a need for anyone to be worried at all.

Three days later, Jiang Yi and the others set off towards the Summer Rain City. With the few Vice Principals around, there wouldn’t be too much of a problem for Mt. Spirit Beast College. With the Yazi Beast around, only a day was needed for them to travel from the Summer Rain City to the Mt. Spirit Beast College. Therefore, if there was an issue, they could just transmit a message to Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi placed everyone into his Universal Palace. However, there was an extra person this time. It was Jiang Yunhai! Despite the fact that Jiang Yunhai was afraid of being a burden to Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi insisted on bringing him along. Therefore, he had no choice but to follow Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu rode the Yazi Beast back to Summer Rain City. This time, Jiang Xiaonu had recovered a lot faster. Two days ago, she had already woken up, causing Jiang Yi and Su Ruoxue to be extremely delighted.

Originally, the Yazi Beast wouldn’t allow anyone else to ride on its back other than Jiang Yi. Now, there was another one in its exception list, which was Jiang Xiaonu. Jiang Xiaonu had saved it and Jiang Yi in the underground world. That terrifying strength of hers had also caused the Yazi Beast to be somewhat fearful. Since Jiang Yi had brought her along, the Yazi Beast naturally wouldn’t dare to say anything about it.

Jiang Yi rarely accompanied Jiang Xiaonu. Therefore, he felt somewhat guilty of it. It just so happened that he had time to accompany her for a day. Thus, he didn’t cultivate for the whole journey and simply accompanied Jiang Xiaonu to admire the scenery below as well as the grand mountains and rivers.

Jiang Xiaonu didn’t speak and snuggled beside Jiang Yi quietly as she smiled sweetly. When Jiang Yi entered the Witch God forbidden grounds for several months, Jiang Xiaonu had been cultivating unceasingly while her body had also matured rapidly. Her chest had also become rather spectacular, and her skin was no longer tanned. In contrast, it became fair and soft. Suddenly, Jiang Yi was turned somewhat stunned as he looked at Jiang Xiaonu closely.

“Young Master, what’s wrong? Is there dirt on my face?” Jiang Xiaonu saw Jiang Yi staring at her in a daze. That charming face of hers flushed as she stroked her face in doubts.

Jiang Yi sobered up and rubbed Jiang Xiaonu’s head subconsciously “Nope. There’s no dirt on it. I just realized our Xiaonu had grown up and turned gorgeous, becoming a young beauty.”


Jiang Xiaonu’s eyes brightened up as her charming face flushed even redder. She lowered her head in a shy manner. Very quickly, her eyes grew dim as she muttered in a volume that could only be heard by her, “What’s the use even if I got prettier? Young Master still wouldn’t want me…”


Jiang Yi shook. For the whole journey, he had to scout around. Therefore, he had used his black essence force to amplify his hearing, allowing him to hear what Jiang Xiaonu muttered clearly. All of a sudden, his heart became chaotic. He had always treated Xiaonu as his sister since they were young. How could he possibly marry her? Judging from the situation, it seemed like she would stay unwedded for a lifetime if he wasn’t going to marry her.

It became a headache for Jiang Yi. For the whole journey, his thoughts ran wild in silence. Unknowingly, they had reached the Summer Rain City, and he could only place this matter aside. He intended to refine the celestial stones and make the third star sphere to transform first before thinking about such matters.

With Jiang Yi’s return, the whole Summer Rain City burst with joy!

That battle in Monarch City had caused the citizens of Great Xia Kingdom to see hope as well as a feeling of exaltation. Wasn’t the Divine Martial Kingdom very formidable? During that year, didn’t they wipe out hundreds of thousands of Great Xia Kingdom’s army? Didn’t they always act like a tiger and suppress the Great Xia Kingdom, not allowing them to rise? Now, Jiang Yi alone was sufficient to kill his way into the Monarch City of the Divine Martial Kingdom.

Jiang Yi released everyone out and ignored the crowd as he prepared to go into seclusion to refine the celestial stones. However, Old General Lu arrived very quickly as he passed on a piece of astonishing news to him. On their way back to the Monarch City, Qian Xue and his men were ambushed by the mysterious person. Over a hundred Soul Travel Realm experts from both families had been completely wiped out!

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