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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 541: Killing the Demon Thearch

Chapter 541: Killing the Demon Thearch

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Qing Yu rushed out. If Jiang Yi were to order her to do such a thing, she would never be able to reject it. However, if Jiang Yi were just teasing her, she would naturally be resentful.

Jiang Yi might be her master, and she wouldn’t dare to go against his desire. From the bottom of her heart, she still had contradicting feelings for Jiang Yi. Perhaps, it could be said that her heart was conflicted towards men. She would feel extremely uncomfortable if she had to do such a thing with a man.

Furthermore, she and Feng Luan had yet to fully acknowledge Jiang Yi. Therefore, it was impossible for them to serve him willingly in such a short span of time. Besides, Feng Luan’s strength was a lot stronger than Jiang Yi.

The moment Jiang Yi passed down the command, Feng Luan and Qing Yu became busy. The army and experts within the Black Phoenix City departed quietly as they went to provide assistance to the frontlines. This order caused a lot of experts that were defending the city to be somewhat confused, and a lot of them wept in bitter tears as they weren’t willing to leave because there were two demon thearchs outside. What if the demon thearchs were to attack the moment they leave? Feng Luan wouldn’t stand a chance against them alone. If she were to die, it would be over for the continent.

Feng Luan didn’t explain to them and just passed on the orders. Anyone who went against the order shall be executed!

The Thearch had given a decree, giving them no choice but to leave together with the army secretly. The few-million-strong army in Black Phoenix City only had half of them remaining as the other half had left. Half of the experts had also departed, leaving behind a million-strong army and thirty Vajra Realm martial experts.

The reason why Feng Luan was so resolute was because of Jiang Yi’s intention.

According to Jiang Yi, what’s the point of having so many people for? If the two demon thearchs were to launch an attack, could these people even defend against them? Once Feng Luan perished, the others could only wait to be slaughtered.

Rather than letting such a thing happen, he might as well dispatch them out so that they could do their best in eliminating the merman army, and leaving behind a million soldiers was more than sufficient. They simply had to wait and see if the Lion Chi Demon Thearch would withdraw or not.

All the preparations were properly arranged after busying for half a day, and Feng Luan returned to the castle. Everything had been prepared. Everything that was needed to be done was done. The rest would have to depend on heaven’s will.

For the following days, it was exceptionally quiet. There were no unusual changes to the merman army in the west of Black Phoenix City, and the troops that Feng Luan had dispatched out from the Black Phoenix City were halfway to their destination. The reinforcement from the other two continents had also arrived. If the merman army wished to continue advancing, it would only be an ending where both sides suffering heavy casualties. Therefore, both sides could only continue with the war of attrition.

Feng Luan had sent out a Vajra Realm martial expert who possessed formidable fleeing technique. She had concealed herself around ten miles away from the merman army, and she was to keep watch on the merman army situation around the clock. She did not dare to extend out her divine senses to scan the area. Besides, those two demon thearchs’ aura was too strong. There was basically no need for her to even scan the area and could already sense them. Therefore, as long as she didn’t die, every move that the two demon thearchs made would be in the Feng Luan’s grasp.

The clock ticked by, and several days had passed. There were still no unusual changes happening in the merman army, and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch didn’t seem to have the slightest intention to leave. Qing Yu had grown somewhat impatient as she grew restless in the palace hall. Even Feng Luan had also started to doubt if Jiang Yi’s plan would work.

However, Jiang Yi sat on the throne unperturbed while he shut his eyes and recuperated. He had completely disregarded the two pairs of beautiful eyes that would occasionally be thrown at him.

“Young Master…”

Qing Yu could no longer endure any longer as she spoke with clenched teeth. Feng Luan furrowed her eyebrows, but ultimately, she didn’t stop Qing Yu.

Jiang Yi opened up his eyes and cast a glance at Qing Yu before waving his hands, “What’s wrong? Is little Qing Yu feeling bored? Come, come, come, help Young Master massage my legs.”


Qing Yu mumbled to herself grudgingly before walking over helplessly. She knelt down onto the blanket on the ground as she bent over to massage Jiang Yi’s leg. She wanted to ask why the Lion Chi Demon Thearch wasn’t withdrawing and if Jiang Yi’s plan failed? However, the words were stuck on her mouth as she didn’t dare to inquire about it.

What if she were to infuriate Jiang Yi, and he ordered her to undress?

Jiang Yi shut his eyes to rest once again. He had completely disregarded Qing Yu’s grudging expression, causing Qing Yu to feel resentful to the point her teeth had started to itch. Feng Luan cast her gaze out. Her clan’s Vajra Realm martial expert should have already sneaked his way to the western sea and should be moving according to Jiang Yi’s plan where he would carry the demon king’s corpse and flee. Yet, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch still showed no signs of movement? Her clan could very likely lose a Vajra Realm martial expert in vain. Thus, it would be a lie if she didn’t have any thoughts at this moment.

It’s just that she was thin-skinned and had a cold personality, causing her to not dare to inquire about it. Qing Yu turned around to glance at her. She saw her worries and was about to inquire once again. At that moment, Jiang Yi lifted up his hand and spoke, “Enough. Little Qing Yu, you don’t need to continue. I know what the two of you are worried about. Believe me. In three days time, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch will definitely withdraw!”

There was like an ineffable conviction contained within Jiang Yi’s words as it influenced the duo. All of a sudden, the duo’s complexion turned eased as the eyes they cast onto Jiang Yi grew somewhat different. How was this man able to make them feel this indescribable calm sensation?


It was at this moment, hurried footsteps could be heard from the outside. That person didn’t dare to enter the main hall but knelt down on a leg and spoke in a heavy tone, “Thearch, Huo Li had sent a message over. The Lion Chi Thearch suddenly left the merman army camp and is heading towards the west. She requested Thearch to analyze and see if it is a trick.”


Feng Luan and Qing Yu’s beautiful eyes brightened up at the same time, and their face was filled with joy. Simultaneously, their eyes swept towards Jiang Yi. However, they saw him still had his eyes shut, and he looked extremely relaxed.

Feng Luan came to a realization as she yelled with a grave voice, “Send a message over to Huo Li immediately. Get her to follow the Lion Chi Demon Thearch from a distance and transmit a report back after every 30 minutes.”

The general who relayed the message retired herself while Feng Luan and Qing Yu stood up. The duo walked back and forth in the main hall with both of their faces filled with nervousness. If the Lion Chi Demon Thearch had withdrawn—putting aside that possibility that it would never return—so long as they dragged on for another ten to fifteen days, the Merman Race would definitely suffer from heavy losses and would have no choice but to withdraw their armies.

“Why are you pacing around for? All the pacing is making me dizzy!”

Jiang Yi stood up abruptly and murmured discontentedly. He walked towards the resting lounge before giving his instruction at the doorstep, “Wake me up after confirming the demon thearch had left the seas. I will take a nap first.”


Feng Luan and Qing Yu looked at each other and were both speechless.

Outside, the merman army was eyeing them covetously. They might launch an attack on them at any moment. It had already been several days since they slept as they remained vigilant. They would only shut their eyes for a short moment once they could no longer endure the fatigue. Meanwhile, Jiang Yi was living in leisure. Every day, he would have satisfying meals, drinks, and sleep—causing him to be extremely carefree. Could it be that he was not afraid that the departure of Lion Chi Demon Thearch was a trap? What if it was a prelude to the joined attack from the two demon thearchs?

Of course, Jiang Yi was worried. However, he knew that it was useless even if he was worried. Since he had decided to stay behind, he would have to prepare to face any types of situations. Rather than worrying and being on edge all day, he might as well be prepared for the war. In any case—if the situation ever made a turn for the worse, there was still Feng Luan to defend against first.

The time continued to pass while Huo Li, who possessed the mystical fleeing technique, would send a message back from time to time. What caused Feng Luan and Qing Yu to grow extremely delighted was that the Lion Chi Demon Thearch was truly flying towards the western sea. It was bursting in fierce killing intent, and one could even sense it from over several miles.

It was time for the sun to set, and the sky was bathed in blood-like sunset. The lumps of burning clouds made the western sky turned into extremely magnificent scenery.

“Young Master, Young Master, quickly wake up!”

Jiang Yi was woken up by a soft small hand from his sleep. He opened up his eyes and saw two exquisite and cheerful-looking charming faces while Qing Yu quickly said, “Young Master, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch had headed out to the seas. He had headed out to the seas! At this moment, he is already ten thousand miles away from the continent and is still flying towards the west.”

“So what if he had headed out to the seas? What are you so excited about?”

Jiang Yi stretched and yawned a few times before waving his hands, “Get someone to prepare a banquet. We shall enjoy this meal, and once we are done eating, we shall make a move.”

“Make a move? Make what move?” Qing Yu blinked her eyes in confusion. Meanwhile, Feng Luan, who was standing at a side erectly, had her eyes flickering in radiance as her delicate body started trembling.

“Little Qing Yu. Should I call you adorable or silly?”

Jiang Yi stretched out his hand and pinched Qing Yu’s charming face as his lips curled up before continuing, “After we are done eating and drinking, it’s time for us to work. Later on, we are going to get rid of the Merman Race’s demon thearch.”

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