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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 542: Feng Clan’s Little Hussy

Chapter 542: Feng Clan’s Little Hussy

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There was a giant lake located one hundred miles west of Black Phoenix City. As several streams converged into one here, the water would ultimately flow towards the western sea.

The lake was called the Black Phoenix Lake. Like Black Phoenix City, Region Mistress Qing Yu was the one who gave change to the names. After Qing Yu took over the Qing Clan, she changed the name of many cities. This wasn’t anything too surprising. The one in power would change one day. As soon as a new Clan Head took up their position, they would change things in order to suit themselves. It was an extremely normal occurrence.

In Black Phoenix City, at the Black Phoenix Lake…

The word ‘Black’ represented the Qing Clan. ‘Phoenix’ represented the Phoenix Cry Continent. Anyone with a discerning eye could see the meaning behind the name. The Qing Clan was located close to the western sea, and it was the defensive line at the western side of the continent. If anyone wanted to invade Phoenix Cry Continent, they had to destroy the Qing Clan first!

Then again…

This line of reasoning was wrong. The word ‘Black’ represented Qing Yu. The word ‘Phoenix’ simply represented the Feng Luan. The merging of ‘Black’ and ‘Phoenix’ signified her unchanging faith. It was the true meaning Qing Yu wanted to convey.

The scenery around Black Phoenix Lake was breathtaking, and the water was so clear one could see the bottom of the lake. White reeds swayed in the wind as they surrounded the lake, and the color of the sky was jade-green. It was as though a scene pulled out of a portrait which allowed people to feel carefree and relaxed.

In the past, Qing Yu and Feng Luan traveled around and spent some time at this place. The two of them were like mermaids as they swam around in the lake, messed around, and had fun—leaving behind many beautiful memories.

As of now, the magnificent Black Phoenix Lake was occupied by countless members of the demon race. In the lake, among the reeds, on the shore, and on the hills surrounding the lake… there were strange demonic beasts everywhere. Even though a single demonic beast wasn’t scary—when tens of thousands of them gathered together, it was impossible to hide their terrifying bestial might.

The Merman Race!

It was a special race. They were at least six meters tall, and the strongest of the Merman Race stood tall at 20 to 23 meters. They were like giants which gave of a strong suppressive feeling.

Since there was the word ‘man’ in ‘Merman’, they naturally looked like humans. In fact, they really resembled humans. They had a pair of hands and a pair of legs. They had eyes, nose, and ears. It was such that even the mermaids had a pair of breasts. They were completely bald down there, and the mermen had long male genitals hanging from their crotches. It was extremely terrifying.

The Merman was part of the demon race, and they naturally couldn’t wear clothes. However, all of them had scales on their body. Tiny yet dense scales covered every inch of their body. Their hands and legs were different from mankind as well. They had webs on their exceptionally large feet which allowed them to move quickly through the water. However, it didn’t affect them walking on land.

Their arms were strangely long and terrifyingly muscular. Between their fingers, there was a kind of webbing as well. Between their palm and their fingertips, there was a sharp spike which emitted a dark green glow. It was a frightening sight.

No one should look down on this spike, as it was the primary attacking method of the low-leveled beings of the Merman Clan. It contained poison, and the stronger the Merman, the stronger the poison. If anyone was stabbed by the spike from a demon-king-ranked Merman, even Qing Yu would be dead in the span of ten breaths.

Not to mention the fact that the members of the Merman Race had an extraordinary defense. The scales on their body were impenetrable, and it was one of the reasons the Merman Race was still in existence after tens of thousands of years of bloody battles with the Phoenix Cry Continent. Of course, the quick reproduction rate of the Merman Race had something to do with the continued survival of the race as well.


Under a mountain peak on the west side of the Black Phoenix Lake, a faint, deep sigh resounded in the air. The number of Mermen stationed there couldn’t be considered numerous, and there were only around a thousand of them. However, the physique and aura they displayed were much stronger than the other mermen stationed elsewhere. If anyone were to probe them out, they would definitely be extremely surprised as there were actually dozens of demon kings gathered here.

The surprising thing was that these tens of demon kings were surrounding a single human being. The person looked exactly like a human, and he was even wearing green-colored battle armor. He looked similar to an ordinary forty-year-old middle-aged man. The only difference was that his eyeballs were green. The long sigh which resounded through the sky came from him.

“Where is Lion Chi right now?”

After sighing, his gaze turned to a gigantic merman demon king who was beside him. The demon king had huge green eyes as well, and they flickered while his emotionless voice filled the area. “Emperor, the little ones reported that Emperor Lord Lion Chi has gone out to the deep sea. He’s close to Yu Fei’s territory.”

“Damn it.”

The Merman Demon Thearch cursed under his breath, and his green pupils flashed unceasingly. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to raze Black Phoenix City to the ground and oppress that slut, Feng Luan, beneath him. He was simply powerless to do so.

He wasn’t considered extremely powerful, and in a one-on-one battle, he wasn’t Feng Luan’s opponent. A hundred years ago, he had battled against Feng Luan’s mother; and he still had lingering fear the Feng Clan’s darkness dao pattern.

When Lion Chi Demon Thearch suddenly agreed to help him, he became incomparably excited; and lofty aspirations had filled his head. Lion Chi Demon Thearch was a being who was ranked top five in the Desolate East Sea. His demonic prowess could pierce through the heavens!

However, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch simply made a few moves, and when Feng Luan showed up, he refused to take up the field. He simply looked on from the sidelines and spectated the bloodbath between the Merman Race and the Phoenix Cry Continent.

After the Lion Chi Demon Thearch’s son was killed, he was enraged to the point where he could light the Desolate East Sea on fire. After razing thirteen cities on Phoenix Cry Continent and massacring tens of thousands of citizens, he managed to vent out most of his frustration which allowed him to calm down.

Those who could break through to the demon thearch level were no fools. Their brains were working exceptionally well after assimilating a human form. It didn’t matter if the killer of his son was an expert belonging to the Phoenix Cry Continent, and it was enough for him to make a few moves. If he really became a tool for the Merman race, he would really be a retard.

Who was the ruler of the world?!


It was an undeniable fact. He was a sea demon. Even though he assimilated the human form, he would still have to live in the sea for his entire life. Even if he managed to conquer Phoenix Cry Continent, he wouldn’t occupy a part of it.

The human race had too many absolute experts to count. The moment the demon race occupied the Phoenix Cry Continent, they would definitely earn the ire of the entire human race. At that time, the experts of the human race would definitely make an appearance; and as for him, Lion Chi Demon Thearch, he would be dead without a doubt.

As such, Lion Chi Demon Thearch came to a decision very quickly. He would watch on as the Merman Race fought against Phoenix Cry Continent. He would appear at the last moment to negotiate with Feng Luan and ask her to hand over the culprit of his son’s murder.

With the Merman Race taking the bullet of him—in the off-chance that the absolute experts of the human race made an appearance, he would conveniently escape back to the Desolate East Sea.

The Emperor of the Merman Race understood Lion Chi Demon Thearch’s thought process, but he was much weaker than Lion Chi Demon Thearch. He was naturally afraid to force Lion Chi Demon Thearch to fight for him. Without any movements from Lion Chi Demon Thearch, he didn’t dare to fight against Feng Luan—which was the reason they were stuck in a deadlock outside Black Phoenix City.

He never would have thought that!

An expert would suddenly appear in the western sea. It was the reason Lion Chi Demon Thearch suddenly left as that expert was parading around with Lion Chi Demon Thearch’s beloved son on his back.

Were they supposed to continue their bitter battle, or were they supposed to withdrew to recuperate their loss? Should they wait for Lion Chi Demon Thearch to return before fighting again?

The Merman Demon Thearch sank into deep thoughts. Various battlefields had sent messages that the reinforcement of the Phoenix Cry Continent had arrived, and the army of the Merman Race was suffering disastrous losses. There were countless members of their race dying every moment, and if they really continued to fight with all their might, it would all boil down to a war of attrition. Neither side would come out on top.

“Yu Tu!”

The Emperor of the Merman Race felt a sense of unease in his heart. Standing up, he commanded, “Pass down my order, halt all attacks. Allow the children to retreat a hundred miles. We’ll continue the battle when Lion Chi Demon Thearch returns.”


A demon king of the Merman Race stood up and charged towards the north. He was extremely quick as his figure disappeared into the distance, with just a few blinks of the eye.



A loud blast came from the north. It was where the demon king departed towards, and an extremely strong aura could be felt. The members of the Merman Race had been decimated there, and they were frantically running in all directions.


A thunderous cry came from the wilderness as the human army rushed in like water out of a broken dam. They surrounded Black Phoenix Lake as countless figures rose to the sky. A strong suppressive might extended for tens of miles.

There was a person standing in front who wore a robe with five-colored clouds. She held a silver whip in her hand, and there was a jade crown on her head. Her beauty couldn’t be hidden, and other than Feng Luan, who else could it be?

“The little hussy of the Feng Clan actually made the first move?”

The Emperor of the Merman Race was stunned. Phoenix Cry Continent was under so much pressure after his attack right now, and Feng Luan dared to take the initiative to attack?!

A sinister and lustful glow appeared in his eyes. As his figure rose into the sky, an explosive roar filled the sky, “Children, charge! Wait for this Emperor to take down the little hussy of the Feng Clan. I’ll pass her to all of you to ravage as you like!”

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