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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 543: Unrivaled in Group Battles

Chapter 543: Unrivaled in Group Battles

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Since Feng Luan already made her appearance and finished off a demon king from the Merman Race with a single strike, there was no way the Merman Demon Thearch could avoid the battle. If he didn’t do anything, the merman army would be defeated for sure. Out of the fifty thousand members they had present right now, only God knew how many would be able to return to the sea if they were defeated.

If they were to retreat right now, the members of the Merman Race on the front lines would be decimated. They would end this battle as the losers. This wasn’t the outcome the Merman Demon Thearch wanted, which was why he had to fight to the death here.

“Feng Clan’s little hussy, come up and face me!”

The human and demon armies on the ground were about to cross swords, and there was no way for the emperor and empress to engage in battle here. Otherwise, the members of their respective race beneath them would definitely be exterminated. This wasn’t something either of them wanted to see. In the past, the experts would seek out opponents at the same rank before fighting in the sky while the armies battled with each other below. This practice had already become an unspoken rule.

“Yu You, as someone from the Demon Race, you actually dare to infringe into my human race’s territory. You went against the blood oath between our races when you killed the members of my race. Today, I—the Feng Clan’s descendant, Feng Luan—will bury you right here. I’ll exterminate all of the Merman Race! Come up here and fight me!”

The silver whip in Feng Luan’s hands danced wildly. At this moment, the sun was setting. However, the afterglow of the sun illuminated the earth and shone upon Feng Luan’s five-colored cloud robe. It accentuated her beauty, which made her look like a goddess who descended from heaven. The aura around her body was terrifying, and it completely suppressed the members of the Merman Race beneath her. It was so strong they were unable to move a single muscle on their body. Even though she reached Heaven Monarch realm by refining dao pattern shards, it was still not advisable to belittle her.


As she spoke, Feng Luan transformed into a beam of light which soared into the sky. In the dusky sky, it looked like a shooting star was shooting across the sky. It was an extremely beautiful sight.


The Merman Demon Thearch also transformed into an afterimage. In a flash, he shot up into the sky as well before disappearing.

“The Demon Kings of the Merman Race, get up here and fight with this Mistress!”

Qing Yu was covered in green-battle armor, and she had a frosty look on her face. A baleful look was on her face as she held a long spear in her hand. With an angry tone, she yelled with her delicate voice. The demon kings rapidly shot into the air as they pounced towards Qing Yu.

“This idiot… she actually wants to fight with the Demon Race. Is she overestimating herself?”

Jiang Yi hid among a troop of cavalry in the Human Race army as he looked speechlessly at Qing Yu in the sky. He rode on a huge red tiger, and female troops were all around him, which made him look extremely eye-catching and extremely strange. He didn’t emit a single trace of aura which would show that he was a martial expert. However, Qing Yu’s maidservant passed down the order for the group of cavalry to escort Jiang Yi, and they didn’t dare to go against her order.


As the demon kings flew into the air, all of them pounced towards the humans in the air. There were at the very least a hundred demon kings, and there were also thirty peak-stage demon kings among them. As they charged into the sky with unstoppable momentum, everyone’s heart started to beat wildly.

As for the Human Race, they only had thirty Vajra Realm martial experts. There were less than five of them, who were above the seventh stage of the Vajra Realm.

There was a huge disparity in strength!

Originally, there were more than a hundred Vajra Realm martial experts in Black Phoenix City. However, Feng Luan dispatched many of them previously. When so many demon kings charged at them at the same time, they were completely suppressed. They couldn’t do anything but curse miserably.

None of them understood why Feng Luan would suddenly make the decision to attack the enemy. She made the decision even though a good half of the experts in Black Phoenix City were transferred to other places. In the end, Feng Luan was the Thearch, and there was no one who dared to question her decisions. They could only battle to the death.

“Alright! Is everyone here?”

When Jiang Yi saw the demon kings rising into the sky from all directions, he sneakily extended his divine senses. After making sure there were no longer any demon kings in hiding, he lightly stepped on the back of the huge red tiger he was riding on. The six-meter giant tiger groveled on the ground, and Jiang Yi’s body shot upwards.


Jiang Yi was in mid-air, and the beast pelt armor on his body was fluttering in the wind. An aura presence which was terrifying to the extreme had enveloped the area. Under the suppressive might of the aura, the 23- to 25-meter tall demon kings in the air couldn’t move a single muscle while horrified look appeared in their green eyes.


The Vajra Realm experts in the air were getting ready to release their attacks, and they were already prepared to fight to the death with the demon kings. At this moment, they were unable to move as well, and a trace of fear came out from the depths of their soul. Their body felt weak, and their essence force became chaotic. All the figures in the sky started dropping like flies.

His ability can actually cover such a large area? He is basically unrivaled in massive battles!

Qing Yu fell from the sky as well, and her cherry-like mouth was wide open while there was a startled look in her eyes. She was extremely clear about the strength of Jiang Yu’s killing intent as she was once suppressed by it. However, she only thought it was a kind of spiritual attack, and he could only target a single person. She never thought that it could attack a huge group of people.

When Jiang Yi ordered Feng Luan to attack the army of the demon race, she didn’t dare to question him. Both Qing Yu and Feng Luan were prepared to die in battle, and they felt a sense of freedom. It was as though they placed down a huge burden as they would no longer be Jiang Yi’s slaves after dying.

The experts of the Merman Race were as numerous as clouds in the sky. Even after the departure of Lion Chi Demon Thearch, their odds of success didn’t change much. If Feng Luan didn’t send away so many experts from Black Phoenix City, they might still stand a chance.

Even though Jiang Yi took to the field, Qing Yu didn’t think that he would be able to change the outcome of the battle. He would at most be able to kill several demon kings.

Never would she have thought…

The instant Jiang Yi made a move, he suppressed over a hundred demon kings!

With blood red eyes, he charged into the sky with terrifying killing intent, wielding a narrow and long Fire Dragon Sword in his hand. Jiang Yi looked just like an unrivaled war god, and Qing Yu started shivering with both excitement and fear.

She had an indescribable feeling that this man was going to lead them to victory today!

“Chi! Chi!”

Jiang Yi used his actions to show Qing Yu and the army below what was called being tyrannical. He showed them what a massacre looked like!

The Fire Dragon Sword which was filled with essence force started to glow with resplendent light. Two fire dragons swirled around the long and narrow blade, and Jiang Yi didn’t use any special move. He simply utilized the endless might of the Fire Dragon Sword as he slashed at the head of a Merman Race demon king. As the blade moved, it brought along with it a thunderous whistling sound.


Ordinary mermen had extraordinary defenses, and demon kings were definitely stronger. Even if the attack of a Vajra Realm expert landed on their body, they would only be able to shatter several scales on the mermen’s body.

However, Jiang Yi was different. With a casual swing of his sword, the head of the demon king instantly turned into ash while the headless body still emitted black smoke.

Most importantly…

The moment Jiang Yi made a move, the temperature soared to extreme heights. Many weaker humans and members of the Demon Race felt as though their bodies were burning. Their blood seemed as though it was boiling, and the breath which they exhaled turned into white smoke.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

After killing a single demon king, Jiang Yi lightly stepped on the corpse with his feet. He borrowed the momentum and flew across the air as though he was a dragon transversing through the sky. Every time the Fire Dragon Sword flashed, a demon king would die.


Even Qing Yu and the rest were unable to bear the heat, and they were itching to take off all their clothes and jump into the Black Phoenix Lake. At the same time, they felt the killing intent in the surrounding, and they were frightened down to their souls. They didn’t have the strength to move a muscle. However, their eyes lit up as they gazed at the man in the sky. He was like an unbeatable demon god, and all of them couldn’t stop their body from trembling.

A hundred demon kings were a lot of demon kings.

However, the speed at which Jiang Yi killed them was too quick. In several tens of breath, half of the demon kings were dead. If he kept this up and killed the rest of the demon king, they would be able to help Feng Luan with all their might, making it possible for the Merman Demon Thearch to leave his life behind today.

The moment the Merman Demon Thearch fell, the danger which Phoenix Cry Continent faced would disappear. Without the demon thearch and after the death of so many demon kings, the Merman Race would be too weak to continue with the war. It was even possible for them to be annexed by the other races in the Desolate East Sea.

“Ah, ah, this bastard dares to kill this Emperor’s kids! You’re going to die for sure!”

At this moment, an explosive roar came from the heavens. Like a meteorite, a figure shot downward and charged towards Jiang Yi.

The Merman Demon Thearch had arrived.

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