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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 544: Darkness Dao Pattern

Chapter 544: Darkness Dao Pattern

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The Merman Demon Thearch had to come. If he didn’t, all his subordinates would be wiped out; and he would become a one-man commander. Feng Luan’s strength was around the same level as him. Let alone a short period of time—even if they were to fight for days and nights, they might not be able to determine a result.

He struck out a powerful attack which repelled Feng Luan before he immediately descended and slammed down with his duck-webbed feet-like giant palm.

“Chi! Chi!”

A strange thing happened.

When his body was still in mid-air, that thick and solid giant palm suddenly expanded and extended. In just a blink of the eye, his arm had turned more than 300 meters long and the width of his palm was around 15 meters. There were six spikes glowing with dark green light, which grew along with the five sharp claws on its hand—into sizes of a human head. Because the speed was too fast, it caused an ear-piercing sound in the air.

Demonic arts!

Qing Yu wanted to shout out so that Jiang Yi could quickly escape. This merman’s demonic art was unblockable, and the spikes on the hand were highly toxic. If Jiang Yi was struck by the palm, he would definitely dead instantly.

“Young Master, dodge quickly!”

From the sky above, a figure burst over like a stream of light while a hurried and delicate voice echoed in Jiang Yi’s mind. Feng Luan had to hurry. If Jiang Yi was to perish, both she and Qing Yu would also to die as his soul slaves; and the entire Phoenix Cry Continent would be finished.


Jiang Yi didn’t move. Instead, he revealed a subtle smile and confident eyes. It was a heroic form that didn’t flinch even though Mt. Tai was crushing down. This image was deeply engraved in Qing Yu and everyone’s mind. It had overturned the perception that the countless women on the continent had against men.

Next second!

Another even shocking scene happened, an unforgettable scene which was engraved in the memories of all the people.

With the sun setting in the west, in the dusky sky above, a giant palm slammed down like the hands from the god of death. The giant palm had a destructive aura presence, which caused both the human and demon race to suffocate with despair. However, in midair was a tiny figure who brandished his red longsword without fear and cleaved at the giant palm.

“Chi! Chi!”

The red pearl at the hilt of the Fire Dragon Sword lit up. Bundles of white flames whizzed out with cold light. Every bundle of flames had a ghost face which was appalling.

As soon as the ghost flames appeared, invisible wind dragons quickly guided them. They were all shot out with the two fire dragons from the sword, crashing ruthlessly towards the giant palm in the air.

“Since you dug the hole yourself, you shall not live!”

If this Merman Demon Thearch was to use other abilities—even the simplest energy attack—or its powerful aura presence for oppression, Jiang Yi wouldn’t be a match for it.

However, the Merman Demon Thearch chose to release its demonic arts? It wanted to rely on the spikes and use venom to instantly kill Jiang Yi? This was truly digging one’s own demise.

If it was anyone else, even Feng Luan would probably be fearful towards this palm. This palm’s defenses were too tough, and even if one could injure this palm, they might accidentally be killed by the venom on the spikes.

However, Jiang Yi wasn’t afraid!

The refined Netherworld Ghost Flames could effortlessly incinerate a peak-stage demon king. Jiang Yi might not know if he could incinerate the Merman Demon Thearch, but it shouldn’t be a problem to incinerate this hand. Even in the worst scenario, the Merman Demon Thearch should instinctively withdraw his hand, giving Jiang Yi enough time to instant-shift.


The hand in the sky was too fast, and so was Jiang Yi’s attack. The distance between the two attacks rapidly closed up, and when the two fire dragons which had the ghost flames clashed with the giant hand, there was a charred smell. The ghost flames didn’t disappoint Jiang Yi as the giant hand was rapidly incinerated. In an instant, that giant palm had been turned into ashes.


There was a sky-shaking miserable howl which caused Jiang Yi and all the other humans and demonic beasts’ ears to bleed. A powerful prowess and killing aura were released from the Merman Demon Thearch, pressing Jiang Yi down from midair.

When looking at that Merman Demon Thearch which was grasping its severed arm and howling in pain, Qing Yu and the others were extremely shocked. When Jiang Yi ghost flames appeared, their bodies were nearly turned into meat jerky, causing them to lose all sensation.

The Merman Demon Thearch was a demon thearch of a generation!

It had always been the night demon of the Phoenix Cry Continent’s citizens. This Merman Demon Thearch had been around for more than 2000 years and would invade the continent every century. Everyone had hated this Merman Demon Thearch to their core and felt as though it was an undefeatable demon. Right now, this demon’s arm had been severed by this man in a single move.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The surviving demon kings and human experts, including Jiang Yi, were all suppressed by the powerful aura presence from the Merman Demon Thearch. They had all crashed down to the ground. All the humans and demons were stunned; even Feng Luan, who was in mid-air, was also shocked.

When Feng Luan unintentionally swept a look at Jiang Yi, she abruptly snapped out of it. Jiang Yi’s eyes were filled with anger, and his face was writing a huge word…’IDIOT’.

The idiot was naturally Feng Luan. It was already at such a crucial moment, and she actually froze. If she was to immediately coordinate her attack, the Merman Demon Thearch would have been dead by now!

She quickly woke up while her eyes flashed with a chilling light. Both her hands radiated with black light, which fluttered around like lightning in the sky.

As her hands fluttered, the surrounding spatial zone was shrouded with a black aura. The entire sky instantly darkened, and it was so dark that one couldn’t even see their own hands. Jiang Yi realized that all the humans and the merman had vanished in the surrounding—even the Merman Demon Thearch had vanished. The entire world had turned into darkness!

“Darkness dao pattern? This chick isn’t too foolish!”

Jiang Yi sighed silently, and when he used his divine senses to scout the area, everything was empty. He instantly had a deep veneration for the power of this darkness dao pattern. Of course… it was because a Heaven Monarch Realm expert was releasing it. If it was a Vajra Realm expert using it, it probably wouldn’t be able to trap him.

He was secretly rejoicing. If it wasn’t because Feng Luan wanted to refine him into a soul slave and was ultimately counter-refined with the assistance of those mystical black wordings from the Nameless Divine Art. Had he gone head-on against Feng Luan, he would probably die without knowing what happened.

The battle between Feng Luan and the Merman Demon Thearch wasn’t his matter anymore. Now that the Merman Demon Thearch had lost an arm and suffered a huge injury—if Feng Luan still wasn’t able to kill or severely injure it, she wouldn’t be fit to be this continent’s dictator.

Of course, he was still releasing his Massacre Intent and sweeping the area with his divine senses. His Fire Spirit Pearl was glowing incessantly, getting ready to attack at any moment, just in case.

This darkness dao pattern was too amazing!

After moments later, Jiang Yi still couldn’t hear any sounds of battle; neither could he detect any enemies. Even the Merman Demon Thearch’s aura presence had vanished.

He didn’t dare to move recklessly and wait for the result of the battle. His heart was feeling apprehensive. If Feng Luan couldn’t defeat the Merman Demon Thearch, Jiang Yi could be killed by the demon thearch.

“No, I got to be a bit more prudent!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes flickered while all three star spheres in his dantian had lit up. Wisps of Nine Heaven Stars’ power were channeled out as his final trump.

The power of the Nine Heaven Stars was incredibly powerful!

Exactly how powerful? Jiang Yi didn’t know, but seeing how powerful Ji Tingyu’s palm force was back at the Hades Abyss, the attack power of this Nine Heaven Stars should be around the same as a Heaven Monarch.

A pity that this power was just too little, and every time Jiang Yi used it, it would deplete a little. This Nine Heaven Stars’ power could even enhance the power of the flames, and unless in a desperate situation, he wouldn’t recklessly use it.


Just as Jiang Yi channeled some power of the Nine Heaven Stars, the sky suddenly fluctuated, and the darkness gradually vanished. The surrounding scenery slowly returned to Jiang Yi’s vision. He instantly swept his eyes towards the air and noticed that Feng Luan’s robe with five-colored clouds had been drenched with blood. A corpse was falling down from the sky without any strength.


Jiang Yi let out a long breath and grinned with a brilliant smile. Feng Luan didn’t disappoint him. This chick’s battle strength was indeed formidable, and the Merman Demon Thearch had been killed by her.

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