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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 545: Completely Slaughtered

Chapter 545: Completely Slaughtered

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Jiang Yi let out a breath and flew as his body turned into an afterimage. The Merman Demon Thearch might have perished, but there were still a few dozen demon kings below. Since he was going to help Feng Luan and her people, he was going to do it all the way. He would kill off all these demon kings, which was at least guarantee that the Phoenix Cry Continent would be peaceful for hundreds of years.

Of course, he had already calculated it. It was going to be worth it for so many demon king corpses. If he didn’t take them, he would just be letting the Phoenix Cry Continent take advantage of him.

After releasing the Massacre Intent, the remaining demon kings were immobilized. Jiang Yi slowly approached them, tossing away the nearby humans and releasing the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames to leisurely incinerate a demon king.

After eliminating the demon kings, he would conveniently store the demon king corpses. When he went past the Merman Demon Thearch’s corpse, he also casually stored the corpse without any reservations. It made the Vajra Realm experts on the Phoenix Cry Continent infuriated, but Feng Luan didn’t say anything. They didn’t dare to display any dissatisfaction, too. After all, if it wasn’t for Jiang Yi, they would all be dead.

Thirty minutes later!

All the demon kings had been killed, and more than a hundred demon kings’ corpses had been taken by Jiang Yi. He then withdrew his Massacre Intent and looked at Feng Luan who was recuperating with closed eyes in mid-air.

“Slaughter all the mermen, leave none alive!”

With Feng Luan’s orders, 30 Vajra Realm martial experts pounced at the merman army like ferocious tigers. Jiang Yi didn’t have a need to get involved in battle anymore as he silently slipped back into Black Phoenix City.


Feng Luan didn’t bother about these low-tiered mermen. With the 30 Vajra Realm experts and the million-strong army, these mermen could only wait to be slaughtered. She quickly caught up with Jiang Yi while her body descended from the sky.


Feng Luan’s injuries had already stopped bleeding, but her charming face was still pale and frail. When she descended, she didn’t say anything and immediately knelt down in front of Jiang Yi. Her beautiful eyes glittered with tears as she bowed three times to Jiang Yi with utmost sincerity. She spoke with an emotional voice, “Feng’er thanks Young Master’s favor on behalf of the millions of citizens on the Phoenix Cry Continent!”

Jiang Yi didn’t stop Feng Luan from her bows and just accepted it. Seeing her tearful eyes, he suddenly extended his hand and gently wiped off her tears, speaking in a serious voice, “If you want to thank me, then wash your body clean and come to my room later on. Now isn’t the time to say all this nonsense. If you can still fight, then go to the other battlefields and kill as many merman demon kings as possible. This way, when you leave with me, it will not implicate the continent.”


Feng Luan’s pale and charming face had a smear of redness. She clenched her teeth and stood up to fly Jiang Yi back into Black Phoenix City. She was quite seriously injured, but as long as she still could breathe, she would immediately join the battle. Now was the perfect moment to eradicate the Merman Race’s demon kings. Jiang Yi was right: the more demon kings she killed this time, the fewer implications it would have when she left with Jiang Yi.

After sending Jiang Yi back to the castle, Feng Luan immediately departed. Jiang Yi wasn’t afraid that she would run away since he had control of her life and death, and she didn’t dare to disobey his wishes.


After returning to the castle, Jiang Yi didn’t have any delight from achieving victory as he was feeling worried instead. His involvement in battle would have exposed his identity. With the capability of the Martial Arts Hall, they would definitely be able to lock down onto his identity. If the Phoenix Cry Continent had hidden Heaven Monarch Realm experts from the Martial Arts Hall, they would quickly kill their way to Jiang Yi. Even if they didn’t, Jiang Yi’s journey to East Imperial Continent wouldn’t be a peaceful one.

There was still the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. Would it return to the Phoenix Cry Continent? Would it continue pursuing after him?

Jiang Yi took out the map that he obtained from Feng Luan and which made his face look even graver. The journey towards the East Imperial Continent was very far, and the future looked bleak. Su Ruoxue’s fate was still unknown; Yi Piaopiao was still without any news. He still had a very, very long journey ahead.

The battle at Black Phoenix Lake went on for an entire night. All the 500,000 low-tiered demons had been killed. With the Vajra Realm experts overseeing the battle and the million-strong army surrounding them, it would be weird if they allowed those low-tier demons to escape.

At daybreak, Qing Yu had returned. After battling for an entire night, she didn’t have any trace of fatigue; and her eyes were flickering with brilliance as she was extremely excited.

She took a shower and changed into a brand new set of a pink dress. When she entered Jiang Yi’s chamber, she didn’t dare to wake him up as he was in a deep sleep. She just waited by the side and used her spiritual eyes to constantly sweep across Jiang Yi’s face while having this complicated expression.


Jiang Yi’s hand suddenly flashed and grabbed onto Qing Yu’s hand. He suddenly pulled Qing Yu onto the bed while his other hand hugged onto her delicate waist.


Qing Yu exclaimed and instinctively wanted to escape, but when she saw Jiang Yi’s glittering eyes, she didn’t dare to move recklessly. The consequences were grave if she infuriated Jiang Yi.

The scene of Jiang Yi resisting against that giant palm was engraved into Qing Yu’s heart. Her will to resist against Jiang Yi had weakened quite a bit as an expert would somehow be able to put fear into one’s heart.

“Little Qing Yu, why are you staring at me with such sneaky eyes? Do you have any motives? Are you trying to secretly molest me?”

Jiang Yi’s low and manly voice echoed while he grinned with a wicked smile that dazzled Qing Yu. She quickly snapped out and frantically shifted her eyes. She didn’t dare to look into Jiang Yi’s eyes as she spoke in a nervous voice, “Young—Young Master, how would Qing Yu dare to have any motives. I have alarmed Young Master, please forgive me.”

“Hehe, if apologies are useful, then this world wouldn’t be in chaos.”

Jiang Yi used a little more strength and pressed Qing Yu’s entire body onto his whole body. Using his other hand, he quietly slid down and caressed Qing Yu’s well-rounded butt, causing her delicate body to shiver.

“Young Master, don’t—don’t…”

Qing Yu spoke frenetically. Even though Qing Yu’s impression towards Jiang Yi had already changed drastically after the battle and she was extremely grateful to him, it was still impossible for her to completely acknowledge Jiang Yi—let alone the fact that Jiang Yi was a man… she completely loathed men.

Jiang Yi didn’t let go of his hand; neither did he order Qing Yu to stop resisting. He was simply looked at her with oppressive eyes and felt that astounding struggle from her well-endowed breasts. His smile got intensively wicked while his hands kept on caressing Qing Yu’s buttocks and thighs. He looked straight at Qing Yu, making her a little shy, indignant, and yet emotionally complicated.

That’s right!

Qing Yu was a little moved as Jiang Yi’s manly presence was too intense. Coupling with the fact that this was the first time she had been caressed by a man, which was a very special and stimulating sensation. When those thoughts appeared in her mind, it made her even shier and more indignant.

Sensing Qing Yu’s tender body starting to tremble and emitting heat and her face red as dripping blood, Jiang Yi sat up and let her go. He spoke with a teasing voice, “You peevish little tramp. Your mouth is saying you don’t want it, but your body is very honest, huh…”


Qing Yu had just stood back up and shuddered again. She nearly sat onto the ground while her neck and ears were all red. She used her hands to cover her face and was about to flee when Jiang Yi suddenly yelled out, “What are you running for? Are you really afraid this Young Master will do something beastly? If I wanted to do it, would I wait until today?”


Qing Yu paused and felt that it was logically. If Jiang Yi wanted to do her, he simply had to order her to strip naked and offer her body to him. She couldn’t resist even if she wanted to.

Jiang Yi soon had a serious expression and spoke indifferently, “Send a message to Feng Luan. I am giving her ten days time. It will be up to her capability to see how many demon kings she can slaughter in ten days. We will leave immediately afterward and depart for the East Imperial Continent.”


Qing Yu had a change in expression. She knew this day would arrive, but when it actually did, she was still felt miserable. If she was to leave Phoenix Cry Continent and follow Jiang Yi to a faraway place, she might not return in her entire lifetime. No matter who it was, they would be feeling very sorrowful.

“You don’t have to be discouraged!”

Unable to bear Qing Yu’s dimmed face, Jiang Yi spoke in a grave tone, “Ten years later, I will definitely return your freedom. If I—Jiang Yi—is able to become someone significant in the future, I will definitely let your clans achieve a meteoric rise and be glorious for generations. This is a promise from me—Jiang Yi.”

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