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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 546: The Martial Union Is Here

Chapter 546: The Martial Union Is Here

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Ten days wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long either. To Feng Luan who was still frantically hunting the Merman Race, it was obviously too short.

After the news of the Merman Demon Thearch had been killed, the ten battlefronts at the west of the continent had been constantly routed. Whenever Feng Luan made a move, the merman demon kings would be slaughtered. If Feng Luan could appear at this pace, it was a clear sign to the experts of the Merman Race that something had happened to the Merman Demon Thearch. Otherwise, Feng Luan would never leave the Black Phoenix City.

Feng Luan originally wanted to slaughter the merman army along the way and completely deplete the military strength of the Merman Race, making it so that they would never be able to attack the continent for 10,000 years. After receiving Jiang Yi’s orders, she had to use her fastest speed to fly through the various merman armies. She would specifically pick out the demon kings and whichever demon king she encountered, she would definitely slaughter them.

During these ten days, Feng Luan didn’t even rest for more than two hours. Although her injuries were gradually recovering, her essence force, stamina, and energy were extremely exhausted. After she made it back to Black Phoenix City’s castle, she was so exhausted that she immediately collapsed.

Qing Yu heard the news and went out to carry the unconscious Feng Luan. With an extremely distressed expression, she clenched her teeth and pleaded to Jiang Yi. “Young Master, can we wait for another two days before departing? The Thearch is too tired.”

“Wait for another two days?”

Jiang Yi muttered. The longer they waited, the more problems might arise. Feng Luan was unconscious, and he couldn’t forcefully take her away, right? She was still the Thearch of the Phoenix Cry Continent, and she must be given some time to make arrangements as well.

He nodded and replied, “We will stay for two more days. Let Feng’er sleep a few hours before waking her up. Let her make her arrangements to prevent your continent from going into chaos.”

“Thank you, Young Master!”

Qing Yu let out a grateful smile and carried Feng Luan into the inner chambers swiftly. She ordered for servant girls to give Feng Luan a bath and feed her some nourishment elixirs. After doing all those things, she then walked out to report to Jiang Yi.


There were hurried footsteps that came from outside. A general knelt down outside the doors and reported. “Elder Gu from the Martial Union Merchant Association is seeking a meeting with the Thearch.”

“Martial Union Merchant Association?”

Jiang Yi, who was seated in the side chambers, had this sudden chilling flash in his eyes. According to his deduction, the Martial Union Merchant Association was probably a Martial Arts Branch Hall. The Martial Arts Hall had come knocking as expected?

Qing Yu didn’t know about the internal dispute and frowned. She then replied firmly, “The Thearch had just fallen asleep. She is not going to see anyone.”


Jiang Yi beckoned for Qing Yu while the latter hurried over. Jiang Yi paused and instructed. “You go and meet this Elder from the Martial Union and try to ask what they are here for. Remember, if they asked about me, just say that I sneaked in from the outside world and had been captured as a spy. The Thearch has taken a liking to me and made me her male pet. Say that I have offered my soul seal, and in the recent battle, I had been killed by the Merman Demon Thearch’s poison…”


Qing Yu was a little confused as she asked, “Why? Isn’t Young Master doing fine? Why do you curse yourself?”

“Get lost!”

Jiang Yi lifted his hand and spanked on Qing Yu’s buttocks. He then glared and said, “Why are you asking so much? Remember, don’t reveal any flaws, and don’t say anything else. The matter of me being dead must be spoken in a firm tone.”


Qing Yu nodded and walked out with knitted brows. Jiang Yi quietly extended his divine senses and tailed Qing Yu.


Qing Yu’s strength was considered competent, and when Jiang Yi extended his divine senses, she immediately noticed. When she sensed that it was Jiang Yi’s divine senses, she didn’t bother about it since the patrolling team had already been dismissed.

Qing Yu went to a side chamber to meet Elder Gu from the Martial Union. This Elder Gu was also a woman, and she was a little old. She had silver long hair, but her skin was still rather florid. Her face and amiable smile made her looked pure and honest-looking.


Jiang Yi quickly withdrew his divine senses and got a shock. This Elder Gu was rather formidable and wasn’t inferior to Qing Yu. Furthermore, it seemed like she had cultivated by herself and not by refining any dao pattern shards.

Of course, he had sensed it from afar and could roughly judge it. He didn’t dare to go near; otherwise, he would surely be detected by this Elder Gu.

The members of the Martial Union had come very quickly to look for Feng Luan. This made Jiang Yi’s heart very heavy.

Since they had come to look for Feng Luan, there were still methods to turn this around. At least, the Martial Union didn’t know that Feng Luan was his soul slave. The reason why he asked Qing Yu to tell about his demise was to see if he could deceive the Martial Arts Hall. If the Martial Arts Hall believed that he was dead, then the journey to East Imperial Continent would be much safer.


One hour later—when Jiang Yi’s thoughts were running wild, Qing Yu had returned. She closed the door and immediately activated the restrictions. She then gave her report. “Young Master, the people from the Martial Union had left. As Young Master predicted, they are indeed here to ask about your information. Young Master… how are you related to the Martial Union? From what I know, you didn’t make any contact with the members of the Martial Union.”

“As expected!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes contracted. He was a hundred-percent sure that the Martial Union was the branch of the Martial Arts Hall. He naturally didn’t make any contact with the Martial Union, and if Feng Luan didn’t mention it, he wouldn’t even know such an organization was on the Phoenix Cry Continent.

“Tell me every statement in the conversation, including the Martial Union Elder’s expression. Tell me everything in detail!”

Jiang Yi paused for a moment and inquired anxiously. Qing Yu didn’t dare to be careless and frantically explained everything. Jiang Yi’s immersed into deep thoughts as his expression grew grave.

He might have shaved his red hair, put on earrings, and was wearing a beast pelt armor. He looked inappropriate and had a completely different bearing than before. However, his Massacre Intent, Fire Dragon Sword, and his flames were too obvious. The Martial Union took just a split moment to identify him.

The Elder from the Martial Union didn’t ask directly, but every question was about the battle at the Black Phoenix Lake. She constantly praised Feng Luan’s prowess and heroism, not forgetting her gratitude for the sudden appearance of an expert like Jiang Yi. She spoke around the bush and tried to worm facts out about Jiang Yi.

Fortunately, Qing Yu was very obedient. She insisted that Jiang Yi was dead and that his corpse was already rotten, saying she didn’t want to talk about Jiang Yi anymore. She then changed the topic towards the Merman Race and even implied that the Martial Union didn’t offer much assistance as though trying to criticize them.

After hearing Qing Yu’s narration, this Elder from the Martial Union seemingly didn’t believe that Jiang Yi was dead. After Qing Yu indicated that she didn’t want to talk about Jiang Yi anymore, she vaguely asked another question. If Jiang Yi was so powerful, why did he die from the poison?


Jiang Yi closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. The Martial Arts Hall had established themselves throughout the entire Stellarsky City, but they were well hidden in the Phoenix Cry Continent. They must have an astounding number of hidden forces, and some servant girls in the castle might be their people.

“Leave! We have to leave!”

Jiang Yi spoke in a grave voice and suddenly stood up to give his orders. “Go wake Feng Luan up now. Ask her to make arrangements, and we have to leave immediately. Any later will invite many problems.”


Qing Yu’s expression changed. Since Jiang Yi gave the order, she had to clench her teeth and walk into the inner chamber.


Right at this moment, the restriction flashed at the doors while Qing Yu paused. This restriction was obvious an emergency message from the outside. She looked at Jiang Yi and opened up the message and asked, “What happened?”

When the people outside heard that it was Region Mistress’ Qing Yu’s voice, one of them frantically yelled out, “Region Mistress, something happened! There is a message from the western sea that the Lion Chi Demon Thearch is returning and is flying towards the continent. Right now, it is probably going to reach Peach Blossom City.”


Qing Yu involuntarily exclaimed while Jiang Yi’s expression worsened. On this side, Martial Arts Hall had come knocking; and the other side, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch was returning?

The demon thearch’s strength wasn’t the same as the Merman Demon Thearch. It was one of the top five demon thearchs in the Desolate East Sea. If it headed straight for Black Phoenix City, he, Feng Luan, and Qing Yu were probably going to die.

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