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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 547: Issue a Letter of Challenge

Chapter 547: Issue a Letter of Challenge

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“Young Master, what to do now?”

Qing Yu panicked. Who could stop the Lion Chi Demon Thearch if he killed around the continent? If the defeated Merman Race assembled their forces again and continued to attack the continent with the Lion Chi Demon Thearch, countless residents on the continent would have to die.

Jiang Yi soon calmed himself down. He had a very good habit: his mind became calmer and more acute in danger. He understood that the more he panicked, the faster he died. If he wanted to save himself, he had to stay cool.

He quickly came up with an idea and ordered: “Qing Yu, have men to continue to look for Lion Chi Demon Thearch’s whereabouts. First, send a small number of soldiers to intercept and warn the Lion Chi Demon Thearch that if he would bear all the consequences if he dared to invade the continent.”

Qing Yu’s petite body shook. She asked anxiously, “Warn? Are you sure that this won’t agitate the Demon Thearch?”

Jiang Yi glared at her, and Qing Yu didn’t dare to raise any doubts and passed down the order quickly. After five minutes, she came in and saw Jiang Yi chopping a body with his Fire Dragon Sword. Her eyes were filled with wonders, she asked, “Young Master, what’re you doing now? This body of a demon thearch is the superior material for smelting tools. Why are you destroying it?”


Jiang Yi swung the Fire Dragon Sword and kept on slashing at the neck of the giant Merman body. It was the body of the Merman Demon Thearch, which turned into its original shape after it died. After the battle in the Black Phoenix River, he took in this body. The Vajra Realm martial experts on the continent were envious, but Feng Luan and Qing Yu didn’t say anything. Of course, they didn’t dare to ask.

“Damn it, this demon thearch’s body is so tough!”

Jiang Yi slashed at it hundreds of times before cutting off the head of the Merman Demon Thearch. This demon thearch’s physical body was very strong. Even if it was already dead, it took Jiang Yi several hundred chops with all his strength to split its head. If it was alive, he might not be able to cut it off at all.

“Where is Lion Chi?”

Jiang Yi took in the demon thearch’s body anguishedly. The value of this demon thearch’s body depreciated greatly with its head missing.

Qing Yu suddenly realized something and said worriedly, “All the men that were sent to warn the Lion Chi Thearch were killed. The Tao City was razed to the ground; three cities on the west were destroyed as well. Lion Chi is rushing here right now and will probably arrive within five hours. Young Master, let’s go now. The Thearch hasn’t woken up. We alone… may not be able to stop it.”

“Yes, retreat!”

Jiang Yi didn’t hesitate and said, “Hang the head of the Merman Demon Thearch on the wall of the Black Phoenix City. Have everyone retreated now. Remember, all must leave together for the Divine Abyss City!”

“Everyone going together?”

Qing Yu blinked and was a bit confused.

Though not many soldiers were in the Black Phoenix City, there were still 600,000 or 700,000 of them and 30 Vajra Realm martial experts. When so many people marched at the same time, they would slow down and become a larger target, making it easily found by the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. The best way now was to break up the men and escape.

“Divine Abyss City?’

Qing Yu didn’t understand why this city was chosen. The Divine Abyss City was in the central part of the continent. To go to the Divine Abyss City from here, they had to walk towards the northeast direction, and pass numerous big cities on their way. They might not be able to reach the Divine Abyss City safely, but if they could, could they really fend off the Lion Chi Demon Thearch by remaining in the Divine Abyss City?

She didn’t dare to question Jiang Yi’s decision and had to take the head of the Merman Demon Thearch to arrange the matter. When she just left the hall, she suddenly realized something. Her pretty eyes glowed, and she cried out, “Isn’t the Martial Union located in the Divine Abyss City? Is Young Master going to borrow the help from the Martial Union to stop the demon thearch? However, the Martial Union isn’t so strong as well…”

From Qing Yu’s perspective—though Martial Union was okay, it was not comparable to the fifteen Paragons. The insignificant Martial Union might be reduced to nothing under the attack of the Lion Chi Demon Thearch?


In the sky above a small city on the west of the Black Phoenix City, a stream of light suddenly flashed by like lightning, carrying a catastrophic pressure and striking at the small city. Immediately, the whole city was blown off. Dust mounted from the ground and overcast the sky, rock splinters scattered in all directions, and the horrible presence shadowed the field. The ground below shook and mountains collapsed, buildings inside the city crashed down one after another.

When the dust gradually faded, an unsettling scene appeared. One-third of the buildings in the city were razed to ashes, and the remaining two-thirds fell down. In the city center, there was a deep split of unknown depth. All the women, children, and old people that didn’t escape in time were either turned to ashes or buried alive under the collapsed buildings.


A black figure flew from a distance. He was in black armor and had a bald head. He had dark skin and big earrings on both ears. Most impressively, his eyes were triangular which were exceedingly terrifying. He glanced at the city below apathetically before turning into a faint image and speedily flying to the east.

Obviously, he was the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. Jiang Yi lured him away to the Desolate East Sea. It was precisely because of this that Jiang Yi could cooperate with Feng Luan to kill the Merman Demon Thearch.

One’s successes and failures were both due to the same person.

When Lion Chi Demon Thearch caught up with the Vajra Realm martial expert from the Feng Clan and took back his son’s body, he realized that man was not Jiang Yi. He was not stupid and immediately realized that he was tricked.

Since someone misled him to leave, then the thing became pretty obvious. He was previously uncertain whether the man who killed his son was from the Phoenix Cry Continent, but he was 100% sure now.

On his way back to the Phoenix Cry Continent, he encountered a demon king and got the information that the Merman Great Emperor was killed by Feng Luan and a mysterious martial expert who had horrifying flames that burned the hand of the Merman Great Emperor.


Half of the head of the son of the Lion Chi Demon Thearch was gone, and his body was scorched. Clearly, his son was burned by some horrible flames. It was already very rare for flames to be able to burn demon kings and demon thearchs.

Therefore… Lion Chi Demon Thearch instantly concluded that the mysterious martial expert was the murderer responsible for killing his son. He returned to the Phoenix Cry Continent in rage. Unlike the last time, he would never leave until he killed Jiang Yi.


After less than an hour, he arrived at the outside of the Black Phoenix City. He didn’t attack hastily this time; instead, he slowly approached the city, concentrating. He quietly let out his divine senses and scanned over the city.

“An empty city?”

After sweeping all over, he found that no one was inside the city. Not only the martial experts but all the soldiers and civilians were also gone as though Feng Luan was afraid of him and fighting with him.


Lifting his eyebrows, his triangular eyes shimmered with demonic flare. He glared at a giant head hanging above the city wall, and vaguely, he found it familiar. After looking at it carefully with his divine senses, he was incensed.

That head belonged to the Merman Great Emperor and was still covered with the fierce aura of the demon thearch right now. A white banner was hung next to the head, with big words written on it: ‘Lion Chi, if you wish to avenge your son and your subordinate, come to the Divine Abyss City!’

“Ahh, Ahh, Ahh!”

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch howled with wrath at the sky. The loud scream caused the sky, the ground, and the Black Phoenix City to tremble. Soon, the demon thearch congealed its demon power and released a stream of light to the front, instantly dismantling the huge Black Phoenix City into ruins.

His murderous triangular eyes swept around, he roared, “Bastard! You killed my son, slaughtered my men, and teased me over and over again. Now, you’ve even got the balls to write me a letter of challenge?! If I don’t kill you, I won’t be worthy of being a demon!”

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