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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 548: Sit This One Out and Reap the Spoils Later

Chapter 548: Sit This One Out and Reap the Spoils Later

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In a small forest in the wilderness of the central region of the Phoenix Cry Continent, over twenty Soul Travel Realm Experts rushed out in swarms and launched over twenty essence force attack to the sky. At the same time, they shouted.

“Lion Chi Demon Thearch, how dare you to invade the Phoenix Cry Continent! You won’t be able to go back!”

“Bold demon, how dare you to encroach on human territory. We’ll drain your Desolate East Sea in a bloodbath one day!”

“All demons must die; we must kill them all!”


A burst of curses came from below, and so did over twenty essence force attacks. This made the Lion Chi Demon Thearch, flying at top speed, stop. The essence force attacks didn’t constitute a problem. The Lion Chi Demon Thearch could just turn on the Essence Force Divine Shield. Then no matter how fierce the attack was, the shield wouldn’t even crack—let alone the fact that they couldn’t even hit the Lion Chi Demon Thearch with precision.

The problem was that the curses were so distressing. How could the distinguished Lion Chi Demon Thearch, who ranked No. 5 in the Desolate East Sea, bear such mistreatment? He had to stop. The demon thearch aura flashed by. He easily let out several attacks, killing the men below.


Looking at the broken limbs down below, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch sighed softly; and the rage in his eyes grew stronger!

It had been one day and one night since he began chasing towards the direction of the Divine Abyss City, which he got to know from a human he caught. However, he encountered situations such as the one just now along his way. Originally, if he could fly in his fastest speed, he would arrive at the Divine Abyss City by now, but he had only traveled one-third of the trip.

Every five kilometers, he encountered 20 to 30 Soul Travel Realm Experts which kept on attacking and cursing him; how could he speed up? He had stopped for hundreds of times over the one day and one night and killed thousands of people. Though he could kill them with a casual blow every time, having to keep repeating the process still him made very annoyed and depressed.

He also understood this was a scheme designed by Jiang Yi or Feng Luan, but every time he heard the noisy curses from the people below, he couldn’t help stopping. The great power of an emperor was not something that an insignificant human could desecrate.


He went on flying and was ambushed and insulted by squads of human. Just like this, he traveled for another half of a day before he could no longer stand it. If this situation persisted, he would be tired out by the time he reached the Divine Abyss City, and his strength would hardly be at the best condition. He might fall into other tricks devised by Jiang Yi or Feng Luan. He was not a moron; he decided to ignore the human squads if he met them again.

Tsk! Tsk!

After just flying for over five kilometers—as expected, over twenty essence force attacks shot from the shrubs beneath him. Over twenty men flew out simultaneously and began showing abuse on him.

“Lion Chi, my son, your mom is here. Come and bend your knee!”

“Lion Chi Demon Thearch, I am the one who killed your son and dug your dad’s grave. Today, it is your turn. Come down and accept your death!”

“Ha-ha-ha, it’s said that there are over a dozen demon thearchs in the Desolate East Sea, and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch is the most useless one. He was beaten up by one demon thearch back then and was forced to call him dad.”


The Lion Chi Demon Thearch was going to ignore them at the beginning, but when he heard them, he got so mad that he stopped immediately and shot down furiously. Smashing several essence force attacks from his hand, he only stopped after all the men below were squashed into minced meat.


He was exasperated. After taking more than a dozen deep breaths, he finally suppressed the anger in his heart and started to fly to the northeast direction.

After flying for five kilometers, another group of people came out again. Before they started cursing, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch took the initiative to kill them first. He was so mad that he lost his senses. Inflicted by the rage, he killed his way through. He no longer cared about if there was a plot. Anyway, he would never return to the Desolate East Sea until he killed Feng Luan and Jiang Yi.

In another wilderness in the central part of the continent, an army was marching forward rapidly. There were as many as a hundred thousand men in the army. Dozens of flying carriages were flying slowly in the sky, with close to ten flying carriages wandering around and probing the enemy activity.

Inside the most luxurious flying carriage in the middle, Jiang Yi was sitting bossily on a couch. He leisurely held a cup of tea. The sleeping Feng Luan was lying next to him; Qing Yu was kneeling on the carpet and messaging his legs.

“Young Master, you’ve anticipated all. The Lion Chi Demon Thearch hasn’t caught up with us now!”

Qing Yu looked through the windows worriedly. Luckily, there were restrictions in the flying carriage. Otherwise, if the people outside saw her bending her knees and serving Jiang Yi, they would definitely make a fuss about it.

She raised her head and peeped at Jiang Yi. Upon seeing that he had no intention to speak to her, she felt slight wronged and said, “Young Master, how about dispatching all the Paragons on the continent to the Divine Abyss City? Let’s put up with all our strength, and it’s not entirely impossible to badly wound the Lion Chi Demon Thearch or kill him.”

Jiang Yi gave Qing Yu a speechless glance and deliberately stopped at her ample bosom before sighing with emotion. “People always say ‘big boobs, no brain’. It indeed makes sense. Even if we send all the Vajra Realm martial experts on the entire continent over here, the Lion Chi will effortlessly slaughter them all—let alone fifteen Paragons. How much strength can you use under the pressure of a demon thearch? Do you really think it is wise to risk all the martial experts on the continent? After that, you and Feng Er will go with me, leaving no martial expert on the continent. Who will defend the continent if foreign races invade again?”


Qing Yu was both ashamed and angry because of Jiang Yi’s words, but she didn’t know how to refute him. As she was going to say something again, a flying carriage suddenly came closer; and they heard a delicate shout. “To Thearch and Region Mistress Qing Yu, the Divine Abyss City is in front. Are we directly going to the city?”

Jiang Yi raised his spirit and sat up, he told Qing Yu, “Have all the troops speed up and enter the city. Then, turn on the shield and prepare to attack. At the same time, you send a message to the Martial Union and ask them to try their best to fend off the Lion Chi Demon Thearch! In addition… you escort Feng Er and me away from the troops. We are not going to the city.”

“Ah? You’re not coming?”

Qing Yu was startled. She thought that Jiang Yi would take her and Feng Luan, and use the power of the Martial Union Merchant Association to stave off the Lion Chi Demon Thearch together. Now, it looked like Jiang Yi was getting the Lion Chi Demon Thearch to destroy the Martial Union Merchant Association on his behalf. Did he hold some grudges against the Martial Union? Why did he let the Lion Chi Demon Thearch demolish the Martial Union on purpose?


Nevertheless, Jiang Yi had given the order, and so Qing Yu had to disable the restrictions and flew out to make arrangements. Though the generals outside had some doubts towards this order, Qing Yu had always been the representative for Feng Luan. Thus, naturally, they didn’t dare to say anything and had to obey the order.

Soon, the troops sped up and marched to the Divine Abyss City quickly. The flying carriage that Jiang Yi was on left the main forces and flew to the east with haste. After traveling for 50 kilometers, Jiang Yi asked Qing Yu to stop the flying carriage and land in a small forest below.

“Alright, Qing Yu, you take the flying carriage and catch up with the troops as fast as possible, and then follow them into the city and pass the order from the Thearch to the Martial Union. You tell them if they don’t try their best to fend off the Lion Chi Thearch, the Thearch will let the Martial Union vanish. After that, you sneak out of the city, find a place in the north of the city, and hide there. Wait for further instruction from me.”

Jiang Yi gave an unaccountable order and didn’t explain anything. Qing Yu had no choice but to leave on the flying carriage. Jiang Yi threw Feng Luan into the Universal Palace and called out the Zouwu Beast. He secretly went underground and went to the north of the Divine Abyss City.

Qing Yu was wrong!

He was not getting someone else to do his dirty work. Instead, he was trying to lure the enemy in, sit this one out, and reap the spoils later!

Since the Martial Union Merchant Association was a branch of the Martial Arts Hall, its hidden power was absolutely great. The Heaven Fate Great Array alone that the Martial Arts Hall possessed could promote a martial artists’ strength to the Heaven Monarch Realm within a short time, which was barely comparable to the Lion Chi Demon Thearch.

He and Feng Luan hid on the other side and waited for the opportunity to strike. When both sides were severely hurt, he would take advantage of them both.

The Martial Arts Hall suspected that he wasn’t dead, and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch would never give up until he was killed. If Jiang Yi ran away now, he would definitely be hunted by both sides on his way to escape. Instead of doing so, it was better to kill them all now, preventing any future menace from happening.

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