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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 550: Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent

Chapter 550: Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent

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The one who came was Elder Liu from the Martial Union. He was under orders to look for Feng Luan and the group outside the city and pass a message to Feng Luan. Jiang Yi and the two were not very far from the city and didn’t hide meticulously, and so Elder Liu found them in such a short time.

After Feng Luan detected his whereabouts, he soon found them as well; but Jiang Yi went back and hid behind them so he didn’t notice Jiang Yi. He didn’t dare to recklessly release his divine senses and sprinted towards them. He stopped three kilometers away and shouted, “Elder Liu Dali from the Martial Union Merchant Association is under orders to see the Thearch. I have something important to tell the Empress!”


Qing Yu was previously going to go out and lure the man over. The eyes of the two became brighter upon hearing his words. Qing Yu shouted, “Come here!”

A trace of glee sparked in Elder Liu’s eyes. It looked that Feng Luan didn’t intentionally set them up. She might have some other plans; otherwise, she wouldn’t reveal herself so blatantly now. Besides, he didn’t see Jiang Yi—which meant that they were not colluding with Jiang Yi.

He strode over quickly and looked at Feng Luan. He was even more assured when he saw that she was looking at the Divine Abyss City in a distance and wasn’t paying attention to him. When he was 30 steps away from Feng Luan, he genuflected and said, “Liu Dali sends his greetings to the Thearch and Region Mistress Qing Yu.”


Just at this moment, Feng Luan suddenly moved. Elder Liu felt his visions blur before Feng Luan was in front of him, placing one hand over his head. The essence force circulated around her hand and forbidding aura was released from it. If he dared to move rashly, he might instantly be slapped to death.

“Great… Thearch, what’re you doing?” Elder Liu changed his expression and didn’t dare to breathe heavily, let alone move.


Qing Yu also rushed over quickly. Her legs glistened with essence force; she kicked his dantian as fast as lightning. His body flew out accordingly and crashed heavily onto a tree. Qing Yu followed up at speed and grasped his neck with one hand, lifting him back like lifting a dog.


In the forest some distance away, Jiang Yi walked out gracefully. Elder Liu’s face paled the moment he saw Jiang Yi. He glared at Jiang Yi viciously and spat a gulp of blood before saying, “Jiang Yi, haha… do you think we won’t recognize you because of your costume? Hm, even if you run to the end of the world, we will kill you one day…”

Then he turned to Feng Luan and said coldly, “Thearch Feng Luan, if you are smart, release me immediately, arrest Jiang Yi, and send him to our Martial Union Merchant Association. Otherwise, if this was known to the Main Hall, all your Feng Clansmen will die. Let me be honest with you… the Martial Union Merchant Association is just one of our branch halls. The real power of our Martial Arts Hall is beyond your imagination. You should have heard of the nine thearchs on the East Imperial Continent; our Martial Arts Chief Hall Master is the North Thearch Wu Shang!”

“North Thearch Wu Shang?”

Feng Luan and Qing Yu looked at each other in surprise.

There were nine thearchs on the East Imperial continent, and obviously, they had heard of them. They were the scariest existence in this world. The entire Stellarsky Domain would shake if even one thearch stamped his foot. The North Thearch Wu Shang was one of the top three thearchs among the nine!

Though Feng Luan dominated the Phoenix Cry Continent, she was nothing on the East Imperial Continent. Comparing Feng Luan with those nine thearchs was equal to comparing an ant with giant dragons.

“Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent!”

It was Jiang Yi’s first time to hear this. He was secretly startled, too. Though he knew that the East Imperial Continent was swarmed with mighty martial experts—where Vajra Realm martial experts were nothing at all and Heaven Monarch Realm Martial experts were very common, he felt his soul shook from deep down up upon hearing the names of the nine thearchs.

Mom asked me to find Yu Wen. Is he one of the nine thearchs ? And is Lady Yi San 1 the daughter of one of the thearchs? Otherwise, how can she have such a magical treasure?

Jiang Yi’s eyes sparkled, and his brain was spinning fast. He exchanged glances with Feng Luan and signaled her to get Elder Liu to talk more.

Feng Luan took Jiang Yi’s hint. She peeked at Elder Liu with disdain and said, “Huh! Presumptuous, how mighty the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent are! How eminent the North Thearch Wu Shang is! How dare you to pretend to work under the North Thearch!”

Elder Liu revealed a proud look from his eyes before saying solemnly, “Thearch, our Martial Arts Chief Hall Master is the North Thearch, and everyone on the East Imperial Continent knows this. I don’t dare to fake this information. If you don’t believe me, we can send messages to the Main Hall, and the messengers will be back within half of a month. This man is called Jiang Yi and is from the Stellarsky Continent. He once destroyed one of our Branch Halls and is wanted by the Main Hall. If the Thearch can hand him over to our Martial Arts Chief Hall, I will definitely express our gratitude with heavy rewards.”


Feng Luan snorted heavily and said, “Since your Martial Union has such a powerful background, why don’t you unite the continent? What’re you cooking up by hiding in the continent for so many years?”

Elder Liu’s eyes flickered a few times and explained, “Our Martial Arts Hall has branched halls on countless continents in the Stellarsky Continent, but we never want to become the rulers. We run businesses only. We resell all the local specialties on every continent to the East Imperial Continent in order to buy celestial stones. You can look up information on the East Imperial Continent. Over there, our Martial Arts Hall is also the largest merchant association!”

“Haha, are you kidding a child?”

Jiang Yi suddenly walked over and said faintly, “Your Martial Arts Hall is doing business? Would I strike for no reason if your Martial Arts Hall didn’t keep on targeting me on the Stellarsky Continent? Who is controlling the Stellarsky Continent behind the scene? Who is responsible for killing all the martial experts of the Azure Dragon royal family? Is your Martial Arts Hall trying to play innocent now? Humph, the North Thearch must also be an asshole. I don’t know what your Martial Arts Hall is up to, but it is definitely not as simple as a merchant association.”

Elder Liu looked at approaching Jiang Yi. He didn’t bother to refute him; instead, his eyes were filled with incomprehension. Why was Jiang Yi acting so disrespectfully in the presence of Feng Luan? He could interrupt as he wished. Even as Feng Luan’s male pet, he was way out of line.

He turned his eyes and didn’t respond to Jiang Yi. He only stared at Feng Luan and said, “Thearch, I don’t want to say anything further. I just want to say that if you cooperate with our Martial Arts Hall, we will guarantee your Feng Clan with eternal glory and wealth. However, if the Chief Hall Master is enraged, all your Feng Clansmen will be eradicated. If you are reasonable, immediately take down this bastard…”


Qing Yu slapped at Elder Liu heavily, smashing half of his teeth off. She shouted furiously, “How dare you to threaten the Thearch? Who are you? How dare you call Young Master ‘bastard’!”

Feng Luan also spoke at this moment, “Humph, cursing Young Master? Qing Yu, give him a ride to death.”

“Young Master!”

Elder Liu looked astonished and instantly looked up at Jiang Yi. He always thought that Jiang Yi was Feng Luan’s male pet, but now it appeared like the complete opposite. Feng Luan and Qing Yu seemed like his maids instead?

No, Hall Master and the rest are in danger!

Elder Liu trembled. Since Feng Luan and Qing Yu are completely at Jiang Yi’s beck and call, then there was definitely a catch in luring the Lion Chi Demon Thearch to the Divine Abyss City. This must be Jiang Yi’s scheme to wipe off the entire Martial Arts Branch Hall.


A faint image flashed by, and so did the dagger in Qing Yu’s hand, sending Elder Liu’s head into flying. The last scene he saw was Jiang Yi’s sneering face.

After Elder Liu’s headless body fell onto the ground, Jiang Yi then looked at the sky in the east and sighed with great emotion. “North Thearch Wu Shang? It seems like I’ve got a strong enemy. I don’t know if I have the opportunity to fight with Wu Shang and kill my enemy in my lifetime.”

Feng Luan looked to the south instead and cried out softly. She interrupted Jiang Yi. “Young Master, don’t be emotional now. The Divine Abyss City is about to be broken!”

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