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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 551: All Have to Die

Chapter 551: All Have to Die

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Chi! Chi!

A stream of light split the sky and bombarded onto the shield. The powerful shield around the Divine Abyss City finally collapsed into bubbles after the relentless, intense attack from the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. The energy of that light stream was not fully used up, and it shot towards the highest castle in the building, smashing the top half of the building into ashes.


The instant that the shield was broken, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch swept his divine senses over. To his confusion—though there were many Vajra Realm martial experts in the city, he detected no presence of any Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert. Feng Luan wasn’t here, and he also didn’t find the young man who killed his son.


He didn’t care and turned into a breeze, flying to the city. The pressure of the demon thearch suppressed the people down, causing the soldiers on the wall to grow overwhelmed and collapse onto the ground.

“Die! All have to die!”

His triangular eyes shimmering with dim light swept across the Vajra Realm martial experts in the city. He shouted and was about to strike streams of light to wipe off all the martial experts inside the city.


Just at this moment, the entire city lit up. Just as fire snakes that lit up in the dark night, a power aura surged from the city, withstanding the pressure from the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. Martial artists could move again.


Two figures shot out of the city; they were a man and a woman. The man was clearly the Hall Master of the Martial Union, and the woman was Elder Gu. Before the two flew up mid-air, two stars on the Nine Heavens twinkled and shot down as though they fell from the sky, hitting the two with precision and disappearing into their bodies.


“Power of the Nine Heaven Stars!”

“What’s this great array? It can even incorporate the power of the Nine Heaven Stars?! The Martial Union even has such a magical array?”

“No wonder the Thearch asked us to retreat here. Maybe she already knew that that Martial Union had this great array, or she wanted to cooperate with the Martial Union to kill the Lion Chi Thearch together?”

All the Vajra Realm martial experts and generals that retreated from the Black Phoenix City looked at the Hall Master of the Martial Union and Elder Gu with horrible aura in disbelief. They also discussed constantly in low voice. The two’s auras were at the Heaven Monarch Realm right now, no less than Feng Luan.

There was no shortage of descendants of clans that maintained good relationships with the Martial Union, and they were even more stupefied right now. The Martial Union that always kept such a low profile that it was almost forgotten by everyone—possessed such powerful strength?! More people were secretly scared. Why was the Martial Union, with such daunting power, willing to be suppressed by the fifteen super clans? What did they want to do? What were they plotting?


The Lion Chi Demon Thearch was startled as well and let out a trace of grave look deep down his eyes. Why did humans dominate this world? It was precisely because they had all kinds of magical treasures, magical skills, and array formations. Though the demon races could manifest into a human as well after reaching the demon thearch level, they were—after all—demon races. It was not possible for human beings to teach and pass them a lot of magical skills, restrictions, and treasures.

The Hall Master of the Martial Union was called Qin Shan. After he and Elder Gu used the power of the Nine Heaven Stars to temporarily raise themselves to the Heaven Monarch Realm, they didn’t take the initiative to attack Lion Chi first. They just stood proudly in the sky and stared at the Lion Chi Demon Thearch.

Qin Shan’s slightly round face was full of cold expressions. His sharp eyes swept over the Lion Chi Demon Thearch and shouted, “Lion Chi Demon Thearch, your enemy is not in the Divine Abyss City; and the Martial Union has no intention to become your enemy. Leave now; otherwise, prepare to bear the consequences.”

Qin Shan’s words were very implicit. He hinted that Feng Luan and Jiang Yi were not inside the city, and they didn’t want to break out a fight with Lion Chi. If Lion Chi insisted on fighting, neither of the two sides would win.

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch hesitated. This great array inside the city was so peculiar, and it could raise two Vajra Realm martial experts to Heaven Monarch realm. Though he didn’t fear the two, what if there were other kinds of strange array formations in the city?

He also understood that this was the trick of Feng Luan and Jiang Yi. If he broke out into a fight with these two, the consequences would be unimaginable if Feng Luan and her group suddenly launched a surprise attack on him.


Soon, he didn’t have to think too much as a group of soldiers on the wall started cursing.

“Haha, Lion Chi, are you afraid now? You bastard demon race, how dare you to invade our human continent. I’ll definitely cut your head and piss in it today…”

“Why use it as a chamber pot? Let’s just chop it into ten thousand pieces, cook it, and eat it. It’s said that the meat of a demon thearch can extend people’s lifespan by 100 years. Let’s just stew this crappy demon thearch later!”

“Kill this bastard demon thearch. Girls, attack! Cut his cock off…”

“I’m the one who killed your son, and I’m the one that let you die with no heir. What’re you looking at? Come, come and kill me! I’ll remain here and let you kill, but you can’t! Pah! Pussy!”


Several hundred female soldiers stood with arms akimbo and showered the Lion Chi with abuse. How magnificent that scene was!

Women were more respected on the Phoenix Cry Continent. These women always acted tyrannically and made fun of men. Now, they were treating the Lion Chi Demon Thearch as their boy pet and insulting him like one.

“Ahh, Ahh, Ahh…”

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch was a big shot in the Desolate East Sea. When did he have to withstand such mistreatment? His eyes turned bloody, and instantly, he lost his temper. Hands glowing with brilliance, he shot out streams of light towards the city.


Qin Shan and Elder Gu speechlessly exchanged glances. They had no choice but to fight now. The Lion Chi Demon Thearch had gone mad. If the two did nothing, the entire Divine Abyss City would be razed to the ground. Without the Heaven Fate Great Array, they, too, had to wait to die.


The two turned into two black shadows and flew to the Lion Chi Demon Thearch like flood dragons. Their hands were illuminated with colorful light; each one congealed the power of stars and began to attack.


Once the power of stars was out, heaven and earth trembled. Many human martial artists couldn’t even move under immense pressure. They felt like a star was crashing onto the earth, and that dreadful pressure almost broke down their soul spirit!

“Die! All have to die!”

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch gave a long howl. Golden light shone, and he suddenly changed back to his original state which was a massive beast that was over 100 meters long. He opened his big mouth and spat out two cold currents respectively towards Qin Shan and Elder Gu.


Once the cold currents were released, the whole world quieted down. The 100,000 troops and nearly 100,000 men from the Martial Union in the city felt frozen at this moment. They opened their mouth but couldn’t make any sound. Except for very few Vajra Realm martial experts, all were frozen into ice statues.

“The demonic arts of this demon thearch are even appalling to this point!”

Jiang Yi, Feng Luan, and Qing Yu in the small forest on the north of the city also felt that horrific cold. Feng Luan changed her expression and looked at Jiang Yi. “Young Master, let’s attack now; otherwise, all the people in the city will be frozen to death.”

“There is no need to hurry!”

Jiang Yi shook his head and said in a deep voice, “With the pressure of the Heaven Fate Great Array to resist the cold, the people in the city won’t die within a short time. Let’s wait!”


There was a violent explosion in the north of the city, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan hurriedly let out their divine senses to quietly explore the situation. The eyes of the two sparkled at the same time. Their divine senses found that the giant body of the Lion Chi Demon Thearch was blown away by the power of the stars. There was also a distinctive indented handprint on his left side of the body. Blood oozed from his mouth; clearly, he was hurt.

On the other hand, Qin Shan and Elder Gu were even more miserable. Elder Gu’s entire body was frozen into a Popsicle and crashed down to the ground. It was uncertain whether she was still alive. Qin Shan was slightly better, but his whole body was frozen as well. He kept shivering with cold.

“Elder Gu!”

Qin Shan extended his divine senses and found that all her inner organs were damaged. Even if she lived, she would be a cripple. He was suddenly incensed. If the Elder Gu didn’t risk her life to attack just now, the dying one should be him now.

He let out a howl of pain and turned into lightning, rushing towards the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. His hand glistened with colorful light, and the power of the stars kept pouring out violently.


Jiang Yi outside the north of the city finally moved. He shouted and scrambled forward like a fox. A murderous look flashed by the eyes of Feng Luan and Qing Yu. They followed up as faint images as well.

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