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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 552: Would Jiang Yi Run Away?

Chapter 552: Would Jiang Yi Run Away?

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All the mighty Vajra Realm martial experts on the south of the city walls moved now. Although their body was stiff and slow because of the chill, they would be stupid to not seize this timing and attack now.

Chi! Chi!

Over a dozen martial experts above the fifth stage of the Vajra Realm showered the Lion Chi Demon Thearch in the sky on the south of the city with all kinds of dao pattern attacks, essence force attacks, and special magical skills.

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch bawled angrily; a blue shield glowed around him. Completely ignoring the attack from those Vajra Realm martial experts, he turned into a faint image and instant-shifted in mid-air, dodging the star power attacks from Qin Shan.

The reason why a demon thearch and a Heaven Monarch were powerful was mainly that they could congeal Essence Force Divine Shield from their essence force or demonic strength. As long as the shield didn’t break, they remained invincible.

The Divine Shield was so powerful that ordinary attacks couldn’t even leave a crack on it. The attacks from the Vajra Realm martial experts looked ferocious, but they were actually nothing in the eyes of the Lion Chi. He was only afraid of the power of the stars. Just now, he was injured because he underestimated the power of stars. He had an unfathomable hunch that if he was hit by the power of stars, even his demonic strength divine shield would break instantly.

Swish! Swish!

Though Qin Shan kept on attacking and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch was a large target, he was moving too fast. Every time, Qin Shan was only capable of hitting his image, but not his real body. As the power of stars was running out in his body, Qin Shan could only complain in secret and curse Feng Luan and Jiang Yi for a million times in his heart.


Just at this moment, a red figure split the sky and flew from the north. Feng Luan finally came!

Along with her, an exceedingly bizarre scene appeared. The sky behind her was overcast by black clouds. It was in complete darkness—one couldn’t even see his own fingers. It was absolutely unnerving.

“Lion Chi, how dare you to invade a human continent! I’ll give you a cruel death today!”

Feng Luan was in a colorful robe. Dark clouds covered the sky behind her with forbidding pressure. She was like a fairy coming down from the Nine Heavens. She rushed over like lightning and waved her hands to release the darkness dao patterns, turning the sky above the south of the city into pitch black.

“Bewitchment Arts!”

A delicate shout came from the city wall on the east, too. Qing Yu shot up; a golden light sparkled in the middle of her brows, whizzing out like a twisting snake. Immediately, it disappeared in the Lion Chi Demon Thearch who was covered in the dark.

“Still won’t attack now? Release the power of stars to the front!”

Qin Shan’s attention was attracted by the sudden appearance of Feng Luan; he instinctively paused. Luckily, he immediately heard Feng Luan and poured out the remaining power of stars to the front with his teeth clenched. Right now, he was also surrounded by the black dao patterns and couldn’t see clearly, but he didn’t care anymore and randomly smashing out the attack as instructed by Feng Luan.


Under the west city wall, Jiang Yi sprinted over like a fox. However, before he got under the Lion Chi, his view turned black. He was unable to locate the real body of the Lion Chi with his divine senses.

“Young Master, Lion Chi is in the sky 33 kilometers above the ground on your left. Hurry! Let’s attack now!”

Feng Luan’s voice came in time. Jiang Yi closed his eyes and didn’t look anymore. He blindly rushed to the left and estimated the distance in his heart. In a few blinks of an eye, he had traveled 33 kilometers. After that, he suddenly launched himself upwards, the Fire Dragon Sword and Netherworld Ghost Flames appeared on his right hand. Two fire dragons whizzed past, carrying the Netherworld Ghost Flames.

Roar! Roar!

A deafening roar sounded, and the surrounding darkness faded. Jiang Yi and the rest quickly swept across the Lion Chi Demon Thearch in mid-air with their divine senses, but they all looked utterly shocked!

Feng Luan, Qin Shan, Jiang Yi, Qing Yu, and over ten other fifth-stage Vajra Realm martial experts attacked the Lion Chi Demon Thearch with all their strength, but it survived! How robust the Lion Chi Demon Thearch, who ranked No. 5 in the Desolate East Sea, was!

However, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch appeared very miserable now. His giant body was pierced with several huge holes, with countless small ones on his lower abdomen. His guts were burned massively, and blood was surging out—as though the sky was raining with blood.

As expected, his demonic strength divine shield couldn’t resist the attack of the power of stars. Though he was powerful, he fell for the black dao patterns just time and was unable to sense what was going on around him. Then his judgment was interfered by Qing Yu’s Bewitchment Arts. Although he regained his senses in a blink of an eye, the attacks from Qin Shan, Jiang Yi, and Feng Luan had already arrived by that time, followed by the attacks from the fifth-stage Vajra Realm martial experts.

Roar! Roar!

He let out two howls with rage. His giant eyes were filled with wrath. His body flashed, but instead of running away, he sprinted to Jiang Yi beneath him. Jiang Yi’s aura was too familiar to him. Even if he was severely wounded, he was able to pinpoint Jiang Yi immediately.

“Human bastard. You killed my son and slaughtered my men. I’ll kill you even if it costs my life!”

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch was clearly aware that if he was stubborn over ending Jiang Yi’s life today, he might never be able to leave and would die here. He would definitely be over when Feng Luan released the black dao patterns again.

Jiang Yi’s appearance raised the wrath in his heart to the extreme, and his lower abdomen and inner organs were all burned by Jiang Yi’s flames. How could just willingly run away like this?

Chi! Chi!

His giant body whizzed down like mountains. One would have difficulties in breathing and feel limp even in the absence of any aura. He opened his giant mouth before Feng Luan and her group had time to react, he spat out a massive cold current directly at Jiang Yi.

“Young Master, watch out!”

“Young Master, run…”

Two pieces of voice transmission blew inside Jiang Yi’s ears. Both Feng Luan and Qing Yu turned pale, and their petite bodies trembled with fear. If Jiang Yi died, the two of them had to die as well. Besides, during the last few days, they seemed to get to use having Jiang Yi around; and they instinctively worried about his safety at the moment.

Would Jiang Yi run away?

Obviously not, and of course… he was unable to run away!

He would need time to instant shift. Before the cold current was shot towards him, his whole body felt frozen. He would very likely freeze to death before he could instant-shift.

In fact!

He never thought of running away either. Netherworld Ghost Flames were constantly coming out from the Fire Spirit Pearl on the Fire Dragon Sword in his hand, surrounding him all.

The cold current?

He didn’t fear it at all. How high the temperature of his Netherworld Ghost Flames was! This cold current might freeze Feng Luan to death, but not him!

As expected!

As the ghost flames were emitted, the cold feeling of his body was reduced sharply. He suddenly slammed down the Fire Dragon Sword, carrying balls of Netherworld Ghost Flames and whizzing to Lion Chi.


The Lion Chi Demon Thearch was going to rapidly fly down. He planned to rip Jiang Yi’s body into a million pieces after he was frozen into an ice sculpture in order to soothe his rage.

However, he forgot about the horrible flames on Jiang Yi for an instant. He was moving so fast that if he didn’t dodge now, he would immediately collide with the boundless ghost flames. He was aware of the horrific power of the flames. He would definitely suffer from severe injuries—if it was not death.

Should he retreat, or should he risk his life to kill Jiang Yi?

The Lion Chi Demon Thearch became ambivalent, but he didn’t have to struggle to make a decision on the next second as Jiang Yi’s left hand glowed with a colorful ray. Colorful energy converged upon his hand and was about to congeal into an attack.

The power of stars!

He never fought with any human Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert before and didn’t know much about this power of stars. However, Qin Shan had shown him the domineering and ruthless might of this power of stars, and so he didn’t dare to risk his life at the moment.

If he risked his life, it was unsure whether he could kill Jiang Yi. However, he was already seriously injured and would definitely be killed by Jiang Yi’s power of stars and the ghost flames.


As soon as he moved to the side, he felt complete darkness in the front. A golden snake whizzed past and entered his body quietly, causing his soul spirit to quiver. Feng Luan and Qing Yu didn’t act stupidly this time, and the attack came in time.


Jiang Yi grinned with a gloomy smile. The congealed power of stars on his hand turned into a sharp sword and shot towards the Lion Chi Demon Thearch’s lower abdomen. The Fire Dragon Sword kept on slamming down as lightning as well, carrying balls of Netherworld Ghost Flames to the Lion Chi Demon Thearch.

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