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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 553: Pursuing the Traitor

Chapter 553: Pursuing the Traitor

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The black clouds gradually disperse along with the oppressive explosion. Everyone’s gaze instantly locked onto Lion Chi Demon Thearch who was above the sky. In just a quick glance, all of them were shocked. The Lion Chi Demon Thearch had yet to die!

Of course, the Lion Chi Demon Thearch looked a lot more miserable this time. His lower abdomen had practically been exploded out while his viscera turned indistinct and scorched black. His whole body was covered in blood, and the aura on him had become pitifully weak. That enormous body of his had been sent flying by Jiang Yi’s formidable impact while blood flowed out from his body, turning him into a blood mist as he glided through mid-air.


He lamented in mid-air and forcefully shivered the aura on him. He turned himself into an afterimage and escaped towards the west. However, his speed was extremely slow—a speed Qing Yu could easily chase after.

“Trying to flee?!”

Feng Luan shot over. The Lion Chi Demon Thearch was already on the verge of death. How could she possibly let him escape? Her darkness dao pattern was best for assassinating an escaping enemy, allowing her to slaughter the other party easily.


Just when the Lion Chi Demon Thearch and Feng Luan had turned themselves into black dots, everyone in the city sighed in relief. Of course, a lot of them was no longer able to sigh. There were close to ten thousand low-rank soldiers who had either been frozen to death or died from losing their consciousness due to cold. Everyone looked at the ruined city which was filled with buildings that had collapsed from the aftermath of the battle as it caused them to feel extremely pitiful.

If it wasn’t for the sudden emergence of two Heaven Monarch experts from the Martial Union, or because Elder Gu had managed to injure Lion Chi while risking her life, and that Feng Luan, Jiang Yi, and Qing Yu had struck out promptly, the outcome of today’s battle would definitely be unimaginable.

“Won. We won! Long Live the Thearch!”

It was unknown as to who shouted out, but it caused all the martial artists in the city to laugh and yell at the same time. A lot of them had cast their gaze towards Qin Shan, Jiang Yi, as well as Qing Yu, with eyes that were filled with appreciation and worship.

The Lion Chi had been defeated, and the continent had survived through the ordeal. Jiang Yi and the others had become the heroes of the continent.

“En? Something’s wrong…”

Suddenly, all of them realized something amiss because Qin Shan and Jiang Yi were looking at each other, and both of their eyes were filled with killing intent!


Jiang Yi’s eyes turned blood-red and as terrifying intent surged out. Instantly, it enveloped the desolate southern city and was extending its way over to Qing Yu and Qin Shan. At the same time he dashed towards Qin Shan, he slashed with the Fire Dragon Sword while those extremely cold ghost flames to be pulled along by the two fire dragons as it shot towards Qin Shan who was in mid-air.

“Jiang Yi, what are you doing? Stay your hand. Otherwise, once the Thearch returns, you will definitely face a tragic end!”

The strange thing was…!

When Qing Yu suddenly yelled out, she was quite a distance away from Jiang Yi. Therefore, the Massacre Intent suppression was not really useful. Furthermore, this yell came out the moment Jiang Yi made his move.

Everyone’s gaze was being attracted by Jiang Yi. Countless figures had also shot up from the city while a yell resonated out: “Jiang Yi, if you dare to kill our Hall Master, you will inevitably die. The Thearch would never let you off!”

Pong! Pong! Pong!

However, just when they flew out of the city wall, the terrifying oppression from the Massacre Intent caused all of them to fall back down. This Massacre Intent got more powerful the nearer one was to it, and the Elders from the Martial Arts Hall only possessed the strength of Vajra Realm. How could they possibly resist it?


Qin Shan was petrified while he collapsed down rapidly. However, he was still able to barely control his body to dodge the incoming ghost flame. Under the amplification of the Heaven Fate Great Array, he had managed to obtain some Nine Heaven Star energy, allowing him to reach the Heaven Monarch Realm in a short span of time.

The problem was—!

He had used up all of his stars energy in the battle a moment ago. Therefore, his current strength was barely at the Heaven Monarch Realm, and the Massacre Intent was also influencing him greatly.

He might be able to flee momentarily, but along with the passing of time, he would only grow weaker. After all, the Heaven Fate Great Array could only last for a short span of time. Now that he was being attacked by Jiang Yi continuously, how long could he even last?

Chi! Chi!

Jiang Yi ignored Qing Yu and Martial Union doyen’s warning as he continued to strike out his fusion of martial skills. The oceans of ghost flame caused Qin Shan to be exhausted, making it impossible for him to escape any longer.

“Jiang Yi, how dare you. The continent owes Hall Master Qin a favor, and yet you dare to kill him? Once the Thearch returns, she will definitely kill you!”

“Jiang Yi, don’t think that just because the Thearch dotes on you, and you can do anything you please! Honestly speaking, you are just a plaything of the Thearch. Do you really think the Thearch cares about you? If you dare to kill Hall Master Qin, no one would be able to save you!”

“Jiang Yi, if it wasn’t because of Hall Master Qin, we would never be able to kill Lion Chi. You this ungrateful bastard!”

Qing Yu’s delicate voice continued to ring out. At this very moment, those soldiers and experts in admiration of Jiang Yi all cast an angry look towards him. Unfortunately, no one was able to even come close to hundreds of meters near Jiang Yi—let alone launching an attack towards him. They could only watch on as Jiang Yi launched continuous attacks on Hall Master Qin.



Along with the elapsed time, the strength Qin Shan had obtained from the Heaven Fate Great Array kept growing weaker. The aura on him grew feebler and feebler as his speed gradually became slower. Finally, he could no longer evade the most recent attack from Jiang Yi as a lump of ghost fire snuggled up to him, causing his gown and mustache to immediately catch on fire. Subsequently… he was pounded by thousands of small fire dragon that was released by Jiang Yi, causing him to explode in tatters.


Jiang Yi specked himself onto the ground lightly as he turned himself into a flying goose before shooting over into the city. Those Martial Union’s elders who were about to berate Jiang Yi were rendered unmovable, let alone speaking.

“Jiang Yi, stop!”

Qing Yu seemed to have turned mad from anger as she shouted out with her delicate voice. However, Jiang Yi continued to brandish his fire dragon sword ruthlessly. He slashed his sword across every Martial Union’s elders and soldiers’ neck, causing human heads to flew up the wall one after another.

“Traitorous dog, are you still not stopping?!”

This moment, a delicate shout echoed out from the western sky. It caused the remaining two Martial Union elders to show an excited expression while Jiang Yi complexion changed. He knew that he could no longer kill these two elders. Thus, he flickered in white light and left using instant shift.


The two Martial Union elders exhaled out a long breath and wiped off the cold sweat on their face. When Feng Luan arrived, the duo immediately knelt down in a flustered and exasperated manner as they cried out heavily: “Thearch, the Hall Master and several of our elders had been killed by that traitor. I plead the Thearch to take revenge for us!”


Feng Luan had her face covered in coldness while killing intent scathed out. She swept her gaze across everyone before narrating, “Martial Union elders can be at ease. Lion Chi had already been beheaded. This time, the Martial Union had greatly contributed themselves; and Hall Master Qin was a hero. He shall enter the martyr hall and be worshipped by thousands of people. Once this incident is over, he will be rewarded for his contributions. Qing Yu, follow me to chase after Jiang Yi that traitor. Bring his head back as an offering to Hall Master Qin.”


Qing Yu soared up and followed Feng Luan as they flew towards the east in lightning speed. While Feng Luan was a distance away, she still transmitted a message back; all the armies in every city are to clean up the remaining mermen.

The war had come to an end, and the Phoenix Cry Continent had seized a total victory!

After the message was transmitted out, the whole continent flared up. Every household was decorated with lanterns and banners while countless cities organized banquets to celebrate their victory. The cleaning up operation in the western cities was also progressing without a hitch. This time, the more than half of the Merman Race had launched an attack at the continent. It was estimated that the Merman Race would no longer have the resources to launch another attack at them at least ten thousand years. The threat that had perplexed the continent for tens of thousands of years had finally been eliminated.

The only thing that caused the people to feel unease was that their Thearch had chased after Jiang Yi that traitor for half a month and yet still unable to kill him. Ultimately, Jiang Yi managed to flee into the east side of Blood Night Fearsome Sea.

Thearch Feng Luan flew into a rage at the eastern cities as she felt that this was a shame and humiliation to her. She stayed behind and ordered one of the experts from Feng Clan to lead the continent temporarily. She brought Princess Qing Yu along and charged into the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. She had announced that she would never withdraw if she had yet to kill Jiang Yi.

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