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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 554: Small Island

Chapter 554: Small Island

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Above the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, a giant beast was piercing through the sky. Its body was reddish yellow in color, and its skin looked as though it was flowing with magma. The horn and the tail of the beast looked like two spontaneous bundles of flame which looked very strange.

This giant beast had horrifying aura presence and was obviously a peak-grade demon king. All the aerial demonic beasts had already moved away when they saw this demon king. On the spacious back of this horrific demon king were three humans, and if the experts from the Phoenix Cry Continent were to see them, they were definitely be taken aback. As these three individuals were actually Jiang Yi, Feng Luan, and Qing Yu.

Jiang Yi was leisurely leaning his side on the Yazi Beast’s back and closing his eyes for a rest. Feng Luan and Qing Yu were kneeling by the side and giving him a gentle massage for his back and legs. The two charming faces didn’t have any resentment in their faces and were instead filled with respect.

One hour later, the sky was gradually turning dusky; and Jiang Yi hoped his eyes. He reached out his hand and knocked on the demon king’s head. He then spoke lazily, “Yazi Beast, it is almost nighttime. Find a small island to spend the night.”

The Yazi Beast rolled his eyes and didn’t say a word. It scanned the surroundings, and after flying for a certain distance, he found a small island and descended like a stream of light.

“En, this island is quite good. Let’s spend the night here.”

Jiang Yi jumped off the Yazi Beast and nodded with satisfaction. Feng Luan and Qing Yu had followed down as well while the Yazi Beast dove into the sea to look for its food.

Qing Yu took out three tents from her white ring and a white cloth to lay on the grass patch. She even took out a table and filled it with wine and some desserts. She was like a servant girl that was extremely busy as she served Jiang Yi and Feng Luan with a smile on her face. She didn’t feel any hint of grievance, even though she was one of the top 15 martial experts on the Phoenix Cry Continent.

“En, little Qing Yu is getting more thoughtful now.”

Jiang Yi sat down like a lord while Feng Luan bent over to pour some wine. He took a sip of fine wine and looked at the sunset which illuminated the sea with red lights. As the sea breeze blew towards him, it was a truly satisfying experience.

The incidents on Phoenix Cry Continent had come to a perfect ending!

The Merman Demon Thearch was dead, the Merman Race was routed, and the critical danger that had been troubling Phoenix Cry Continent was temporarily dispelled. The experts from the Martial Union were all nearly killed and were powerless to give chase. The final act of Feng Luan and Qing Yu pursuing Jiang Yi was done brilliantly, too. Even if the Martial Arts Hall was to send Heaven Monarch envoys were to arrive, they wouldn’t dare to take out their anger on the Phoenix Cry Continent and simply find ways to pursue after Jiang Yi!

Thus, Feng Luan and Qing Yu were very grateful towards Jiang Yi. If it wasn’t for him, how would they be able to kill the Merman Demon Thearch and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch? Once the threat towards the continent had been relieved, the two of them didn’t have any more worries and could follow Jiang Yi to the East Imperial Continent with a relaxed mind.

Qing Yu was sincerely convinced by Jiang Yi’s demonstrated strength, and Feng Luan was no longer as resistant to becoming Jiang Yi’s soul slave. Jiang Yi had various strange abilities—those dreadful flames, the bizarre wordings in his soul spirit, and the power of the stars—which shocked her.

Jiang Yi could have forcefully taken them with him, but he ultimately chose to stay and even gave them the opportunity to resist against the Merman Race. He then personally assisted in killing the Merman Demon Thearch and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. They were truly respectful towards him and had a huge change in impression towards men. They might not be able to completely accept Jiang Yi, but at least, they no longer felt disgusted by him. They had already come to accept the fact that they were going to be soul slaves.


After Qing Yu made all the arrangements, she dove into the sea like a mermaid and quickly broke out of the surface of the water again. Her hands had caught hold of three fish, and it was obviously meant to grill for dinner.


Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up and stared at Qing Yu’s exquisite and delicate figure. Qing Yu was wearing a set of white dress, and her whole body was currently drenched, making her clothes translucent and hug her body. Jiang Yi’s imagination involuntarily ran wild.

Chi! Chi!

When Qing Yu was in mid-air, she spun around with essence force to evaporate and dry up her dress. When she noticed Jiang Yi’s passionate eyes, her charming face blushed with two red clouds as she lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Jiang Yi.

Feng Luan standing beside suddenly voiced out and attracted Jiang Yi’s attention, “Young Master. We have already ventured out of the sea for five days. Have you thought of the route to go to East Imperial Continent?”


Jiang Yi retraced his eyes and muttered after sipping the wine.

They were out in the sea for five days, but he had yet to think of a route. It wasn’t because he didn’t know one as the map in his possession had actually indicated the route that the Feng Clan’s ancestors had used plenty of times, and it was actually the safest route.

The problem was… he didn’t dare to use this route!

To the east of Phoenix Cry Continent was the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, and this treacherous sea region was famous throughout the Stellarsky Domain. Even the powerful Heaven Monarchs would perish if they were to venture deep into the fearsome sea.

Blood Night Fearsome Sea… as the name suggests, this sea region would be very horrifying during the night.

In fact, this was also the reason why Jiang Yi had asked the Yazi Beast to find an island to spend the night in advance. The Blood Night Fearsome Sea was different from the Desolate East Sea. During the night, there would be lightning and thunder, making the entire sea region into a thunderous sea.

The thunder and lightning here were 100-fold more horrific than the East Sea, and if they dared to pause in the middle of the sky, they would definitely be turned into scraps. If they were to dive into the sea, it would attract the pursuit of the giant sea demons in the sea. It was said that there were more than 50 demon thearchs in this fearsome sea, and there were some with demonic abilities that were comparable to the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent.

Thus, it was impossible to travel across the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, and the only way to reach the East Imperial Continent was to take a detour around the fearsome sea. In the past, the experts from the Phoenix Cry Continent would normally take the route which was north of the fearsome sea and go through several continents. If they didn’t enter the continent and travel along the shallow seas, it was generally very safe.

Jiang Yi didn’t dare to take this route!

The reason was simple: the Martial Arts Hall wouldn’t allow him to journey to the East Imperial Continent so easily. He had just arrived at the Phoenix Cry Continent, and if the Martial Arts Branch Hall had already known of his existence, it meant that the other branch halls in the other continents would have received the message from the main hall. They would definitely intercept him along the way. The main hall might even send out Heaven Monarch experts to chase after him.

Feng Luan’s ability wasn’t bad, and Qing Yu’s soul spirit art was competent enough. With the addition of Jiang Yi’s ghost flames and power of the stars, they would probably be able to kill regular Heaven Monarchs. His accomplishments in the Phoenix Cry Continent had definitely reached the main hall, and the Martial Arts Hall would at least send two Heaven Monarchs to chase after him. If they were to encounter those Heaven Monarch experts, they were definitely going to perish!

Furthermore, his ghost flames and power of the stars would decrease after every usage. Once they ran out, Jiang Yi would run out of options to kill those Heaven Monarchs even if they stood there for him to kill.

If he could use the regular route, then he only had two options. One was to route along the south side of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, but it would probably take two years as it was a very large detour.

The other way was to keep on going north and secretly pass through the continents in the north. This route was an easy invite for conflicts on the continents. It would be a huge problem if those continents had Heaven Monarch experts or even supreme experts which they didn’t know of.

In other words, none of the routes were going to be easy!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the distant skies, black clouds started to drift over which contained lightning in it. It was already nightfall, and the Blood Night Fearsome Sea started to reveal its sinister appearance.

Qing Yu had just grilled those fish and brought them into the tent. She smiled and said, “Young Master, it is nightfall. You should have your dinner in the tent!”


Jiang Yi rubbed his temples and temporarily stopped thinking as he walked into the tent to enjoy his delicious dinner.

Qing Yu might be a region mistress, but her culinary skills weren’t bad at all, which was one of the reasons why he didn’t put Qing Yu inside the Thearch Palace. With a beautiful female servant at his beck and call would make this journey a rather interesting one. Moreover, Qing Yu’s strength was rather competent, and she was able to assist during crucial moments.

As he ate grilled fish and drank fine wine, Jiang Yi noticed that the two of them didn’t eat with him today? Feeling odd, he extended his divine senses and discovered a blood-boiling scene.

The two absolute beauties were taking a bath by the seaside. They two of them didn’t bother about the thunderous clouds in the sky and stood naked at the shallow waters. They were tenderly wiping down each other’s body and were very passionate due to the mutual love for each other. Their beautiful eyes were filled with emotions and dazzle like two craving little kittens.

“This, this!”

Jiang Yi swallowed his saliva and seemed to be hesitant. “I haven’t showered for a few days, too. Why not let them help me clean my back?”

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