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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 555: The Bottom Line, the Inner Self, and the Original Intention

Chapter 555: The Bottom Line, the Inner Self, and the Original Intention

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Jiang Yi’s fluttering thoughts made him feel like as if he was on tenterhooks, but he did not walk out in the end because the thunder and rain had come. An immense amount of thunder dragons were roaring and dashing down, bringing a massive thunderstorm to the whole sea region. Feng Luan and Qing Yu quickly changed their clothes and went inside a tent.

Plip! Plop!

Rain fell down heavily, hitting the tent with crisp sounds. The thunder and electricity in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea were really strange. It only chopped down into the sea but not the sea island, enabling Jiang Yi and his gang to stay on the island safely for the night.

Their tent was of really good quality. Even though there was no restriction on it, it could remain still under the rainstorm while the outside was cold. In the midst of a rainstorm—inside the tent, it was as warm as if it was springtime.

Jiang Yi had stopped the fluttering thoughts in his mind, feeling a bit bored as he was eating the delicious fish and drinking his fragrant wine.

“Oh, right!”

He suddenly recalled those people inside the Thearch Palace. He flashed the Fire Spirit Pearl, which then released the Thearch Palace in his hand. He used his divine senses to scan through inside and found that Jiang Xiaonu, Yun Fei, Zhan Wushuang, and Qian Wanguan had all went into seclusion to cultivate and that the little fox had been sleeping for a really long time which made him wonder how it even cultivated. Seeing this scene, Jiang Yi sighed slightly.

He kept the Thearch Palace and fell into deep contemplation again. He was having a hard time thinking of which way he should go. He had so many things to do: he had to go to the East Imperial Continent, save Su Ruoxue, and find Yi Piaopiao. He also wanted to take revenge for Jiang Bieli’s death and eradicate the Martial Arts Hall.

However, in order to do all these things, he had to increase his strength first. This meant that he needed to find the Destitute Dragon Grass, but the only way to find the Destitute Dragon Grass was to go to the East Imperial Continent.

So it went back to the same questions again—he had to first figure out a safe way to get to the East Imperial Continent.

“Never mind! Thinking too much is not going to help; I shall just quietly go through the few continents in the north to get to the East Imperial Continent. As the old saying goes—’it’s all up to Heaven to decide on one’s wealth and one’s life and death’. If I were to die half-way, it is just my fate.”

Jiang Yi muttered for a while and finally decided to continue his journey towards the north.

It would be very risky if he followed the traditional route traveled by the seniors of Phoenix Cry Continent; he was likely to get killed by the strong envoys at Heaven Monarch Realm from the Martial Arts Hall. However, going from the south would take a much longer time to reach the East Imperial Continent. Yi Piaopiao said that Yu Wen would only tell him how to find her only if he reached the peak of Vajra Realm before twenty. He was already eighteen years old now—two more years to twenty, which is not really a short time to him but also not that long.

As soon as he decided which way to go, he stopped his contemplation, threw away the fish bones in his hand, took out his map, and checked it carefully. However, his face turned dark after checking through all continents between the East Imperial Continent and the Phoenix Cry Continent.

Northeast of the Phoenix Cry Continent was the Bright Sun Continent, which they had already bypassed.

In order to get to the East Imperial Continent from the Bright Sun Continent, they still had to go through four more continents in between—the Beastmen Continent, the Pegasus Continent, the Hamadryad Continent, and the Umbra Continent.

The Beastmen Continent and the Hamadryad Continent were not so much of a concern for them. The two continents were even smaller than the Stellarsky Continent, and there were probably no Heaven Monarch Realm absolute experts there. Even if there was one, they could deal with it easily.

What made them worry were the Pegasus Continent and the Umbra Continent, especially the Pegasus Continent which was twice the size of the Phoenix Cry Continent. Nobody knew how many Heaven Monarch Realm absolute experts there were.

Traveling across a special race’s continent was very risky—they could get exposed very easily. Once exposed, they would be deemed as spies and get chased endlessly until they died. For example, when Jiang Yi went to the Phoenix Cry Continent last time, he got found out the moment he stepped onto the continent.

“Just as the old saying goes—’those that belongs to one will always belong to one, and those that do not belong to one will never belong to one’. It is all about fate! I shall not hesitate any longer and set off to the Beastmen Continent tomorrow!” Jiang Yi made up his mind. He kept his map immediately and sat cross-legged to comprehend sorcery.

However, right at that moment, he heard some strange sound. The sound was almost totally covered by the sound of the rainstorm outside. If not for Jiang Yi’s obscenely powerful hearing ability, it was impossible for him to notice.

“What sound is that?”

Jiang Yi frowned. He subconsciously circulated a wisp of essence force to his ears, which then strengthened his sense of hearing by hundred times immediately. When the strange sound became clearer, his eyes bulged out and opened widely with a shock. He looked through the curtain of the tent and locked his eyes onto another tent nearby.

The sound came from that tent. Although the volume had been deliberately lowered down, it was still very clear to Jiang Yi whose hearing ability had just been strengthened. The sound was… young ladies’ flirtatious moaning.

Feng Luan and Qing Yu entered that tent together just now, and they still had not come out. Now with such sound coming out, Jiang Yi had already known what they were doing inside without even looking at it.

Feng Luan and Qing Yu had been in a homosexual relationship for very long—Jiang Yi knew about this very well. He could sense Feng Luan’s strong rejection and desperation when she unwillingly hurt Qing Yu inside the castle of Black Phoenix City, and he also detected the mutual love between them when they were showering and wiping down each other’s body tenderly in the sea just now. However, he totally did not expect the two young ladies to then continue on with such obscene acts in the wild.

Gulp, Gulp!

Jiang Yi gulped down his saliva and recalled the scene where Qing Yu was doing the same thing with her maidservant. He tried to imagine how the scene would be like inside the tent now between Feng Luan and Qing Yu, but he immediately felt the evil fire crushing down his body. His tongue turned dry, and his mouth became thirsty.

He tried his best to control himself not to use his divine senses to peep at the scene inside the tent. However, once such thought came out in his head, it just became more and more irresistible.

Although Jiang Yi always had good self-discipline and his mentality had always been stable and calm, he was still a virgin who was instinctively curious about sex after all—just like every other youth. At the age of around eighteen, Jiang Yi was a young and red-blooded man. The fact that he managed to control himself not to barge into the tent at this moment had already meant that he was much calmer and more disciplined than most other people.


Finally, he lost his control. His divine senses went inside the tent opposite sneakily and silently. With a quick scan through, Jiang Yi shivered.

He was right—Feng Luan and Qing Yu were carrying out that obscene act. He saw the two of them embraced each other tightly, but instead of lying down, both of them were standing upside down. Jiang Yi was intoxicated by such a beautiful scene. However, the next moment, he forced himself to retrieve back his divine senses. He knew that he would not be able to control his physical body anymore if he continued watching such a scene for just one more second.

“As the old saying goes —’you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’. I should not take advantage of others when they were unaware, or else I would have been of no difference from a beast. I need to remember my bottom line, my inner self, and my original intention…”

Jiang Yi muttered to himself, took a few deep breaths, and finally calmed himself down. A few minutes later, he had already sat cross-legged and started meditating.

That’s right!

If he were to barge into the tent just now and give an order, Feng Luan and Qing Yu would definitely follow whatever he said and fulfill his need. He would then be able to enjoy his time teasing the two young ladies and playing around with their beautiful bodies.

However, he knew that even though Feng Luan and Qing Yu no longer had hatred on him, they were still quite conflicted deep inside. They would never fall in love with him and come to him for that kind of obscene thing themselves.

If he forced them on him, then he would be no different from a beast.

He might not be a good person, but he had always kept his bottom line well. Forcing young ladies onto him was below his bottom line, even if the young ladies were his soul slaves.

Inside the other tent, Feng Luan and Qing Yu stopped their actions at the same time when Jiang Yi’s divine senses exited their tent. Qing Yu flushed and looked at Feng Luan alluringly. “My Thearch, are we putting ourselves in danger by doing such things in the wild? What if our Young Master could not control himself and…” Qing Yu said worryingly.

Feng Luan’s hair was drenched in sweat. Her beautiful body was still trembling slightly, and her mouth was exhaling orchid-smelling breath as she was panting. She hugged Feng Luan tightly and rested for a long while, and then she finally said, “We were lucky. Although our master is a bit lustful, he’s still a rightful man. Guess what he’s doing now? Keke, he’s meditating and cultivating himself right now!”


Qing Yu gasped with surprise. A trace of awe flashed in her beautiful eyes, and her expression became complex—she totally did not expect Jiang Yi to be able to control himself so well. She was pretty sure that she detected Jiang Yi’s divine senses inside the tent just now. Since Jiang Yi did not barge into their tent in the end, it meant that he was really a rightful person.

“Keke! What are you thinking now, my little hussy? Hmph, don’t tell me that you want to do that thing with our master?”

Feng Luan laughed and teased Qing Yu, making her feel shy and angry immediately. She turned her body, crawled onto Feng Luan’s beautiful body, and laughed roguishly, “Hmph, I think you are the one who wants him, right, my Thearch? Should I make a voice transmission to our master and tell him to come and lash you out? Isn’t that what you have always been craving for?”

Outside the tent, the rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the lightning storm continued; whereas inside the tent, it was as if springtime. The scene was becoming more and more attractive.

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