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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 556: Obscenely Powerful Xiaonu

Chapter 556: Obscenely Powerful Xiaonu

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The rainstorm continued for the whole night. Jiang Yi stayed inside the tent, comprehended sorcery for the whole night as well, and only woke up the next morning.

Feng Luan and Qing Yu were combing their hair at the seacoast at the moment; they had woken up much earlier and prepared a few baked birds for breakfast which were releasing tempting smell on the seacoast. The air was fresh after the rain, and the trees and plants became greener and more vibrant after getting washed by the rain for the whole night. With sea wind blowing gently, the scenery was relaxing, beautiful, and full of peace.


Jiang Yi’s body flashed with white light, and the surrounding air converged towards him quickly. In just a few seconds, a dozen of Jiang Yi’s image was congealed out which then immediately flew away towards all directions and disappeared.


The sudden noise caught Feng Luan and Qing Yu’s attention. They both used their divine senses to scan through those images and were shocked when they found out that they were both unable to recognize which one was real. Their mouths opened slightly with surprise, making them look more attractive.


The images vanished completely without leaving any trace behind after traveling for more than thirty kilometers. Inside the tent, Jiang Yi opened his eyes satisfyingly. He had been comprehending the Myriad Clone Sorcery recently and had made some progress slowly—as of now, he could make around a dozen images of himself already. While the amount was not huge, it should be at least enough to confuse the opponents when he was attacking or running for life.


Jiang Yi flashed his Fire Spirit Pearl, and the small Thearch Palace appeared in his hand. He casually used his divine senses to scan through inside and discovered that Jiang Xiaonu had finished her cultivation and was sitting outside of the palace and staring blankly right now; his face was filled with cheerfulness immediately.

Jiang Yi quickly infused some essence force into the Thearch Palace. With the Thearch Palace flashed for a second, a little beauty congealed in front of him. Jiang Xiaonu looked around with confoundment and shouted delightfully once she saw Jiang Yi, “Young Master!”


Jiang Yi held Jiang Xiaonu’s arm, pinched her nose, and then said with full of love on his face, “You came out of seclusion? How was your cultivation?”

Jiang Xiaonu stuck out her tongue and said innocently, “I am not very smart. After cultivating for so long, my Ink Feather Divine Art could only reach the peak of the first stage. I’ve also had the techniques of the mental cultivation for the second stage, but I cannot comprehend that for now; so I stopped my cultivation.”

“You’ve reached the peak of the first stage?”

Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up. Jiang Xiaonu was part of the Ink Feather Race; once transformed, her claws would be extremely sharp and could even rip the Devil Star Vines easily. Since she has reached the peak of the first stage, her strength must have improved a lot by now —Jiang Yi thought. He could not even imagine how powerful Jiang Xiaonu would be if she could break through the second stage.

“Xiaonu, so how powerful are you now? Are you at the peak of the Vajra Realm? Or even Heaven Monarch?” Jiang Yi asked eagerly.

“I have no idea.” Jiang Xiaonu shook her head. Similar to Jiang Yi, her cultivation technique was totally different from those on the continent so one could not actually compare between the two.


Attracted by Jiang Yi’s images just now, Feng Luan and Qing Yu were walking towards them. Jiang Xiaonu’s eyes turned cold when she heard footsteps coming. She looked outside and got a slight surprise when she made eye contact with Feng Luan. Almost immediately, hostility was developed among the three young ladies.

“Who is she, Young Master?”

“Young Master, who are they?”

Qing Yu and Jiang Xiaonu asked almost at the same time, both were instinctively vigilant and hostile towards each other. In Qing Yu’s view, Jiang Yi could only be their master while in Jiang Xiaonu’s view, Jiang Yi could only be her Young Master—it was just women’s nature.


Jiang Yi smiled slightly and did not explain. He turned to Feng Luan and said,” Feng’er, release your Essence Force Divine Shield! Xiaonu, transform and attack Feng’er!”



Feng Luan did not dare to disobey Jiang Yi’s order and released her Essence Force Divine Shield immediately. Jiang Xiaonu also transformed immediately as she never questioned Jiang Yi’s order. Jiang Xiaonu’s dress was torn apart from the back as her enormous wings coming out; she turned into a stream of green shadow and hurtled towards Feng Luan. In a blink of an eye, she had already reached in front of Feng Luan. Looking at her glowing sharp claws, Qing Yu was frightened.


The Essence Force Divine Shield which was strong enough to withstand a Vajra Realm martial expert’s attack broke apart easily like plastic when Jiang Xiaonu’s sharp claws scratched on it without even applying too much strength. Jiang Xiaonu’s claws then towards Feng Luan’s face like the Death God’s soul-seizing hand.


Feng Luan did not panic. She stepped on the ground with a single leg and flew backward like a light wild goose. At the same time, her hands were glowing with black light; and she was going to release the darkness dao pattern to attack Jiang Xiaonu.

At this moment, Qing Yu finally came back to her senses. She aimed at Jiang Xiaonu. A stream of golden light flashed on her glabella, and she was going to attack Jiang Xiaonu. However, right at that instant, a burst of shout echoed, “Okay! Enough! Everyone, stop! Transform back, Xiaonu!”


Jiang Xiaonu transformed back immediately. Feng Luan stopped releasing darkness dao pattern. The golden light on Qing Yu’s glabella disappeared, and she ran towards Feng Luan.

Jiang Yi looked at Xiaonu with full of love and delight on his face—Jiang Xiaonu had become obscenely powerful: her speed was much faster than both Qing Yu’s speed and his speed—it was even comparable to Dugu Qiu’s. Her attack was also insane where she could easily break the Essence Force Divine Shield.

“Xiaonu, you go back and change first!”

Jiang Yi petted Xiaonu’s head, and she then followed his words and went inside the tent. Jiang Yi then called Feng Luan and Qing Yu forward, smiled delightfully, and asked, “Feng’er, Qing Yu, how’s my little sister’s strength?”

“Little sister?”

Feng Luan and Qing Yu were both shocked. Jiang Yi was not an ordinary person, and so was his sister —they thought. Feng Luan considered for a wild and replied, “Her combined combat ability is invincible in the Vajra Realm. If she could make a sneak attack, she would be able to kill an ordinary Heaven Monarch Realm martial artist in a single attack.”

Qing Yu eyes flashed with restraining fear, and she was no longer hostile towards Jiang Xiaonu—she was Jiang Yi’s sister, anyways. Witnessing how Jiang Yi pampered Jiang Xiaonu, she could see how much he loved his little sister. If she happened to offend Jiang Xiaonu, Jiang Yi would definitely rage and punish her.

Of course, she also sincerely admired Jiang Xiaonu’s strength. She did not even have enough time to reach when Jiang Xiaonu was attacking just now. If the attack were on her, she would probably be dead by now.


Jiang Xiaonu finished changing and came out of the tent. She had changed into an emerald green floral dress, which made her look even more refreshed and sweeter. Coupled with her delicate body and exquisite face, she was excessively attractive and lovely. She ignored Feng Luan and Qing Yu.

“Young Master?”

Feng Luan and Qing Yu exchanged a look, both felt something was not right. Why did Jiang Xiaonu called him ‘Young Master’ if she was his little sister? Furthermore, they both observed that there was love deep inside Jiang Xiaonu’s eyes when she was looking at Jiang Yi. It was definitely not the kind of love a sister would have for her brother, but the kind of love and admiration a young lady would have for her lover.

“Here is the Blood Night Fearsome Sea.”

Jiang Yi petted Xiaonu’s head, waved his hand, and said, “Feng’er, Qing Yu, let’s have breakfast together. We shall pack and start our journey after that. We will go to the Beastmen Continent first. I will explain to you later, Xiaonu. Since you can’t cultivate now, you can just play around here. Staying inside the Thearch Palace is really too boring for you.”

“Yay! You are the best, Young Master!” Xiaonu cheered happily, her eyes curled like a new moon as she was smiling.

Jiang Yi subconsciously pinched Xiaonu’s nose again. Their close body contacts and Jiang Yi’s eyes full of pamper made Qing Yu and Feng Luan feel strange and uncomfortable—they even feel a bit jealous at the moment.

Such feelings of jealousy came out of nowhere, but it was real to them. The two came back to their senses after a short while. They looked at each other both with surprise and shyness.

What happened to them? Weren’t they resentful towards all men since they were young? How could they feel jealous because of a man now?

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