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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 557: Fire-Element Dao Pattern

Chapter 557: Fire-Element Dao Pattern

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The Yazi Beast continued on with their journey again. This time, Jiang Yi could no longer act like a lord with Jiang Xiaonu’s presence. He sat cross-legged with Jiang Xiaonu at the front; Feng Luan and Qing Yu sat behind and talking secretly.

Jiang Yi explained to Jiang Xiaonu what happened in the Desolate East Sea and the Phoenix Cry Continent along their way. He had given Feng Luan and Qing Yu enough face—he did not mention that they were his soul slave. Instead, he said that the two of them followed him voluntarily. Feng Luan and Qing Yu were grateful for that, but they also felt ashamed.

Jiang Xiaonu sat beside Jiang Yi and listened carefully. When Jiang Yi reached the part where he was chased after by his enemies, she grabbed her dress tightly, her face turned nervous, and her breathing became erratic. When heard that Jiang Yi had comprehended a bizarre state, her face was full of delight. When Jiang Yi was describing how they killed the Merman Great Emperor at the Black Phoenix Lake, she clenched her fist and got really excited.

“Young Mistress Xiaonu is so cute! No wonder Young Master pampers her so much!”

Looking at Xiaonu’s curious and innocent eyes, Feng Luan smiled faintly and said to Qing Yu. Qing Yu nodded—she also liked Xiaonu a lot now. Xiaonu was so pure and innocent, but her strength was so insanely powerful—no one would dislike such a delicate yet powerful girl.

The Yazi Beast turned into a stream of flowing light and flew forward. Jiang Xiaonu’s silver bell-like laughter echoed along their way, lightening Jiang Yi’s mood.

Jiang Yi and his cronies were at the east of the Bright Sun Continent now. They had changed their direction and flew northward all the way. During the daytime, they tried their best to traverse. When the sky was about to turn dark, they would go and find some islands to rest at night. Lucky for them, they were at the relative shallower ocean region where there were many islands available; and there were no high-grade sea demons. Hence, they were able to spend those few days peacefully.

They had already left the Phoenix Cry Continent for more than ten days, and there were still no Heaven Monarch Realm experts from the Martial Arts Hall coming. They were not so surprised by that. It required time for the Martial Arts Chief Hall to get the message and send their experts out anyway. Furthermore, the sea was vast and boundless. No matter how fast the Heaven Monarch Realm experts were—even if they traveled all-day without any rest, they were unlikely to locate them unless they had obscene luck.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After flying for three days, a booming sound came indistinctly from their front at the noontime of this day, abruptly waking up Jiang Yi who was comprehending sorcery at that moment. He scanned through the surrounding and found that Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and Xiaonu were all looking towards the north vigilantly but soon relaxed down.

Jiang Yi looked up but soon relaxed, too. There were not any powerful martial artists fighting against each other in front of them; it was just a volcanic eruption. A few hundred kilometers away, a huge volcano was vibrating and erupting hot red magma which lit up the sky in red. Tons of white fumes were coming out of the volcanic vent. A strong and pungent smell of sulfuric acid flew towards them with the hot sea wave.

“What a spectacular scene!”

Jiang Xiaonu said in awe; she had never seen such an extensive and astonishing scene of the natural world before. Her eyes were full of curiosity when she was looking at the volcanic eruption—so innocent and pure. She looked nothing like a killer god who ripped Xia Tingwei in a single attack.

Feng Luan and Qing Yu were not very attracted by the volcano. They were both from the upper class, and they had seen many things like this. Instead, they felt quite uncomfortable with the pungent smell. “Let’s go, let’s go. The smell is too strong here.” Qing Yu muttered.

“Keke, you can hold your breath! Yazi Beast, let’s go near and see!”

Jiang Yi did not want to disappoint Xiaonu who was watching the volcanic eruption excitedly, and so he asked the Yazi Beast to go nearer to the volcano.

The volcanic eruption was indeed spectacular. Tons of fumes were coming out and covered the sky completely. Magma erupted out of the volcanic vent continuously and flew down with the debris on the surface of the volcano, burning and destroying all the trees and plants along its way. It then entered the sea, causing tons of seawater to evaporate into white vapors which then rose up slowly towards the sky.

The sea water surrounding the volcano was boiling; a countless amount of sea demons, fish and ocean creatures escaped away hurriedly to avoid getting cooked by the hot boiling sea water.

The Yazi Beast floated in mid-air and stopped around three thousand meters away from the volcano. Jiang Xiaonu was ecstatic when she saw how the magma erupted from the volcanic vent. “Wow! Wow!” she shouted excitedly at times. Her eyes were as pretty as the stars, and her smile was as beautiful as a blossomed flower.

Feng Luan and Qing Yu both held their breath and did not have much reaction. They were quite far away from the volcano, and the temperature was not very high. To them, the volcanic eruption was just something that released much dust in the air which made their clothes dirty; they just need to find somewhere to wash their clothes later on—they did not dare to go against Jiang Yi anyway.

“Keke! The Beastmen Continent is even more fun! People said that everyone there is beastman. You don’t need to cultivate for this period of time; just follow me! I will take you around to see the outside world!”

Jiang Yi smiled and said to Jiang Xiaonu. He was happy when he saw Jiang Xiaonu was happy. He also looked down to the volcano and admitted that the volcanic eruption was a spectacular scene especially when he was watching it from the top.

Chi! Chi!

More and more magma was coming out and floating on the sea surface, boiling off the surrounding seawater; thick water vapor rose up and spread through the whole region. Watching the burning trees on the surface of the volcano and the sea demons which were escaping for life hurriedly, Jiang Yi was astonished by how formidable this natural fire was.

“As the old saying goes—’a single spark can start a prairie fire’. Fire is really powerful. It could even incinerate the Heaven Monarch…”

Jiang Yi was well aware of the power of fire. He had formed a tie with fire since he got his Fire Spirit Pearl from the Tomb of Heaven Monarch. He had used fire to incinerate a countless number of enemies and strong martial artists. A few days ago, he inflicted serious damages on Merman Great Emperor and Lion Chi Thearch using the refined Flames of Netherworld. At least within the Stellarsky Continent and the Phoenix Cry Continent, he was definitely the top fire martial artist.

“Formidable? Of course. Fire can incinerate everything. It could incinerate trees and plants, turn soil into coke and metals into liquids, and evaporate water. Fire is the most dominant of the Five Element—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, and it is also the most formidable one. It could destroy everything, even the heaven…”

Jiang Yi’s eyes became dazzled as he was thinking. After a while, he decided to just close his eyes and sat cross-legged. His body was heating up and glowed slightly with a red light.


Jiang Yi’s strange action made Feng Luan and the rest startled. Noticing Jiang Xiaonu who was in shock and was about to shout, Feng Luan covered her mouth and stop her immediately, “Mistress Xiaonu, do not shout! Our Young Master just had some instant comprehension—he had definitely realized a type of fire-element dao pattern just now. If you wake him up now, all his efforts would be wasted,” Feng Luan said softly.


Jiang Xiaonu quickly closed her mouth and did not dare to make any noise. Standing beside Xiaonu, Qing Yu looked at Jiang Yi with surprise and admiration. He could get enlightened just by casually looking at a volcanic eruption? His realizations come so easily!

Was it really that easy to realize and comprehend a dao pattern?

The answer was definitely a ‘no’. The reason why there were so many strong martial artists getting stuck at the peak stage of the Soul Travel Realm and unable to proceed to the next stage in the end was right due to the difficulties in realizing comprehending dao patterns.

That required not only talent but also the soul spirit at a certain moment to ignite the realizations. If there were no favorable opportunity and luck, one would not be able to have the realization in his or her whole life even if one had the talent.

Both Feng Luan and herself were quite young. She was under twenty, and Feng Luan was just above twenty. Both of them had powerful strength. However, their strengths all came from their predecessors. If without the soul spirit dao pattern shard from their predecessors, they might not be able to even reach the Vajra Realm now.

Both of them could detect the bizarre dantian in Jiang Yi’s body, and they could also sense Jiang Yi’s unusual human body formation. In other words, they were pretty sure that Jiang Yi had definitely refined many celestial stones. Actually, they had also refined many celestial stones, which had ruined their body constitution.

However, they did not expect their strengths to improve any further since they had decided to rely on refining soul spirit dao pattern shard from the start. Jiang Yi would have been in the same situation as them if he were not going to find the Destitute Dragon Grass to reform his body constitution.

Of course…

Jiang Yi’s body constitution was still slightly better them theirs since he could continuously realize and fuse dao patterns. If he could find the Destitute Dragon Grass and cultivate his essence force, no one knew how powerful he would become in the future.

After all, he was someone who could get instant comprehension just by casually watching a volcanic eruption!

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