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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 558: Beastmen

Chapter 558: Beastmen

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Jiang Yi’s comprehension took him a whole day and a whole night this time.

The Yazi Beast was afraid that it might disturb Jiang Yi so it did not dare to make any reckless move during this time. However, as the sky went dark, it had to fly down slowly into the boiling seawater.

This made Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and Xiaonu suffer. They were scared of attacks from sea demons and lightning bolts, but they had no other choice but to follow the Yazi Beast to go straight down to the deepest region of the sea. The three young ladies did not sleep for the whole night—they guarded around Jiang Yi to protect him all the time and took turns to swim up for a breath.

Jiang Yi was finally awake when the sky was about to turn bright. He smiled with guilt when he saw that the three ladies’ eyes had turned red due to fatigue. He sent the three of them into the Thearch Palace to take a good rest and then rode the Yazi Beast alone to hurry on with his journey.

Jiang Yi was in quite a good mood for his unexpected realization of a low-tier fire-element dao pattern.

Actually, even if he did not realize this fire-element dao pattern today, he would definitely be able to realize it some other day in the future. This was because the Heaven-Extinguishing Inferno sorcery which he had cultivated contained the core of the fire-element dao pattern, coupled with the fact that he had already developed an in-depth understanding of the power of fire from playing with fire for so many years. It was definitely possible and reasonable for him to be able to realize the most fundamental fire-element dao pattern.

“This sorcery is so incredible! It is a perfect reflection of the essence of dao pattern!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed with excitement as he leaned on the back of the Yazi Beast. Although comprehending such a fire-element dao pattern was not very helpful in improving his strength, it gave him a new insight into comprehending sorcery.

There were ten types of ancient sorcery in total. He had only comprehended two of them so far—Divine Perception and Heaven-Extinguishing Inferno, and he had not yet comprehended Puppet Mud Humanoid, Art of Plant Spirit, and Water Swim. As for the other four types of ancient sorcery—maybe because his soul spirit was too weak or his level of ability was too low, he could not even understand what they were at the moment.

Actually, the Witch God had told him that he did not need to comprehend those four types for now.

What did that suggest? It suggested that these four types of ancient sorcery must have evolved from higher-tier dao patterns. That meant if he could comprehend them, he might be able to deduce four higher-tier dao patterns reversely.

Cultivating essence force was not a difficult task, but comprehending dao pattern truly was.

If he could ever find the Destitute Dragon Grass to reform his body constitution, enhance his soul spirit and level of ability, comprehend those four types of ancient sorcery, and deduce the four dao patterns reversely, his strength would improve tremendously.

“Destitute Dragon Grass… The Destitute Dragon Grass!”

Jiang Yi muttered softly. He understood that without the destitute dragon grass, everything—saving Su Ruoxue, taking revenge for Jiang Bieli, and eradicating the Martial Arts Hall—would just be his imagination.

“Oh, right! Water Swim! I will be passing through many sea regions on my way to the East Imperial Continent—would it be helpful if I could comprehend this sorcery?”

A sudden thought went into his mind. Although he was physically strong and could walk on the water surface as if walking on the ground and hold his breath for a whole day easily, it would still be good if he could comprehend Water Swim and deduce a water-element dao pattern from it.

“We still need to take around eight more days to reach the Beastmen Continent. I shall just use this time to comprehend Water Swim. As for Puppet Mud Humanoid and Art of Plant Spirit, I shall comprehend them if I have time in the future.”

Jiang Yi decided, immediately sat cross-legged, and started his comprehension. His journey became quiet and monotonous again.

Two days later, Jiang Yi released Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and Xiaonu from the Thearch Palace. Then, he continued his comprehension and left the three ladies to take care of themselves.

Nine days later…

A huge continent at the north was almost on sight. Jiang Xiaonu woke up Jiang Yi who then smiled with disappointment. He had not even reached the entry stage of Water Swim after nine days. This sorcery was needed hard to comprehend just like the dao pattern. Nevertheless, when he recalled the fact that only Yun Fei and another person was able to comprehend the Art of Plant Spirit out of so many descendants of the Yun family, he felt a bit relieved.

Retrieving back his thoughts, Jiang Yi looked around the surrounding, checked against the map, and confirmed that the continent was the Beastmen Continent. “Feng Luan, both you and Qing Yu are well-renown figures of the Phoenix Cry Continent and very likely to get recognized. You two should hide inside the Thearch Palace. For now, to prevent us from getting exposed, I will sneak in quietly with Xiaonu, and I will release you out if we face any danger.” Jiang Yi instructed.


Feng Luan and Qing Yu nodded and smiled to thank Jiang Yi for his respect. He could have simply just given an order without explaining anything since they were his soul slaves.

“You should go inside, too, Yazi Beast!”

Jiang Yi flashed the Thearch Palace in his hand and sent Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and the Yazi Beast inside. Although the Thearch Palace was not too huge, it had five central halls; and it could fit hundreds of people easily. Moreover, the central halls were big enough for the Yazi Beast’s enormous body to move freely so it could stay inside comfortably.

“Let’s go!”

He held Jiang Xiaonu using a single hand and slid downwards, and then they ran on the water surface towards the Beastmen Continent.

He had already designed their route: firstly, they would cross the Beastmen Continent from the south side. Once they reached the border of the Beastmen Continent, they would travel north-eastwards to cross over an inland sea and reach the Pegasus Continent. As long as they kept themselves low-key and did not cause big troubles along their way, those people from the Martial Arts Hall would definitely not be able to find them.

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu went onshore. After ensuring that there was no danger nearby, Jiang Yi asked Jiang Xiaonu to keep alert, then sat cross-legged on the spot, and released a mysterious sorcery—Divine Perception.

The Beastmen Continent was even smaller than the Stellarsky Continent, and so there should not have any Heaven Monarch Realm absolute experts. Even if there were one, it should not be a big problem for them. Hence, Jiang Yi released Divine Perception without any concern to check through the whole continent so that they could avoid the Heaven Monarch Realm absolute experts on their way later if there were any.

His body started glowing with white light, and his divine senses rose up to the air and flew towards the north like a clear breeze. Many scenes came to his mind: he saw many beautiful types of scenery, many mysterious objects, many unique races, and many bizarre creatures.

One hour had passed… Two hours had passed…

After a few hours, Jiang Yi finally opened his eyes tiredly. He heaved a long sigh of relief, closed his eyes again, and rest for a long while. “Xiaonu, don’t worry! Although the races on Beastmen Continent are strange and bizarre, there is no Heaven Monarch Realm absolute expert here. The strongest one is just at the peak of the Vajra Realm only.” He turned to see Xiaonu, who was looking at him nervously, and finally said.


Jiang Xiaonu finally relaxed. Experts at the peak of the Vajra Realm might sound scary to them in the past, but now, any one of them could easily beat one such expert.

“Big Huang!”

A Spirit Beast Talisman appeared in Jiang Yi’s hand. He summoned the Zouwu Beast, jumped onto its back with Jiang Xiaonu, and instructed the Zouwu Beast to go a few hundred kilometers under the ground and head north-eastwards.

“Xiaonu, take care of yourself! I need to sleep for a while so just wake me up if you were attacked by any beastmen!” Jiang Yi fell asleep as soon as he finished his words. He finally could not take it anymore. The Divine Perception sorcery had cost him too much energy and made him extremely tired.

Jiang Xiaonu looked at Jiang Yi with heartache and kept her guard on. The Zouwu Beast did not really care about that and continued rushing forward. The six horns on his head were glowing with yellow light, smashing all rocks on their way to allow them to travel smoothly.

“Young Master, please wake up! There are many strange creatures approaching us from the front!”

Around six hours later, Jiang Xiaonu’s voice came to Jiang Yi’s ears indistinctly and woke him up. He shook his head, looked around his surroundings with his fatigued eyes, and got back to his senses quickly.


He let out his divine senses and detected the strange creatures coming from the front easily. After that, he lazily took out the Thearch Palace and release Feng Luan and Qing Yu out. “Little Qing Yu, there are some antmen coming from the front and the strongest one is just at the first stage of the Vajra Realm. Please go kill them all! Remember, be fast and don’t let go of anyone!”

“First stage of the Vajra Realm? A piece of cake for me!”

Qing Yu revealed killing intent in her eyes and darted over from Zouwu Beast’s back. With her sword flashed with green light, all rocks in front of her were smashed into powder. Her beautiful body turned into a light wild goose and flew forward.

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