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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 559: Antmen

Chapter 559: Antmen

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Beastmen was one of the special races in Stellarsky Domain. Its population was quite big, and it was probably one of the strongest among all special races.

In ancient times when the human race had not risen yet, the demon race dominated the world. They were barbarous and lustful. Many powerful demon races robbed females from the human race and forced those ladies to mate with them and give birth to their next generation. Among their descendants, some inherited the demon race gene and became demonic beasts, and some inherited their mothers’ genes and became pure human. Most of them inherited genes from both of their parents and possessed traits of both the human and the demon races, becoming beastmen.

Years after years, generations after generations, beastmen evolved and finally became a special race themselves. Since they inherited the lustful gene from the demon race, the beastmen race reproduced very fast and expanded in size quickly.

They were suppressed by the human race collectively once before due to their fast expansion. Since then, they learned to be smart and never strove for hegemony within the human territory. Instead, they went to occupy those small continents where there was little human on it. The continent where Jiang Yi was at right now—the Beastmen Continent—was one of the continents occupied by beastmen.

‘Beastmen’, as its name suggested, they must have some similarities with men—just like the Merman Race. Precisely speaking, merman race could also be seen as part of the beastmen race, just that they did not have a good pedigree.

In fact…!

Beastmen’s appearance was not very different from that of humans. If a man accidentally met a group of beastmen, he would have definitely mistaken them as part of the normal human race on his first sight.

Of course, if it was just like this, humans would not have given them such a name.

Beastmen had a very special ability. They could transform and turn into beasts to empower themselves with special abilities during combat.

Before their transformation, they were exactly the same as the human race—they could cultivate, comprehend dao patterns, and improve up their level of abilities to Soul Travel Realm, Vajra Realm, or even Heaven Monarch Realm. However, when they transformed, they would become extremely strong and possess some ancient demon’s abilities such as faster speed, stronger defense, higher attacking power, or any other strange yet powerful abilities.

Hence, beastmen was a really powerful race. It was a significant faction in the Stellarsky Domain.

At this moment, Jiang Yi had already experienced how powerful beastmen were.

His divine senses had detected that there were a countless number of antmen approaching. Some of them had already transformed—their lower bodies had become like ants while their heads and faces remained the same as humans.

Their bodies had changed into a few fractions connected together, and their skin had become shells. Six legs appeared at the side of their bodies and tentacles came up from their heads. Instead of walking like a human, they crawled on the ground with their tentacles waving in the air freely, which smashed the rocks on their way, approaching Jiang Yi and his cronies fiercely.


Qing Yu body came swiftly. She released a few sword forces which then flew forward and chopped the antmen down like sharp knives.

Pong, Pong, Pong!

Unexpected to Jiang Yi and the rest, Qing Yu powerful essence force attack did not hurt the antmen at all. Her essence force slid away directly once it touched the antmen’s bodies just like a piece of pile made by ducks and drakes on the water surface and then fell towards the rocks nearby and smashed them into powder.

Of course, her essence force attacks did make a difference to the situation. Many antmen were blasted away and cried out in the cave tunnel. Their furry legs and their tentacles were all broken by the attack.

“There is something not right about their shells!”

Feng Luan and Jiang Yi exchanged a look. Both of them had discovered through their divine senses. Even though many antmen were blasted away and some low-grade antmen even had their heads exploded, their main bodies were not injured at all due to the protection of their yellowish-black shells.

“Qing Yu, attack their limbs and heads!”

Feng Luan shouted loudly. She discovered that the strongest antman was just at the first stage of the Vajra Realm. Although there were many of them coming, Qing Yu could deal with all of them herself easily. Hence, she did not offer help or even release her aura to prevent the antmen from escaping away because of fear.

Jiang Yi did not pay much attention to the combat as well. He was more interested in their yellowish-black shells, and he wanted to find out how the antmen turned away Qing Yu’s essence force attacks. He sent his divine senses to the shells and observed carefully especially when Qing Yu’s essence force hit their shells.

“Eh? There is fast-flowing energy inside their shells! Then again, their path is so strange. Is it because of this flowing energy that they could turn away all the attacks?”

Jiang Yi fell into deep contemplation. His eyes became misty and finally closed after a while. He had forgotten about everything and fully immersed in the traveling path of the flowing energy inside the antmen’s shells.

Normally, those shells would definitely not be able to withstand Qing Yu’s essence force attacks. In fact, once the antmen were dead, their shells turned into dust immediately if hit by Qing Yu’s attack. Hence, the problem must be on the flowing energy in the shells.


Jiang Yi still did not find out anything after a long while. The path of the flowing energy was way too strange and complex like a mysterious formation. Since Jiang Yi had not learned about restrictions, it was reasonable that he could not understand how it worked.

Oh right! I should just record down the path for now and try to memorize it first even though I cannot understand it at the moment—just in case I could comprehend it sometime in the future!

There were still many antmen there, and the combat continued. The Vajra Realm commander of the antmen did not come up for combat; neither did he give any order of withdrawal. He simply stood at the side and watched the ongoing battle. Qing Yu rammed into the antmen like a killer god—whichever antmen hit by her essence force attack were either exploded away or got their limbs chopped down. However, none of these low-grade antmen was able to hurt her because her movements were way too fast for them to even catch.

Jiang Yi concentrated his divine senses on the antmen’s shells and tried to facsimile the paths of the flowing energy in his head. Around fifteen minutes later—when most of the antmen were killed which made the antmen commander scared and therefore withdrew his army, Jiang Yi finally finished tracing out the complete path of the flowing energy in his head.

“Nice! If I could comprehend this and add it into restrictive formations, it must be extremely powerful!”

Jiang Yi suddenly recalled that Yun Fei— who was in the Thearch Palace right now—was an expert in forming restrictions. He planned to give this path map to her to see whether she could make use of it and form some powerful restrictions.

Think about it—if one could make a strong defensive barrier which could turn away or even reflect back the attacks from the enemies, it would definitely help one to survive for a much longer time in combat.

“You human people aren’t going to stop! How dare you to intrude my continent and kill my fellow antmen! We will never let you off easily! It is better for all of you to stop and surrender now. To tell you the truth, I have already instructed my people to ask for help; and the main beastmen army is coming very soon! By the time they reached us, all of you will die without a burial here!”

The antmen commander yelled from the front in the standard common language of Stellarsky Domain. Jiang Yi got back to his senses and quickly used his divine senses to search through his surroundings. He found that there were still thousands of antmen running away for life in all directions. Although Qing Yu had been chasing them all the way, it was still impossible for her to kill all of them within a short period of time especially when her movements were impeded by the water.

Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed with cold light. “Feng’er, you go and help Qing Yu to end the battle as fast as possible! It is risky to stay here for too long. We have to rush out of the Beastmen Continent before the main beastmen army comes. If not, we would be in big trouble,” he instructed with a deep, loud voice.

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