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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 560: Xiaonu’s Background

Chapter 560: Xiaonu’s Background

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A single attack from a Heaven Monarch Realm absolute expert was enough to show how powerful he or she was.

Feng Luan waved her hands casually, and the surroundings went dark completely. However, the darkness only lasted for a few seconds and then disappeared. Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu could see the surroundings clearly with the help of the yellow light from Zouwu Beast’s horns.

“All dead?”

Jiang Yi got a shock when he saw that Feng Luan was standing on Zouwu Beast’s huge head and smiling at him. He used his divine senses to search the surroundings and discovered that all antmen lying on the ground had stopped breathing. Moreover, he found that all the antmen were looking frightened in their eyes—as if they died because of immense fear.

“Nice job!”

He put his thumb up to Feng Luan and asked, “Feng’er, what kind of power is this? It is so formidable!”

“You are too kind with your words, my Young Master! It is just a small trick.”

Feng Luan said modestly, though it was obvious that she was proud of herself as her pretty face turned red and her beautiful eyes brightened up. “Those low-grade antmen were way too weak, and the strongest commander had been killed by Qing Yu just now. When I released the darkness dao pattern, none of those antmen could move. Then, I released one of the special abilities of my family—the Frightening Soul.

“It is a special ability to attack the souls and was usually used in mass attacks. It is not that powerful when it is used to attack a single target, but the strength is still good enough when it is accompanied by the darkness dao pattern. It could easily frighten a peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert to death, not to mention those low-grade antmen! But, of course, it does not have much impact on Vajra Realm martial experts.”


Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu exchanged a look both with surprise. They did not expect Feng Luan’s darkness dao pattern to be so obscenely powerful when it was combined with Frightening Soul. Even if there were millions of antmen, it should also be an easy piece of cake for her with such a powerful skill —they both thought.

“Young Master!”

“It seems like… you also want to learn this skill? If you really want, I would teach you.” Feng Luan asked hesitatingly.

“There is no need, no need!”

Jiang Yi shook his hands and rejected. He knew that Frightening Soul was useless to him without darkness dao pattern unless his soul was extremely strong. Furthermore, Feng Luan had already mentioned that such a skill belonged to her family solely—how could he pull Feng Luan into such a hard situation where she had to betray her family?

“Let’s go!”

He waved his hands and directed Big Huang to hurry forwards. Qing Yu also flew back quickly to Zouwu Beast’s back. To both Feng Luan and her, Zouwu Beast’s speed was way too slow. However, since Jiang Yi did not ask them to travel on their own, they had to follow the Zouwu Beast and slowly traveled forward.

Actually, Jiang Yi also felt that the Zouwu Beast was too slow. However, he promised Jiang Xiaonu that he would take her to have fun during their journey. Even though Xiaonu was very powerful when she transformed, her transformation could not last for long. If she did not transform, she would be very weak and could not travel fast. Since it could not be possible for that Jiang Yi asked Feng Luan or Qing Yu to carry her all the way, they had no choice but to travel slowly with Zouwu Beast.


Jiang Yi’s brows lifted, he turned to Xiaonu and said, “Xiaonu, it can’t be that your Ink Feather Race was also part of the beastmen race? I’ve learned that beastmen look like human normally and become very powerful when they transform—isn’t that similar to you? Oh right, have you heard of Ink Feather Race, Feng Luan?”

Xiaonu’s background had always been a mystery. Jiang Yi only knew that she was adopted by Yi Piaopiao, and she belonged to Ink Feather Race. Other than that, he knew nothing else. Since there seemed to be some clues now, Jiang Yi, of course, wanted to help her find more about her own background. Whether Xiaonu wanted to go back to her race or not was not that important; Jiang Yi felt that he should at least help her find out where she came from and where her relatives were.

“I also don’t know…”

Jiang Xiaonu knitted her brows. She was also confused after hearing Jiang Yi’s words and seeing how antmen were like. She turned to Feng Luan with some expectations in her eyes.

Feng Luan looked at Jiang Xiaonu for a while and then shook her head firmly, “No, Mistress Xiaonu shouldn’t be part of the beastmen—they are not that powerful. She should belong to a more powerful race. My family has records for all beastmen races within Stellarsky Domain, but we have never heard of Ink Feather Race! Furthermore, even though beastmen do look like humans on the outside, they still possess some animal traits in their core. However, I did not detect any animal disposition from Mistress Xiaonu at all. Instead, her aura is purely human even after she transforms. Hence, she definitely does not belong to the beastmen race.”


Both Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu were confused now. If Jiang Xiaonu’s race were really so powerful, they should have been well-renown in Stellarsky Domain since long. How come the Feng family had no record on Ink Feather Race at all?

Feng Luan noticed the disappointment in their eyes said with a comforting smile, ” Don’t be discouraged, my Young Master and Mistress. Although my ancestors had been to the East Imperial Continent many times, they only walked around the western part of it. There are still many other things about the East Imperial Continent that they did not know. We shall gather more information when we get there!”


Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu both nodded in agreement. The East Imperial Continent was enormous, and there were a countless number of different races inside. Since the ancestors of the Feng family did not even go to the center of the continent, the amount of information they collected would—of course—be very limited.

Xiaonu’s Ink Feather Divine Art had only reached the peak of the first stage, but her strength was already at the peak of the Vajra Realm. I could not even imagine how powerful Ink Feather Race is. If we were able to find Xiaonu’s race in the East Imperial Continent, we might be able to ask for their help to save Su Ruoxue…

As his thoughts went on, Jiang Yi had more expectations to the East Imperial Continent now.

The East Imperial Continent was also a paradise for strong martial artists. There were a countless amount of hidden realms, monuments, relics, and precious sites. Any martial artist who wished to stand at the top of martial arts would want to go there and achieve himself or herself using the swords and knives in his or her hands.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There were battles going on continuously a few hundred kilometers below the ground in the Beastmen Continent. Traveling under the ground did not seem to be a good idea to them.

If they were on any other continents, it should usually be quite safe for them to travel under the ground because there were usually not many demonic beasts living under the ground. However, that was not the case in the Beastmen Continent. A countless number of beastmen used to live under the ground, such as antmen, snakemen, ratmen, and the scorpionmen.

There were too many different beastmen on the Beastmen Continent, and they had reproduced too fast. Hence, each of the beastmen races occupied some space for themselves. For example, those beastmen who were used to live underground—such as antmen, snakemen, and ratmen—had almost occupied all underground space in the continent and had built many cities underground.

Jiang Yi and his cronies had encountered beastmen attacks for every few hours they traveled. Although Jiang Yi asked Feng Luan and Qing Yu to kill all the beastmen every time and did not let go any information of themselves, it was still hard for them to hide completely from those underground beastmen. After all, it was their place. With so many dead bodies of beastmen left behind, the beastmen had definitely noticed them.

Hence, more and more beastmen were coming in front of them, slowing down their speed of travel. Antmen came continuously to them for three days after they entered the continent. During these few days, Qing Yu and Feng Luan had killed more than a hundred thousand beastmen.

Jiang Yi, however, was quite free and relaxed during these few days. With Qing Yu and Feng Luan’s powerful attacks, he did not even need to participate in combat.

However, he also felt a bit anxious seeing how the beastmen army was coming continuously front the front. Killing all the beastmen coming was not really a good idea for them. If too many beastmen were killed, those strong terrestrial beastmen—and then the whole continent—would definitely notice the strange things underground. If the Martial Arts Hall had any one of its branch halls here, they would get exposed immediately.

Thinking of that, Jiang Yi looked around and shouted, “Feng’er, Qing Yu, please kill all the beastmen as fast as possible! We need to go back to the ground immediately now. We will find their Great Emperor and kill him as fast as we can! If not, the Martial Arts Hall would find us before we even cross the continent!”

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