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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 561: Drenched the City in a Bloodbath

Chapter 561: Drenched the City in a Bloodbath

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Inside a valley, the ground suddenly burst, and two people shot out from the dust and stones that filled the sky. After coming out, they both released the divine senses simultaneously to look into their surroundings. When they made sure that there was no danger, a young bald man gesticulated at the other beautiful young woman who then flashed around the place like a ghost and was on guard in the vicinity.

“Divine Perception!”

The bald young man sat cross-legged on the ground and whispered softly. His body shone with white light. Divine senses radiated out like a gentle breeze, and pictures started to appear in his mind. After five minutes, he finished searching for all the places within 50,000 kilometers and then opened his eyes.


His body bounced up from the ground, and he flew to the east. The matchless beauty, who hid in the woods, flashed out in a hurry. She asked softly in a distance, “Young Master, it this okay now?”

“Alright, I found the route. Feng’er, take me to that direction!” The young man smiled faintly, his angular face glistening with confidence. It happened that the sun had just risen. Sunlight shone onto his face, dazzling the girl opposite him.


The young man looked away, and she flew towards him. She lifted his arm and quickly ran away. She was too fast. Toes tipped on the ground, she fluttered away like a feather. In a few blinks of an eye, they had crossed several mountains.

“On the right, go along this mountain on the bottom. Remember to hide, there is a leopard race living around.”

“Straight ahead are plains. Feng’er, be careful and navigate the surroundings with your divine senses. If you see any singled-out half-orc, kill him immediately and destroy the body.”

“Don’t go there, there’s a big river; and orcs are in the river.”

“Turn left…”

The unparalleled beauty took the young bald man and rushed forward like ghosts. The man constantly told her the directions. What was extremely magical was that there were at least tens of thousands of orc tribes in the surroundings and millions of orcs. However, after traveling for ten hours, they were not found by any orc or caused any disturbance in any half-orc tribe.

“Alright, stop!”

Inside a stone forest, the young man suddenly shouted in a deep voice. The young woman paused and took a breath before looking at the man in surprise and saying, “Young Master, what kind of magical skill are you using? How can you foresee the future? We have at least passed 300,000 kilometers!”


This young man was naturally Jiang Yi, and the woman was Feng Luan. After Jiang Yi made the decision to travel above the ground and rush straight to the Monarch City of the Beastmen Continent to take down the Orc Great Emperor, he took Qing Yu, Jiang Xiaonu, and Zouwu Beast into the Thearch Palace. He asked Feng Luan to carry him while he looked into the situation nearby with his Divine Perception. They passed through safely.

As it turned out, his method worked very well!

He didn’t explain to Feng Luan as the Witch God told him not to pass the Divine Perception sorcery skill to people outside his clan. He began to sit cross-legged again and continued to release the Divine Perception sorcery art. He only examined what was going on hundreds of thousands of feet away, which cost him very little time and soul strength, so that he wouldn’t be so tired and fall asleep.

“Okay, Feng’er. Resume the journey!”

After five minutes, Jiang Yi opened his eyes. There was a faint trace of tiredness in his eyes, but the time was running short, and he didn’t want to waste any time.

The Monarch City of the Beastmen Continent was a bit far from where they were so it would take at least one day and one night, even for Feng Luan. If the underground antmen and snakemen couldn’t find them, they would definitely figure out that they went above the ground. By the time that the news was spread and the Martial Arts Hall was alerted, all their previous effort would go to waste.

Right now, Feng Luan was hiding in a giant tree above Jiang Yi, and she was on alert. After she heard Jiang Yi, she slipped down the tree. A breeze happened to blow over, lifting her colorful robe and revealing her long, pretty, gleaming white legs and a pair of short lace pants.

Gulp, Gulp!

Jiang Yi’s previously tired mind suddenly cheered up. He stared at the two white legs and swallowed subconsciously. Feng Luan blushed with shame by his invasive gaze.

Luckily, both of them were very restrained. Jiang Yi quickly lowered his head, and Feng Luan’s face returned to normal. She flew down and carried Jiang Yi ahead.

“It smells so nice!”

Just now, when Jiang Yi was carried by Feng Luan for several hours, he was occupied with recalling the terrains that he explored; how could he have the energy to think of other things?

However, at this moment, he had seen something that he wasn’t supposed to see and had some evil thoughts. When Feng Luan was carrying him, his head leaned towards Feng Luan’s body subconsciously. He smelled a sweet scent, like the smell of flowers. He suddenly became distracted and reckless, involuntarily placing his hand which was previously suspended in the air around Feng Luan’s waist.


Feng Luan’s petite body quivered, and a smear of redness appeared on her calm face again. She paused her feet and stopped. Jiang Yi regained his senses and put away his hand awkwardly before he asked seriously, “Feng’er, why do you stop?”

Feng Luan looked down and didn’t dare to look at Jiang Yi, she whispered, “Young Master, how can I go if you don’t tell me the way? There is an orc tribe in front; do you want us to go straight to it…”


Jiang Yi blushed and forced a smile. He didn’t dare to mess around anymore and recalled the situation. He clapped on his head and said, “Ke-ke. I forgot just now, we should go in that direction.”

Feng Luan rolled her eyes and turned back. Jiang Yi reined himself in and began to show her the direction seriously.

However, his nose constantly twitched along the way, to inhale the pleasant smell of Feng Luan’s body. The image of Feng Luan on the bed with Qing Yu that he saw on the island kept surfacing in his mind uncontrollably.

Therefore, his mind wandered all the way, and his hands touched Feng Luan’s body from time to time and shamelessly molested her—on the pretext of the wind.

When he peeped at Feng Luan and found that she showed no sign of annoyance and was instead as coy as a maiden, he got even bolder. Though the journey was clearly smooth and steady, he swung his arms on purpose and slid past her tiny waist and ample chest. If it was not for Feng Luan constantly navigating with her divine senses, they might run into orc tribes many times.

However, as they got closer to the Orc Monarch City, there were more and more tribes nearby. Some of the powerful tribes had Vajra Realm martial experts so Jiang Yi didn’t dare to fool around anymore and concentrated on the road.

The day was getting dark. The two didn’t rest. After Jiang Yi release the Divine Perception sorcery skill again, they hurried on the journey through the night and headed to the Monarch City of the Beastmen Continent.

The reason why they were so certain that it was the Orc Monarch City was that the most powerful peak-stage Vajra Realm martial experts were here. There were up to 15 Vajra Realm martial experts in the city.

After traveling for a whole night, they finally reached near Monarch City at dawn. This time, they didn’t rush into the Monarch City rashly. Instead, they stopped and rested in a barren hill outside the city.

In the dim light of the morning, Feng Luan looked at the city far away and asked softly, “Young Master, are we going straight to the city later and kill their Great Emperor?”


Jiang Yi shook his head and said decisively, “If we go straight in without being exposed, then we must drench the city in a bloodbath. There are several million citizens. We can kill the martial artists, but not innocent civilians. I guess we can lure their Great Emperor later and try to take him down here!”

“En, Young Master is merciful! Heaven has the virtue of cherishing life. Though you and I have blood all over our hands, we should avoid unnecessary killing…”

Feng Luan nodded in agreement. They sneaked into the Beastmen Continent; it was right and proper for the orc martial artists to hunt them down. They were powerful and would naturally fight back. However, massacring the innocent civilians on this continent was immoral, which would also cause them to lose their hearts and fall to the dark side.

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