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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 563: Beast Thearch Tu Xian

Chapter 563: Beast Thearch Tu Xian

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“Feng’er, do it now!”

When dealing with a bunch of beastmen who had all kinds of magical abilities, Jiang Yi didn’t dare to be careless. He released the Massacre Intent to suppress everyone. He let out his divine senses as well. As soon as someone showed any movement, he would immediately release the ghost flames to kill him.

Chi! Chi!

The Massacre Intent was able to suppress Vajra Realm martial experts, but it had little impact on Feng Luan. She boosted her aura—hands glowed with black radiance, which was congealed into a finger force. She shot the finger forces towards beastmen who were suppressed by Jiang Yi’s Massacre Intent.


Thearch Meng, who was the strongest among them, was still able to let out a cry; the rest of the beastmen couldn’t even make any noise. They were pressed down to the ground by the Massacre Intent. Eyes full of terror, they were unable to move at all and had to watch the black finger forces coming towards them.

It was true that every one of them had some special skills, but the Massacre Intent and the aura of Heaven Monarch were too overbearing. They didn’t even have the courage to fight back. Besides, with their bodies unable to move, how could they attack anyway?


Just as burgeoning flowers, the heads of the beastmen were blown up one by one. The essence force attack from a Heaven Monarch Realm martial artist was extremely fierce, even for the sturdy bodies of beastmen.

Only in a blink of an eye, all the other 15 beastmen Vajra Realm martial experts were killed, apart from Thearch Meng and Young Master Tu Rui. Feng Luan took a glance at Young Master Tu Rui and whispered to Jiang Yi, “Young Master, dragonman seems to have a very high status in the beastmen clans? Are we going to kill this dragonman, too?”


Jiang Yi couldn’t care less about status. This Young Master Tu Rui stared at Feng Luan most viciously just now as if he wanted to immediately rip her apart. How would Jiang Yi let him live?

“No, you can’t kill me!”

When Tu Rui watched Feng Luan congealing finger forces and going to kill him, a powerful aura suddenly rose from his body. He tried to hold back his fear to his best ability. He gritted his teeth and shouted, “My grandfather is Tu Xian. If you bastard human dares to kill me, my grandfather will definitely exterminate all mankind!”

Thearch Meng was terrified, too. He screamed with all his might, “Young Master Tu Rui has a very eminent status. If you dare to kill me, even God can’t save you! All human beings will have to die…”


Tu Rui and Thearch Meng would be fine if they kept quiet. Jiang Yi was completely enraged by their words. He detested being threatened all his life. Once he was infuriated, he would kill them all regardless of who they were. Instantly, the Fire Dragon Sword on his hand flashed, and tens of thousands of little fire dragons whizzed out, heading straight to Tu Rui.

“Young Master, don’t…”

Feng Luan was suddenly reminded of something. She cried out and wanted to stop him, but the little fire dragons already shrouded Tu Rui in. The scales on his body burst one after another. Soon, his whole body was blown up into minced meat. Tu Rui was only on the second stage of the Vajra Realm and was far too weaker than Jiang Yi.

Chi! Chi!

The instant that Tu Rui died, a glimmer of light suddenly emerged from his head and shot out as quickly as lightning. It disappeared in only a few seconds.

“What is that?”

Jiang Yi blinked in confusion—that light moved too fast. In addition, when he looked into the light with his divine senses, he found nothing. It was just light which was very strange.

“What happened?”

He took a few looks. After making sure that both the physical body and spirit of Tu Rui were destroyed, he dropped the matter. He looked at Feng Luan with his blood-red eyes. When he saw her eyes full of alarm and gravity, he asked in surprise, “Is Tu Xian very famous?”

Feng Luan gulped and took a few deep breaths before saying, “I forgot just this time. It seems like one of the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent is called—Beast Thearch Tu Xian.”


Jiang Yi was dumbfounded. It appeared that he overdid it this time? He killed the grandson of the Beast Thearch who was one of the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent?!

Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent!

They were the most powerful presence in the entire Stellarsky Domain. Not to mention their superhuman combat power, their clans had influence all over the Stellarsky Domain. Just take the Martial Arts Hall under the North Thearch Wu Shang’s control for example. It allegedly had branches all over the Stellarsky Domain, according to Dugu Qiu. There were Martial Arts Branched Halls on the Stellarsky Continent and the Phoenix Cry Continent.

Jiang Yi already offended the Martial Arts Hall, and the Heaven Monarch envoys of the Martial Arts Hall were definitely looking all over for him. Now, he killed a grandson of the Beast Thearch?! When the Tu Clan gets the news, they would surely send men to hunt him. Being chased by two superpowers—though it was a big world, where else could he hide? Jiang Yi’s head pained just by the thought of it.

His body flashed; he took back the Fire Dragon Sword. With his fists surrounded by essence force, he punched the lower abdomen of Thearch Meng over and over again. Only when his dantian was smashed did Jiang Yi withdraw the Massacre Intent and send him flying with a kick. He asked coldly, “Is this dragonman really the grandson of the Beast Thearch Tu Xian?”


Blood continued to surge out from Thearch Meng’s mouth. He fell on his knees and glared at Jiang Yi with a twisted smile. “Human scum, are you afraid now? Hahaha, Tu Rui was the Beast Thearch Tu Xian’s grandson. The emperor has many grandsons, but only four are his favorite. Young Master Tu Rui was one of them. Human scum, you are doomed. All your human race is doomed. Just wait for the endless hunt from the Beast Thearch…”

“Keke! Am I so easily terrorized?”

Jiang Yi sneered and said, “We are so far away from the East Imperial Continent; is the Beast Thearch a divine being? How can he know I killed his grandson? I’m afraid that no one on the Beastmen Continent has seen our faces except for you. Even if the Beast Thearch wants to investigate, he can’t find the killer. Tu Rui is dead. I’m afraid the Beast Thearch is going to wipe off your clan first.”


Thearch Meng turned pale, but soon, he was ready to risk everything. He sneered at Jiang Yi and said, “Didn’t you notice that glimmer of light after Young Master Tu Rui died just now? Haha… it is a special skill of the Tu Clan. Whenever an important clan member is killed, it will record down the enemy’s spiritual aura. You can change your appearance, but you can’t change the aura of your spirit. Martial experts from the Tu Clan will locate you by your spirit aura; you just wait for your death now!”

The f*ck!

Jiang Yi was surprised in secret; even such magical skill existed in this world?

When he looked at Feng Luan, she nodded solemnly and sent him a voice transmission. “Young Master, our Feng Clan may have records on this magical skill, too. Not only the Tu Clan but also many other super clans have such magical skills as well. The super clans on the East Imperial Continent are very protective. Whoever dares to kill their descendants will be chased endlessly. Young Master, we’re in big trouble for this.”

“Even if I must die, I’ll die with dignity! Who cares so much?”

Jiang Yi sneered and didn’t bother anymore. The Martial Arts Hall was already tracking him. If he didn’t improve his strength—sooner or later, he would end up in the hands of the Martial Arts Hall. However, if he could improve his strength, it would matter if he had one more enemy.

“Feng’er, refine this nasty man!”

Jiang Yi calmed himself down and confidence reappeared on his face, which influenced Feng Luan as well. She came to him quickly and let out a special attack. The already crippled Thearch Meng rolled his eyes and passed out. Feng Luan put one hand shining with a green light on his head and started to refine this Thearch Meng.

This was the same magical skill that Feng Luan used to refine Jiang Yi in the past. She and Jiang Yi had already discussed and agreed to refine Thearch Meng so that he could help them pass the Beastmen Continent without alerting anyone.

Thearch Meng was only at the peak-stage of the Vajra Realm and was badly hurt by Jiang Yi. It only took Feng Luan one hour to easily refine him into a soul slave.

Jiang Yi stood beside Feng Luan, on guard throughout the process. He was relieved only when Feng Luan opened her eyes. Thearch Meng woke up this time as well. He genuflected at Feng Luan and greeted her with respect. “Master.”

“Feng’er, you’ve been working hard!”

When Jiang Yi saw the exhaustion in Feng Luan’s eyes, the sweat on her forehead, and her messy hair, he subconsciously reached out, put her hair behind her ears, and said, “Feng’er has it hard. Ask the Orc Great Emperor to get us a flying carriage. Let’s immediately leave for the Pegasus Continent.”

“I’m fine!”

Feng Luan lowered her head bashfully and quickly gave Thearch Meng the order, who would naturally obey her as a soul slave. He strode down the hill and made the arrangement.

In less than one hour, a flying carriage pierced the sky and came. Jiang Yi and Feng Luan burned the bodies of Tu Rui and the rest before getting on the flying carriage and flying to the east.

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