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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 564: Murder Someone with a Borrowed Knife

Chapter 564: Murder Someone with a Borrowed Knife

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With Thearch Meng leading the way, the journey was smooth and unobstructed. Only after one hour, they arrived at the sea in the northeast of the Continent.

The Beastmen Continent was separated from the Pegasus Continent by an inland sea, which was small with little powerful sea demons. After crossing the inland sea, they would reach the Pegasus Continent.

“Young Master, is this the Flying Beast Sea? There are so many seabirds.”

The flying carriage slowly stopped at the sea, a green figure walked out and glanced around curiously. Jiang Yi, Feng Luan, and Qing Yu soon came out, too.

“Let’s rest here for a day. Qing Yu, pitch the tent. We’ll leave tomorrow!”

Jiang Yi waved his hand, and Qing Yu answered his call and began pitching the tent. Jiang Xiaonu was extremely excited. She didn’t care about Jiang Yi anymore and ran to the beach, startling a swarm of seabirds.


The Thearch Palace on Jiang Yi’s hand flashed, and two people appeared. The reason why Jiang Yi wanted to stay the night here was that he sensed both Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei had come out from their seclusions. They seldom came out from seclusion, and so Jiang Yi naturally wanted to let them out for some fresh air.

“Jiang Yi!”


Yun Fei and Zhan Wushuang were just now eating dry food inside the Thearch Palace. Suddenly, a white light flashed in front of them, and they found themselves on the outside. They were ecstatic over seeing Jiang Yi looking at them smilingly.

“Big brother Wushuang, Yun Fei.”

Jiang Yi hugged Zhan Wushuang affectionately. Yun Fei swept over and found Qing Yu and Feng Luan who were setting up the tent; she couldn’t help asking inquisitively, “Marshal, who are they?”

Jiang Yi was the descendant of the Witch God and the Supreme Marshal of the Empire. Yun Fei was used to calling him Marshal, and Jiang Yi went along. He briefly explained before he asked Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei to take Jiang Xiaonu for a walk.

Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei had the courtesy of stopping asking further. After staying in the Thearch Palace for such a long time, they were very pleased to take a walk on the outside and immediately left Jiang Yi quickly.


Jiang Yi waved at Feng Luan. She understood his intentions, quickly walked to Thearch Meng, and ordered. “Go back to your Monarch City right now on the flying carriage, summon all the martial experts of Beast Race, and announce Tu Rui’s death. Then, issue a search warrant for Young Master Fei Yu. This is his portrait! Place it in every tribe and every city on the continent…”

Feng Luan ran over the details to him, and Thearch Meng took a flying carriage back to the Monarch City and brought a portrait with him. Feng Luan and Jiang Yi didn’t kill him—not out of good will but to carry out the plans that they came up with.

The Tu Clan would definitely be furious after knowing that Tu Rui was killed. Soon, envoys would come to look for the murderer.

Therefore, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan made up this Young Master Fei Yu and drew a portrait of him. He looked a bit similar to Jiang Yi, but… with two little horns on his head!

Many of the martial experts of the Feng Clan once passed by the Pegasus Continent and were somewhat familiar with this continent. The most powerful race over there was the Pegasus Race, who all had two tiny horns on their heads.

Jiang Yi and Feng Luan planned to frame the Pegasus Race for Tu Rui’s murder. It had two advantages: firstly, the Pegasus Race was powerful. It was said that they also had a formidable influence on the East Imperial Continent. If the Tu Clan had scruples about affronting the Pegasus Race, they might give up exacting revenge!

Secondly, if the envoy led the beastmen martial experts to the Pegasus Continent to look for the murderer, it might cause chaos on the Pegasus Continent, too. They would be safer when they crossed the Pegasus Continent then.

The plan was great!

However, it was up to heaven to decide whether it could have the intended effect.

After Thearch Meng left, Jiang Yi then asked Feng Luan to stay on guard while he alone looked for Zhan Wushuang and the group to have a chat.

He drank and had an awesome conversation with Zhan Wushuang. Jiang Yi told him all his experiences over this time and what happened to Qian Wanguan. As expected, Zhan Wushuang didn’t envy Qian Wanguan and felt genuinely happy for him.

Zhan Wushuang was very clear about what he wanted. He was confident and ambitious. Though he was only at the sixth stage of the Soul Travel Realm, he was cultivating diligently. He had never got the chance to reach the Vajra Realm or the Heaven Monarch Realm so far, so refining the Soul-Spirit Dao Pattern Shards might instead ruin himself.

Jiang Yi gave Yun Fei the map he got from the body of the antman, and she showed great interest. Since a young age, Yun Fei was influenced by her clansmen and was fond of sorcery arts and restrictions. After Jiang Yi gave her the books on restrictions from the Witch God, she devoted her heart and soul to studying and comprehending them. During the battle in the Summer Rain City, her restrictions stalled the alliance army for a very long time. It clearly showed that she had a lot of talent in restrictions.

Everyone rested for the night.

At dawn, Jiang Yi took Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei back inside. He rode on the Yazi Beast with Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and Jiang Xiaonu and went down to the sea.

Feng Luan had flying carriages, and they could have flown over the Flying Beast Sea comfortably, but they would become too big a target. There weren’t many powerful sea demons in this inland sea; taking the route underwater would naturally be much more concealed and safer.


After Jiang Yi and his group left for a while, some people suddenly appeared in the forest at the beach. All were in black robes and wore hats. There was no way to see their faces clearly.

Four black-robed guys stood in a circle around a tall man in black and cupped their hands. “Hall Master, Jiang Yi and his group left. Are we going to give chase?”

“Chase? How to give chase?”

The man in black addressed as the Hall Master slightly raised his head, revealing an aged face. He shook his head and said, “Thearch Meng became their soul slave. Young Master Tu Rui and fifteen tribe chiefs were killed. With our ability, we’ll just be looking for death.”

The four men nodded and looked at the sea on the east in fear. One of them asked, “Then what should we do? Are we going to watch them go away and do nothing? Besides… should we tell the Chief Hall about the murder of Tu Rui and ask the Tu Clan to send men to hunt Jiang Yi?”

“No, no need!”

The Hall Master sneered and said, “Not only should we not tell the Tu Clan but also we will convince them that it is indeed the Pegasus Race who killed Tu Rui when the envoy of the Tu Clan comes. Haha… the Pegasus Race thinks itself is so f*cking great. The Martial Arts Hall tried to infiltrate them many times, but all our men were cleansed. This time, let’s kill them with a borrowed knife and leave the Tu Clan to have a good fight with the Pegasus Race.”

“Hall Master is brilliant!”

One of the men flattered the Hall Master, but some asked with reservation, “Jiang Yi destroyed the Martial Arts Hall on the Stellarsky Continent and killed the Martial Arts Hall Branch Master on the Phoenix Cry Continent. This man is our mortal enemy. Are we really going to let him go this time and watch him have fun on the Pegasus Continent?”

“Not true, not true!”

A smear of a wicked smile appeared on the Hall Master’s aged face, he said, “It’s so easy to kill Jiang Yi. Send messages to the Secret Branch Master on the Pegasus Continent and ask them to send the news to Young Master Fei Tian that Feng Luan is a rare Phoenix True Body that only exists once every ten thousand years. Young Master Fei Tian is particularly fond of collecting strange beauties. As long as we tell him the whereabouts of Jiang Yi and his group, we don’t even need to worry about the next…”

“Hall Master is brilliant!”

Now, all four men admired their Hall Master from the bottom of their hearts and cupped their hands in respect. The elder looked at the east sea arrogantly and laughed. “Haha, Jiang Yi, do you think you’re very discreet? You probably don’t know that our Martial Arts Hall has long been aware of your whereabouts like the palm of our hands.”

That’s right!

These five men were members of the Martial Arts Branch Hall, who hid on the Beastmen Continent. The man in black was the Martial Arts Hall Branch Master. Since this was the beastmen’s territory, the Martial Arts Hall didn’t dare to act publicly. Just as their men on the Pegasus Continent, they were also secret members who remained hidden.

However, as they hid in the dark, it was easier for them to bribe and rope in the high-ranked people of the Beastman Race. For example, on the Phoenix Cry Continent, the Martial Arts Branched Hall maintained good relationships with numerous super clans and had countless ties with them.

Jiang Yi and his group made a scene underground and drew the attention of the antmen, snakemen, and scorpionmen. Before the news reached Thearch Meng, the Martial Arts Hall already knew about it. After that, Thearch Meng took Tu Rui and the rest to the south hill. In the end, Tu Rui and the crowd disappeared; and Thearch Meng went to the east sea on flying carriage on his own, catching much more attention of the Martial Arts Hall.

There were a lot of strange races in the Beastman Race, such as the insectmen who could transform into insects and birdmen who could turn into birds. It happened that the Martial Arts Hall controlled some of these special races so the whereabouts of Jiang Yi and his group were exposed immediately. The Martial Arts Hall Branch on the Beastmen Continent received news a long time ago and knew everything about what had happened to Jiang Yi.

However, Jiang Yi and the rest had absolutely no idea that they were covered by an invisible giant net, whose master was plotting to kill them in secret.

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