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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 565: Pegasus Race

Chapter 565: Pegasus Race

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The Pegasus Continent was very big and was at least twice the size of the Phoenix Cry Continent. There were many races on the Pegasus Continent. Of course, the most abundant one was human; the Pegasus Race also belonged to the human race and was just a special race.

The Pegasus Race dominated the Pegasus Continent. Its reign had gone on for millions of years. The Pegasus Race also had great power on the East Imperial Continent and was the No.1 faction under Sword Thearch, who was one of the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent. The Pegasus Race was swarmed by martial experts and owned massive resources, which gave a matchless edge to the descendants of the Pegasus Race. As a result, countless martial experts emerged in every generation, making the Pegasus Race grow stronger and stronger.

The appearance of a member of the Pegasus Race was no different from the human. They didn’t transform as the beastmen did. The only distinction was their two tiny horns on their heads. Of course, if they covered the horns with their hair, probably one couldn’t even notice them.

The mighty force of the Pegasus Race came from these two horns.

They possessed an extremely powerful ability. Their horns were able to absorb, store, and release the power of the thunderbolts, rendering their enemies incapable of fighting back.

Stronger Pegasus men could store more power of thunderbolts and release more fierce thunderbolts during combat. For instance, the number of thunderbolts released by a stage-one Vajra Realm Pegasus martial expert could instantly inflict severe damage to a fifth-stage Vajra Realm martial expert—or even kill him. A peak-stage Vajra Realm Pegasus martial expert was even able to badly hurt an ordinary Heaven Monarch.

In addition, the Pegasus men could use the power of thunderbolts to refine their bodies, strengthen their physical power, and raise their speed and defense to an incredibly high level. Therefore, the name of the Pegasus Race was spread all over the Stellarsky Domain. They became one of the most powerful Special Races in the world.

“The Pegasus men are so strong. This time, we should try to avoid conflict as much as possible.”

After listening to Feng Luan’s description on the Pegasus Race, Jiang Yi let out a deep sigh. He had already pissed off the Martial Arts Hall and the Tu clan. If he provoked the Pegasus Race, too, he might be dead before reaching the East Imperial Continent.

This world was indeed full of wonders. The Stellarsky Continent was just a small well; if he never went out of this well, how could he ever have so many exciting experiences? He was reminded of the Demon Empress’s words. The world he used to see was indeed just the tip of an iceberg. He would probably see stranger and mightier races on the East Imperial Continent.

“East Imperial Continent!”

The idea of it excited Jiang Yi. The East Imperial Continent was the heart of the world. All the peak-stage martial artists would go there. It was swarmed with martial experts and precious treasures. It was a heaven for mighty people; any passionate martial artist who desired to fight would probably yearn for exploring that place.

“Let’s go! Let’s sneak to the continent first!”

Jiang Yi stopped his thoughts. The East Imperial Continent was still very far away; he should think of ways to safely cross the Pegasus Continent first.

He and his group were currently hiding on a small island on the west of the Pegasus Continent, which was only two days’ journey away from the continent. Thus, he ordered to rest here for one night in order to rejuvenate themselves. Now, they had had enough rest and were ready to hit the road.

“Qing Yu, you go into the Thearch Palace with Xiaonu. Too many people will be an obvious target. I’ll let you out when it’s safe!”

When Jiang Yi saw Jiang Xiaonu and Qing Yu were ready to set out, he waved his hand and firmly demanded them to go in. As expected, the two looked bitter. Jiang Xiaonu had cultivated to the bottleneck, whereas Qing Yu was unable to cultivate at all, and would even be more bored in the Thearch Palace.

However, Jiang Yi sounded very determined, and they didn’t dare to say anything further. A white light flashed by, and they were taken into the Thearch Palace. Jiang Yi waved at the Yazi Beast which was in the sea far away with only its head above the water before he tossed it into the Thearch Palace, too. Only after that, he said to Feng Luan, “Let’s go.”

Feng Luan carried Jiang Yi with one hand and flew to the Pegasus Continent, staying next to the sea surface as close as possible. They kept starting and stopping along the way. They rested on reefs from time to time; Jiang Yi released Divine Perception sorcery arts to look into the surrounding situations.

For a place as powerful as the Pegasus Continent, there would definitely be troops stationed and patrolling along the shore. They didn’t wish to have any conflict with the Pegasus Race, and so they had to sneak in and kept a low profile.

“Feng’er, go down the sea. A squad of patrol is coming!”

On a reef, after Jiang Yi just released his Divine Perception, he suddenly opened his eyes and shouted. He turned into a faint image and dive into the sea, and Feng Luan followed him immediately. They submerged to the bottom of the sea and hid under a reef before Jiang Yi quietly released his divine senses again to observe the situation up there.


After five minutes, hundreds of pterippi flew towards over this place from the sea on the east. These pterippi didn’t have very strong auras, but their wings flapped at a high speed. On every pterippus, there was a soldier who wore white armor and a silver helmet, with a silver spear on his hand. They appeared awe-inspiring and gave out terrifying auras. All of them were peak-stage Soul Travel Realm martial artists! The leader was a Vajra Realm martial expert.


Hundreds of pterippi pierced the sky before disappearing in the distant sky in a while. Luckily, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan dove into the sea 30 kilometers deep. Otherwise, they would definitely be spotted by that Vajra Realm martial expert.


They emerged from the sea. Jiang Yi navigated the surroundings with his Divine Perception and soon found the route. Feng Luan carried him and flew rapidly. After every 50-kilometer distance that they passed, they would stop at a reef or on a small island; and Jiang Yi would release the Divine Perception in order to avoid the patrols of the Pegasus Race.

The Pegasus Continent was truly powerful. Just in a day, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan avoided seventy to eighty patrol squads. If it was not for the Divine Perception sorcery skill, it might be difficult for them to sneak into the continent. Though Feng Luan’s divine senses were strong, it would at most reach as far as 50 kilometers, which a martial expert would cross it within no time. Besides, they might be more easily detected on the spacious sea.

“Feng’er, to the west. There is a giant forest without any troops stationed over there.”

In the evening, they finally arrived at the Pegasus Continent. With the help of his Divine Perception, Jiang Yi easily found a safe route. They went under the sea, snuck into a forest, and got into the continent.

Under the moon, they continued their journey and arrived at a small town at midnight.

Jiang Yi carefully searched over the small town with his Divine Perception before he let out a smile and said, “Feng’er, we’re quite lucky this time. This Pegasus Continent is not different from the Phoenix Cry Continent. Everyone looks like normal human beings. Let’s go into the small town and ask around first.”


Feng Luan smiled faintly and relaxed her body. If they could pass the continent safe and sound, who wanted to start a fight? Being chased by others was not a pleasant experience.

They went to the town in the darkness of night. However, when they were at the inn, a bunch of drunks and the innkeeper were enchanted by Feng Luan’s unparalleled beauty. Luckily, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan had unusual bearings which deterred the drunks from messing around.

After getting two rooms, Jiang Yi beckoned the waiter. Tossing over a purple gold to the waiter, he started to converse with him and soon got some information about the Pegasus Continent.


After the waiter left, Feng Luan who stayed in the room next to his walked in. Maybe she just showered since her skin had faint red marks and she gave out faint fragrance. Under the candlelight, she appeared exceedingly beautiful.

“Keke, Young Master, what’s the situation?”

When Feng Luan saw Jiang Yi fixed his eyes on her, she bashfully lowered her head and asked. Jiang Yi blushed and held up a cup of tea. He took a sip before saying gravely, “Overall, there won’t be many problems. However, the Pegasus Race dominates the entire continent and established the Pegasus Empire. All the city lords and generals are descendants of the Pegasus Race. Among them, there are a lot of wastrel playboys who tyrannize over the people and become village bullies. The continent is heavily guarded, with patrol squads everywhere. We may run into trouble on the way and have to restrain ourselves…”


Feng Luan smoothed her fair on her forehead. Smiling faintly, she said, “As long as we can cross the continent safely, a few grievances won’t be a big deal. It is, after all, their territory. Young Master, don’t you worry about me. Haha… you are the quick-tempered one, and you should restrain yourself more.”


Jiang Yi lifted his eyebrows and said angrily, “How dare you to teach me lessons now?! Do you believe I will treat you with domestic discipline and give you fifty blows and then force myself on you?”

“Hey, hey, Young Master is a modest and self-disciplined gentle. You’ll never do such thing…”

Instead of feeling afraid, Feng Luan laughed coyly and ran out of his room. She stopped at the door and gave Jiang Yi a glance, which was even somewhat flirty.

Jiang Yi was furious. He slammed on the table and got u before shouting coldly, “If you are so bold, try to keep the door unlocked. I will go to your room after a bath.”


Feng Luan rushed to the room next to Jiang Yi’s and closed the door with a creak, but she… didn’t lock it.

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