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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 566: Phoenix True Body

Chapter 566: Phoenix True Body

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Early morning, a red sun slowly rose from the east, making the entire sky red. The morning breeze was a little cold but very refreshing, thoroughly restoring one’s vigor.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

There was a luxurious carriage that was speeding on the highway of the eastern side of the city. The carriage was over ten feet long, and it was drawn by two warhorses which were obviously of a rare breed as they galloped like the wind. The people in the carriage weren’t any ordinary individuals; hence, the pedestrians had all stood by the side of the highway to avoid getting crashed into by the warhorses.

At the shaft of the carriage was an experienced coachman. They might be speeding, but there wasn’t an instance where the carriage had crashed into a pedestrian. It was a very smooth ride.

The coachman was very nervous and didn’t dare to be complacent as he understood how prestigious the guests in the carriage were. This carriage originally belonged to the merchant association, but a noble young man had bought it using the price that was 100-fold of the value of this carriage. He even promised to the coachman that if he drove the carriage properly, he would be rewarded with one purple gold every day.

What was the concept of one purple gold?

Purple gold was the common currency used through the Stellarsky Domain, and a regular clan wouldn’t even need to use one purple gold for their annual expenses. His original salary was only two purple golds a year, but he was actually able to earn that much in just two days.

Furthermore, the young master in this carriage had an extraordinary bearing although he had a weird, shaven head. The ladies that came along with him were as beautiful as fairies. If he wasn’t a young master with a prestigious status, would he be accompanied by such beautiful ladies?

In fact…!

The carriage didn’t just have one beautiful lady—there were three.

In the carriage, Jiang Yi was seated on the wooden couch and studying the sorcery arts. Feng Luan and Qing Yu were whispering something intimate while Jiang Xiaonu was admiring the scenery outside the window.

The Pegasus Continent were mostly filled with Human Race, and in terms of appearance, Jiang Yi and his group looked nothing different from the locals here. As long as their identities weren’t exposed, they were just like small fish in the sea. It would be hard for the Martial Arts Hall to find him even if they were actively searching for him, right?

Therefore, he chose to ride on a carriage and impersonate a young master from an aristocratic clan. It was the safest and most low-profile method which wouldn’t garner any attention from the influential factions. If they were to travel underground with the Zouwu Beast or asked Feng Luan to fly them through the air, it would easily attract the attention of the experts.

He even let out Qing Yu and Jiang Xiaonu. Since he could just put them back into the Thearch Palace instantly, it would be better for them. Otherwise, they might just be bored to death.

The journey was smooth and without any obstruction. When they passed by a small town, Jiang Yi would get the coachman to buy some food, and he wouldn’t alight the carriage as they continued to make haste to the east.

Jiang Xiaonu actually wanted to go have some fun in the cities and towns, but she knew that she was unfamiliar with this place, and they might easily cause troubles. Hence, she had no choice but to be shut inside the carriage.

During this dull journey, Feng Luan and Qing Yu were in a rather pleasant mood as they chattered nonstop. Feng Luan was mentioning to Qing Yu about last night’s incident where… she didn’t lock her doors, and yet Jiang Yi didn’t dare to enter. Qing Yu was giggling about it, but luckily, there were spoken rather vaguely that Jiang Xiaonu couldn’t understand it either.


It was mid-afternoon, and the coachman suddenly halted the carriage. Jiang Yi’s eyes opened up and saw a checkpoint at the front. There was a large squad of guards that were doing inspections on the carriages that passed through.

Feng Luan and the others were getting nervous. This was the military forces of the Pegasus Empire, and there might be hedonistic descendants from the Pegasus Race in there. If there was any conflict, every one of them might be arrested by the empire.

Jiang Yi waved his hand indicating for everyone to stay calm. He silently pulled the curtain and handed the coachman a bag of golden leaves. He then whispered, “Hand this over to the guards and tell them that I do not wish to be disturbed.”

“Understood, Young Master!”

The coachman was from the merchant association and naturally accustomed methods. When the guards came over, he quickly hopped off the carriage and spoke with a smile, “My lords, we are from the Blue Rain Merchant Association and are in a hurry. Could my lords please do us a favor?”

As he spoke, the coachman subtly handed the bag while the leader of the squad received it with an indifferent expression. He used his hand to estimate the weight and spoke in a serious tone, “Blue Rain Merchant Association? I have heard of you. Since you are in a hurry, then go ahead.”

“Many thanks, my lords!”

The coachman bowed with cupped hands and flew onto the carriage. With a swing of the horsewhip, the carriage rode off, leaving behind a trail of dust.

“Young Master is incredible!”

Feng Luan and Qing Yu raised their thumbs. The two of them were always part of the upper echelons and never knew about such things. Xiaonu smiled with pride and said, “That is natural. My clan’s Young Master is the best.”

Jiang Yi smiled and took out another bag of golden leaves from an ancient divine essence ring. He handed it over to the coachman and said, “Use this along the way. I do not wish for any trouble. If you do a good job, you will be heavily rewarded.”

“Many thanks, Young Master!” The coachman was very delighted as he got even more spirited for this journey.

The entire day was peaceful. It might be a bit slow, but if they carried on smoothly like this, they would only need around two months to travel across the Pegasus Continent. As long as it was safe, it was fine to be a little slower.

During nightfall, they found a small town. After learning from experience, they immediately entered the inner courtyard of the inn. Jiang Yi booked the entire floor and arranged everyone’s lodgings. The meals were all sent directly into the rooms, which would avoid any unnecessary conflict.

Before the sun was even up on the next day, they departed and took only the highway. They would never enter cities and only entered small towns. This would allow them to avoid any conflicts with the hedonistic members of the Pegasus Race. The small towns were seldom visited by the prestigious young masters, which would lower their risks of conflicts, too.

As they continued on their peaceful journey, they would use purple gold to bribe their way out during inspections. Jiang Yi didn’t have any lack of money, and if he could peacefully travel across the continent, he was even willing to spare a celestial stone.

On the thirteenth day…

Jiang Yi and his group remained their low profile and would seldom get off the carriage. They never sought trouble; neither did they enter the big cities. After thirteen days, they had already traveled across a third of the Pegasus Continent. Over ten days of serenity had caused all of them to feel a little calm.

On this night, they found another small town, which was the Black Rock Town.

After the carriage entered the inner courtyard, Jiang Yi got the coachman to book the entire floor. When he led the three of them upstairs, there was an incident.


A drunk youth was coincidentally coming down the stairs, and when he saw Feng Luan and the two other beauties, his eyes went straight. This wasn’t a major problem, but he actually rushed at the three of them and extended his arms to hug Feng Luan.


Jiang Yi used the back of his hand to slap this individual and threw him down the stairs. Jiang Yi’s eyes were brimming with killing aura, and his powerful aura presence frightened this youth so much that his pants got drenched.

“Get lost!”

After Jiang Yi yelled out, he led the girls into the rooms on the top floor while that youth rolled and crawled his way out fearfully.

This was originally a small matter, and Jiang Yi didn’t pay any attention to it. Shortly after, a squad of soldiers surrounded the inn, and it seemed like that frightened youth was actually the son of a small-time commander. Jiang Yi and the others didn’t reveal their aura presence, and this youth was actually brazen enough to try and kill Jiang Yi and snatch Feng Luan and the others back to his home.

A battle was inevitable, but Jiang Yi decided to endure it. With a single move, he stomped the youth, dealing severe injuries to him. He then turned himself into an afterimage and circled the soldiers, severely injuring everyone. Afterward, Jiang Yi took everyone and left during the middle of the night.

This was just a minor incident, and Jiang Yi didn’t kill anyone. It shouldn’t have caused too great a commotion.

On the next afternoon… in Pegasus Continent’s central area, in Sand Field City’s largest castle sky platform was a young master with sinister appearance who just received a message. The content of the message was simple: “The Phoenix True Body had appeared in Black Rock Town!”

“Phoenix True Body? Hurhur, if you dare to deceive this Young Master, then your Martial Arts Branch Hall shall prepare to be annihilated!”

The sinister-looking young master let out a cold grin and yelled out, “Someone, go to Black Rock Town and look for the information regarding Phoenix True Body. If there are really some clues, immediately report back and do not alert the target and frighten the beauty.”

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