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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 567: Vajra Realm Scout

Chapter 567: Vajra Realm Scout

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“Let’s rest in this town tonight!”

A few thousand miles to the east of the Black Rock Town was another small town. Jiang Yi looked through the window and saw a small town in the distance, giving his instructions to the coachman.

After severely injuring a few dozen individuals in Black Rock Town, they had been making haste through the night and didn’t even rest during the day. After traveling for more than a few thousand miles, they had passed through plenty of cities and towns. Even if that hedonistic young master’s clan wanted to chase after them, they would probably be unable to find them after such a long distance.

After making haste through day and night, Jiang Yi and his group might not feel tired; but the coachman and the two warhorses were extremely exhausted. The warhorses could be switched, but Jiang Yi was very used to this coachman and didn’t want to change to another one.

The coachman was instantly invigorated when he heard that they were going to rest. He quickly steered the carriage towards the small town, and as always, he found the best inn and booked the top floor. This time, there wasn’t any incident as everyone had their dinner and went to take a rest.

Jiang Yi wasn’t very tired. The stronger a martial artist was, the lesser requirement for sleep. It was fine for him to stay awake or go without food and water for weeks. Hence, he sat in a meditative state and continued to study the sorcery arts.

His sorcery art ‘Water Swim’ was already at the entry stage, but he would need more time before reaching the phenomenal stage. Jiang Yi was already able to use Myriad Clone to produce 30 to 40 clones and was progressing at a good pace. Because he had comprehended the Power of Fire dao pattern, his Heaven-Extinguishing Inferno had achieved a huge leap in progression. Right now, he was still only able to release Earth Fire. If he wanted to produce the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames, he would probably need at least a few more years.

For these two days, Jiang Yi changed his target of study to the Art of Plant Spirit. This was an amazing sorcery art, which could allow the practitioner to detect the situation around all plants. It could even control and shift trees, which would be great assistance during combat in the forest.

He had been studying it for two days, but this Art of Plant Spirit was very mystical. Jiang Yi didn’t have any clue about it. He wasn’t in a hurry as it was impossible to suddenly achieve results, and the more he was in a hurry, the harder it was to comprehend it.

“Young Master!”

During the middle of the night, Jiang Yi suddenly heard a transmitted message. He immediately opened his door gently while a wonderful figure entered the room. Jiang Yi raised his brows while his eyes flashed with a trace of doubt. Feng Luan had entered his room in the middle of the night and was wearing so skimpily. Could she be trying to seduce him?

“Young Master, there is a situation!”

Feng Luan was wearing thin and revealing clothes, which exposed her snow-white shoulders and both her slender legs. She was probably sleeping earlier as her hair was disheveled, making her even more charming. Jiang Yi was stunned, but her words quickly helped him to regain his senses. He withdrew his intoxicated expression and asked in a soft voice, “What happened?”


Feng Luan came over in a hurry and didn’t notice that she was underdressed. She only realized it when she saw Jiang Yi’s passionate gaze. Her charming face blushed as she quickly lowered her voice and said, “There is someone monitoring us in the nearby vicinity. It is a type of special race, and the one monitoring us has the strength of Vajra Realm. Had it not been for my darkness dao pattern—making me especially sensitive during the night, I will not have realized it.”


Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed with a chill. Vajra Realm scout? And a special race? No wonder Feng Luan hurried over before wearing proper clothes. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was a scout of the special race; the problem was being at Vajra Realm!

Vajra Realm experts were considered the strongest existence in Stellarsky Continent, and even if Pegasus Continent had a multitude of experts, Vajra Realm experts would still have a certain level of status. They actually sent Vajra Realm expert as a scout? How powerful could the influential faction behind this scout be?

“What should we do? Young Master, do we kill that scout?” Feng Luan’s eyes flashed with a murderous aura. She didn’t dare to make any reckless actions and would only do it after Jiang Yi gave the approval. Otherwise, if she had done so without obtaining approval, there might be huge trouble.

Jiang Yi muttered for a moment and shook his hand. “No. At least not in this small town!”

It didn’t matter where did this scout come from. They couldn’t just recklessly kill, or the situation might go out of control. The town had plenty of people, and if they were to fight, it might cause a huge commotion. If the influential factions from the Pegasus Continent were to notice them, their circumstances might be even worse.

“Protect me while I check out this scout!”

Jiang Yi sat cross-legged while Feng Luan nervously grabbed Jiang Yi’s shoulder and shook her head. “Young Master, this person is of the special race and has very acute senses. Once you extend out your divine senses, he will definitely detect you; and you will be alerting him.”


Jiang Yi reached out his hand to move Feng Luan’s hand aside. He grinned and said, “Feng’er, you are underestimating your Young Master. Let alone a Vajra Realm, even if he was a Heaven Monarch, I will still be able to effortlessly check him out without him detecting me.”

Jiang Yi didn’t bother about Feng Luan and entered a meditative state. His mind quickly calm down as the scenery of that thunderous sea appeared in his mind.

That’s right!

Jiang Yi was preparing to enter the state where he was one with heaven. This state was very mystical, and he could blend into heaven and earth, turning into any object in the world. He could also silently scout the surroundings without any presence. Just like the last time when he scouted Qing Yu’s inner chamber without her detecting him.

A pity that he was quite unlucky this time. After struggling for 15 minutes, he was still unable to enter that state. He opened his eyes and looked at Feng Luan who was staring at him nervously. He awkwardly scratched his head and said, “Feng’er, can you stand a little further? Your body… has a unique fragrance, and it is distracting me…”


Feng Luan’s face immediately boiled red as she quickly backed off and sat on the corner of the bed. Her head was lowered, and her ears were red. She had been concentrating on that scout earlier. She didn’t notice that she was extremely close to Jiang Yi and actually distracting him.

Jiang Yi took a deep breath and expelled all distracting thoughts. This time, he successfully entered the ‘Union of Heaven and Man’ state. Of course, this ‘Union of Heaven and Man’ name was coined by him.

Right now, he could feel as though he had turned into a wisp of breeze and was drifting around in the room. He could clearly see the Feng Luan bashfully covering her face while her fair skin was slightly reddish, but he didn’t know what she was thinking about.

The scene in his mind changed as he started to sense the situation inside of the inn, and as he slowly extended out, he quickly located that scout.

He was indeed of a special race and was only two feet tall. He looked like a child and was very skinny, but he had this aged face. Right now, he was laying down in a corner of the inner courtyard and didn’t emit any trace of aura presence. Had it not been for Jiang Yi’s close attention, he wouldn’t have spotted the scout. That scout didn’t move around recklessly and cowered like a beggar and pretending to be asleep.

Jiang Yi could ascertain that this person was a scout because he suddenly opened his eyes and his irises were green in color. His nose was slightly twitching like a dog’s nose. When the scout opened his eyes, Jiang Yi could feel the powerful aura presence from within the body. It might have been reserved, but this scout was definitely at the Vajra Realm.


Jiang Yi gradually exited from the ‘Union of Heaven and Man’ state while his expression grew grave. This Vajra Realm scout was either from the Martial Arts Hall in Pegasus Continent or a descendant of an influential faction of the continent. No matter which side he was on, they were in trouble.

“Young Master, what should we do?” Feng Luan leaned over and sought for instruction.

“We will take him out!”

Jiang Yi spoke with a cold voice, “But now is not the time. When we go to the wilderness tomorrow, you and I will take him down together. We will refine him into a soul slave and see who his Master is first.”

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