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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 568: Someone is Intercepting

Chapter 568: Someone is Intercepting

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A night of peacefulness. Ultimately, that midget didn’t move and shrunk itself at the corner like a beggar. That midget still didn’t move even after Jiang Yi and the others had left early in the morning. Jiang Yi didn’t spread out his divine sense to examine the scout as he continued his journey as per normal.

“Young Master, what’s wrong? Did that scout follow us?”

After traveling for thousands of miles, Jiang Yi entered into the state of the ‘Union of Heaven and Man’ in the wilderness. The moment he opened up his eyes, Feng Luan inquired nervously.


Qing Yu and Xiaonu had no idea of what happened last night. When they saw how nervous Feng Luan was, they gazed towards Jiang Yi curiously. Jiang Yi smiled coldly before replying, “He is following. However, he had concealed himself very well. If I had relied on my divine senses, I might never be able to locate him. This person is certainly a top-class scout.”

Feng Luan’s eyes flashed with chilling light as she replied heavily, “Shall we make a move?”

Jiang Yi paused for a moment before replying, “Feng’er, would you be able to take him down alone? I mean by not making a big commotion while doing so.”

“No problem!” Feng Luan replied with some arrogance. What a joke! If a Heaven Monarch would create a big commotion just to take down a Vajra Realm, Feng Luan could just step down as the ruler of the Phoenix Cry Continent.


Jiang Yi nodded his head, “We will continue on with our journey while you alight quietly. Catch up with us later on.”


Feng Luan turned herself into a cool breeze before whistling her way out. Her speed was as quick as afterimages. Even the coachman had only felt the carriage curtain fluttered while a white mirage flashed by. He didn’t even realize Feng Luan had left.

The carriage continued its journey while Feng Luan had turned herself into an afterimage and dashed into a grove a distance away. She hid within a bush which was hundreds of meters away and did not release her divine senses. She only relied on her eyes to scan the surroundings.

Chi! Chi!

Not long later, a small silhouette could be seen dashing out behind. That person speed was extremely quick. Furthermore, he didn’t use the highway but the wilderness near the highway. Every time he dashed for a distance, he would search for a place to conceal himself. That person speed was so fast that an ordinary martial artist would only be able to see a flicker of radiance before his shadow disappear.

Most importantly, this person’s stature was way too small. He could just hide behind any of the rocks and would be able to conceal his entire body. If it wasn’t because Feng Luan knew of his existence, she would never be able to spot him this quickly even if she had kept her vigilance up this whole time.

Feng Luan withdrew her aura and stayed motionless as she waited for this person to get near her before striking. However, this midget suddenly came to a stop when he was hundreds of feet away from Feng Luan. Following which, it soared up abruptly and darted back.

I got discovered? Still trying to escape?

Feng Luan was startled, but she reacted quickly. She leaped out rapidly, and while she was in midair, her hand was covered in black ray. Very quickly, half of the sky had also been submerged into the darkness.

That midget would no longer be able to escape the moment the darkness dao pattern was released. If those who were weaker than Feng Luan had been enveloped by the darkness dao pattern, they would feel that they had been separated from the original world as they sunk into an imaginary world of darkness, losing their sense of direction completely.

Chi! Chi!

Feng Luan struck out a green ray effortlessly, which infused itself into the midget body. Following which, the midget lost his consciousness before fainting. This midget had indeed reached the Vajra Realm, but he was only in the second stage. To a Heaven Monarch martial artist, it was the same as stamping over an ant.

The darkness gradually dispersed while the environment recovered its serenity. Feng Luan lifted the midget single-handedly while she hovered in midair as she extended her divine senses. After confirming that there was no one else following them, she chased after Jiang Yi rapidly.

Jiang Yi and the others were riding the chariot while Feng Luan darted over at top speed. In a few blinks of the eye, she had already caught up with them. With a flash, she went back into the carriage. From start to finish, the coachman had no idea Feng Luan had even gone out.


Qing Yu and Jiang Xiaonu were completely kept in the dark since Jiang Yi didn’t explain to them. When they saw Feng Luan carrying an ugly midget in, both of them cried out in astonishment.

“Let’s begin!”

Jiang Yi took a glance while he waved his hand. His divine senses dispersed out to stay on guard for Feng Luan. Feng Luan nodded her head, and her hand radiated with green rays as she prepared to refine this midget into a soul slave.

They would never be able to obtain any answer from this kind of professional scout. Once they refined him into a soul slave, they would know everything he knew. Furthermore, they would also possess another top-tier scout. In the future, it would be a lot easier for them to take actions as well.


Unexpectedly, just when Feng Luan had started executing her secret art, that midget body shuddered. Blood kept on bubbling up from his mouth. Both his eyes rolled white as he stopped breathing.


Jiang Xiaonu and Qing Yu were startled. Xiaonu had also cried out because the blood flowing out from the midget mouth was green in color.

“What a brilliant strategy!”

Jiang Yi and Feng Luan glanced at each other. Both of them showed a particularly grave expression. Feng Luan sighed deeply, “Young Master, a secret art had been placed on this person’s soul. If there was anyone who wishes to refine or do a soul search on him, he would die immediately. Our enemy this time is very formidable.”

“Throw the corpse out!”

Jiang Yi waved his hand. Feng Luan flew out in a flash and threw the corpse into a grove before returning. Meanwhile, Qing Yu tidied up the filthy blood in the carriage with a bitter expression.

Jiang Yi murmured to himself. A moment later, he came into a decision. He took out a bag of golden leaves from the ancient divine essence ring and threw it to the coachman after walking out, “Listen well. This is the reward for you. We are going to leave immediately, and you are to continue journeying forward. You just need to continue on for five days using the road we had planned. If anyone asked you where we went, you can just answer them accordingly. Understand?”

“Yes, yes. Thank you, Young Master, for the reward!” The coachman grabbed onto the big bag of purple gold while his face was filled with excitement. This purple gold is at least five kilograms, right? Once he completed this assignment, he would no longer need to worry about basic necessities for his whole life.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Yi beckoned his hand. Feng Luan, Qing Yu, and Jiang Xiaonu walked out one after the other. Jiang Yi carried Jiang Xiaonu and the four of them turned into afterimages as they darted towards the tall mountains in the distance.

Ss, ss…

The coachman had traveled extensively and was experienced and knowledgeable. However, this was the first time he had seen such a formidable martial artist, which caused his complexion to turn deathly pale. He blanked out for a moment before commanding the horse to continue advancing further and didn’t dare to be lazy. He did not dare to defy Jiang Yi’s words, and if Jiang Yi were to ever know of it, he would definitely lose his life.

The four of them were being brushed by the biting cold wind as they stood at the summit of the mountain. They looked at the extremely wide wilderness ahead of them and were somewhat at a loss of what to do. They had no idea how were they going to continue their journey.

“Qing Yu, Xiaonu. You two have to hide inside the Thearch Palace. There’s too many of us, and it’s making us a clear target!”

Jiang Yi voiced out solemnly. Qing Yu and Jiang Xiaonu nodded their heads. The duo knew that it wasn’t a joke this time. With a formidable faction eyeing at them, they might start a battle any time. With both of them around, it would only make them an even easier target. Besides, Jiang Xiaonu was just a burden to them if she didn’t transform.


After putting them into the Thearch Palace, Jiang Yi called out the Zouwu Beast and went hundreds of meters underground along with Feng Luan. The reason he brought Feng Luan along with him was that she possessed formidable strength. With the darkness dao pattern around, they would also be able to sense danger underground much faster.

A single day!

The duo fled as if their lives depended on it. However, in just a day, the faction behind the midget had revealed its malevolent claws.

Suddenly, Feng Luan got Jiang Yi to stop while her aura presence gradually soared. She looked towards Jiang Yi and smiled bitterly, “Young Master, there are some assassins in front. A total of six of them. There are one Heaven Monarch and five Vajra Realm experts among them. Get ready for a bloody battle.”


The underground was not suited for battle. Jiang Yi intended to head up to battle since the other party had more people, and he had no idea what kind of special abilities they possessed. Feng Luan nodded her head. After Jiang Yi had withdrawn the Zouwu Beast, she brought him up with a single hand. The longsword on her other hand stirred as she shot upwards like a violent dragon.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Just when she broke out, the ground ahead of them exploded out. The six other silhouettes had also flown up. One of the young masters, who had a slightly sinister appearance, locked his gaze onto Feng Luan. He grinned and said, “Hehe. This girl is actually at the Heaven Monarch Realm. Even though she isn’t considered a Phoenix True Body, this trip is still worth it.”

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