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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 569: Buddha Thearch

Chapter 569: Buddha Thearch

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“Phoenix True Body?”

Jiang Yi and Feng Luan looked at each other in the eyes with confusion, but the two of them were able to make certain a few points in that statement.

Firstly, the opposition was definitely coming after them. To be more accurate, they were coming for Feng Luan. Secondly, they didn’t have any feud with him. It was purely this young master’s obsession with Feng Luan’s beauty that made him come especially to capture her. In other words… someone was making use of them.

“Martial Arts Hall!”

These two were exceptionally intelligent, and the only ones that were capable enough and had a feud with them were the Martial Arts Hall. The two of them couldn’t understand something… why didn’t the Martial Arts Hall do it personally? Why would they make use of Pegasus Race’s young master? There were six assailants, and only this young master had small horns which were easily recognized.

The reason didn’t matter!

Since trouble was already at the door, there was no meaning in thinking too much. Jiang Yi swept a glance and locked his eyes on the Pegasus Race’s Young Master. He then said, “May I know what is the meaning of all of you intercepting us?”

Although the opposition didn’t come on friendly terms, Jiang Yi still decided to swallow his anger as it was best not to have any conflicts. Since this Young Master could mobilize Heaven Monarch experts, the Pegasus Race must have an esteemed status. Putting aside whether if Jiang Yi could kill them—even if he could, there might be a huge consequence. When that happened, all the experts from the Pegasus Race would turn out in full strength, resulting in their definite death.

“What is the meaning?”

The sinister-looking young master looked to be over 30 years old. He had a slender and excellent figure which was donned with a long white robe with golden seams. He had a head of black hair which had been braided and complemented by two small black horns on the top. When putting his handsome face and sinister smile together, it made him look unconventional but with this strange attraction.

He smiled indistinctly and looked at Jiang Yi. He spoke with a rather surprised tone, “Kid, is this beauty yours?”

Jiang Yi had the aura presence of a Vajra Realm and was only at the first or second stage. In such a situation, Feng Luan didn’t speak and was standing behind him? It was apparent that Jiang Yi was the leading figure, which caused the sinister young master to be a little surprised. He started to observe Jiang Yi as having a Heaven Monarch expert as a follower was an indication of his status.

Jiang Yi nodded and replied without showing any weakness, “What about it? Are you going to forcefully take her?”


The young master smiled and shook his head and then bowed with cupped hands, “My name is Fei Tian, and my father is Fei Lu, the Emperor of the Pegasus Empire. May I ask for your noble name? And where did you come from?”


Jiang Yi and Feng Luan exchanged eye contact while their eyes lit up as they were rather shocked because of two reasons. Firstly, it was this Fei Tian’s background. He was actually an imperial prince? A direct descendant of the Pegasus Clan. Secondly, they noticed that the opposition had restraining fear towards Jiang Yi’s identity and didn’t dare to recklessly attack.

After thinking for a moment, they quickly understood why. A Heaven Monarch Realm expert was still rather significant in this world, and Feng Luan was obviously looking up to Jiang Yi as the master. Fei Tian was naturally fearful of Jiang Yi’s status, and if Jiang Yi came from an influential background, it might bring trouble for the Pegasus Race.

Jiang Yi muttered for a moment and bowed with cupped hands confidently. “I have long heard of Young Master Fei Tian’s renowned name. One shall be proud of my name and my clan’s name. My family name is Yi, and I am from… the East Imperial Continent. I am out to venture the world and temper myself. Could I ask if Young Master Fei Tian has any reason for obstructing me?”

Jiang Yi’s mother’s family name was Yi, and it wasn’t wrong to say his family name was Yi as well. Most importantly… in the Desolate East Sea, he had once been saved by the young lady whose family name was also Yi. That young lady had a mystical treasure that could even avoid detection from demon thearchs. She even said that he could casually go check around in the East Imperial Continent to find out who she was. It meant that the Yi Clan was definitely some significant figure in the East Imperial Continent. Hence, Jiang Yi decided to impersonate himself with the family name of Yi.

“Yi? East Imperial Continent?”

Young Master Fei Tian’s expression changed while the five people beside him had flickering eyes. It was obvious that they were a little fearful. Jiang Yi was silently delighted, and it seemed like that purple-haired young lady’s clan was truly powerful in the East Imperial Continent.

“So it is actually Young Master Yi. I have offended you earlier.”

Young Master Fei Tian quickly bowed with cupped hands and apologized. This had proven something, but his next statement nearly caused Jiang Yi to flip out violently. “Young Master Yi, your beauty is quite something, and I like her very much. Could you transfer her to me? The cost can be negotiated, and if you need anything from Fei Tian in the future, you can just ask from me. That’s right… I have recently obtained a fine woman who has the Cold Ice Jade Body, and I can give her to Young Master Yi.”

Feng Luan’s expression instantly turned gloomy. The Phoenix Cry Continent was a place where women ruled supreme, and they frequently trade male pets with one another. She, who was the ruler of the Phoenix Cry Continent, was actually treated like a toy? Had it not been for the silent Jiang Yi, she would have definitely flipped out.

Jiang Yi was infuriated as well. This Young Master Fei Tian was obviously fearful of the Yi Clan, but he actually wanted to forcefully ask for Feng Luan? Feng Luan might be his soul slave, but after interacting for this period of time, Jiang Yi no longer treated her like a slave, but as a friend. He was a sentimental individual, and he would never give out Feng Luan like this.

Thus, he spoke in a resolute tone, “Young Master Fei Tian, I respect you as an influential figure, but please do not insult my character! Leave right now, and we can still be friends. In the future, we can still meet on friendly terms on the East Imperial Continent.”


Young Master Fei Tian’s smile froze as he hesitated. The Heaven Monarch had also lowered his head and slightly moved his lips, obviously trying to convince the young master. Feng Luan anxiously looked at Fei Tian before turning to look at Jiang Yi with eyes of gratitude as Jiang Yi instantly rejected Fei Tian. She was Jiang Yi’s soul slave, and if Jiang Yi was cruel enough to give her away, she would have no way to resist it.

After a few transmitted messages with the Heaven Monarch elder, Fei Tian let out forced laughter and spoke to Jiang Yi, “Since Young Master Yi is unwilling, then please forgive Fei Tian’s presumptuous request. Do visit Sand Field City in the future, and Fei Tian will do his best to entertain Young Master Yi. Farewell.”

Seeing that Fei Tian and the others were about to leave, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan let out a breath of relief. They were originally going to risk their lives and didn’t expect a fake name to intimidate the opposition.

“Oh, that’s right!”

Just as Fei Tian wanted to turn and leave, he suddenly recalled something and asked casually, “What is Young Master Yi’s seniority in the clan? If I am to visit Yi Star City in the future, it will be convenient for me to look for Young Master Yi for a drink.”

Jiang Yi didn’t think too much and casually replied, “I am fifth among the siblings. If Young Master Fei Tian is to visit the East Imperial Continent, you can come and look for me.”

The purple-haired young lady was third in the seniority, and in Jiang Yi’s opinion, such a large clan must have plenty of descendants. He was around the same age as that purple-haired young lady, so he just randomly said he was fifth in seniority.

Who knew that…?

Once Young Master Fei Tian heard this, his face instantly turned strange while the Heaven Monarch Realm martial artist’s eyes turned cold. Fei Tian turned around and asked in a serious tone, “Is Young Master Yi truly fifth among your siblings?”


Jiang Yi’s heart raced as he knew something was wrong. He could only grit his teeth and said, “I am. What about it?”


Fei Tian’s face revealed that sinister smile again. He continued to ask, “What is the Yi Clan Head’s name? What is the Yi Clan’s famed signature skill? Does Young Master Yi know it? Could you demonstrate it for us to see?


Jiang Yi and Feng Luan’s heart sank at the same time. This fifth in seniority was definitely a problem which caused Fei Tian to suspect Jiang Yi’s identity. How could he know the name of the Yi Clan Head or the famed signature skill? He had no choice but to grit his teeth and said, “Young Master Fei Tian, what is the meaning of this?”


Young Master Fei Tian laughed loudly and ridiculed, “What do I mean? Could it be that you don’t even know your Clan Head—your Grandfather’s name? Let me tell you then. The Yi Clan Head’s name is called Yi Qianfo and is one of the Nine Thearchs, the Buddha Thearch! The Yi Clan has only a few descendants, and in the second generation, there is only one son and daughter, which the daughter had been missing for many years. In the third generation, there are only three grandsons and one granddaughter; and you said you are the fifth in seniority? What are you exactly? How dare you impersonate a descendant of the Yi Clan? What is your purpose for sneaking into Pegasus Continent? If you don’t state it clearly, don’t blame this Young Master for taking you down like a spy.”

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