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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 570: I am Your Father!

Chapter 570: I am Your Father!

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When Jiang Yi heard Young Master Fei Tian’s explanation, his mind was stunned as though struck by lightning. He wasn’t afraid; he just panicked. When he heard Young Master Fei Tian introducing the Yi Clan, he couldn’t help but feel a surging emotion.

The Yi Clan Head’s name is called Yi Qianfo and is one of the Nine Thearchs, the Buddha Thearch! The Yi Clan has only a few descendants, and in the second generation, there is only one son and one daughter—the daughter had been missing for many years!

The Yi Clan was indeed incredible; how could they not be when their Clan Head was one of the Nine Thearchs? Furthermore… Yi Piaopiao came from the East Imperial Continent and was extremely formidable back then. Most importantly, she was filled with a shocking number of artifacts and could casually cross the Desolate East Sea. What did this mean? It meant that Yi Piaopiao also had an influential background!

The Yi Clan only had a son and a daughter in the second generation, and the daughter had been missing for many years? Didn’t this coincidentally match with Yi Piaopiao’s information? Could Yi Piaopiao be Yi Qianfo’s daughter?

Jiang Yi might already know that Yi Piaopiao had an extraordinary background, but this was simply too shocking, right? One of the Nine Thearchs! If Yi Qianfo was truly his grandfather, then everything on the East Imperial Continent would be extremely smooth-sailing! He might even be able to rely on the Yi Clan’s influence to save Su Ruoxue and extinguish the Martial Arts Hall.

This isn’t right!

Jiang Yi suddenly recalled a few things and felt there was a problem. Why did Yi Piaopiao ask Jiang Yi to go look for Yu Wen? If she was the Buddha Thearch’s daughter, why didn’t she ask Jiang Yi to look for the Yi Clan? Didn’t she already return to East Imperial Continent? Why would Young Master Fei Tian say that she had been missing for many years? Most importantly, if Yi Piaopiao was truly the Buddha Thearch’s daughter, why didn’t she return to see him after so many years?

There were just too many questions which confused Jiang Yi. When Young Master Fei Tian asked again, Jiang Yi didn’t have time to continue thinking. “Kid, are you going to say it? If you are not, then we will make our move.”

Jiang Yi withdrew his thoughts and didn’t reply as he had no explanation. Even if he said he was from the Stellarsky Continent and was just passing through Pegasus Continent, this Young Master Fei Tian would still kill him, right? As long as Jiang Yi didn’t have any special status, this Fei Tian would definitely try to take Feng Luan.

Hence, he had no other option but to fight!

Jiang Yi gave an eye signal to Feng Luan and bowed with a smile. “Young Master Fei Tian, I don’t actually have a family name of Yi. My family name is ‘father’, and I am your father!”


After finishing his last word, Jiang Yi’s eyes instantly turned blood red while his body was pouring out murderous aura, and the Fire Dragon Sword appeared in his hand. The Netherworld Ghost Flame radiated as Jiang Yi cleaved down at Young Master Fei Tian.

Chi! Chi!

At almost the same timing, Feng Luan moved as well. Both her hands radiated with a black light which brandished with her hands, instantly enveloping the nearby one-mile radius with darkness.

“How dare you!”

There was a thunderous roar which caused Jiang Yi’s eardrums to bleed and his essence force to go into chaos. Feng Luan’s body shook as well, and the complete darkness had faded. The opposing Heaven Monarch expert simply let out a roar and broke the darkness dao pattern.

Jiang Yi was even more surprised to find out that this roar had actually caused the spatial zone to tremble, causing his Netherworld Ghost Flame to slow down several times. That Heaven Monarch elder quickly pushed Fei Tian and the others away while he rapidly retreated, causing Jiang Yi’s attack to completely miss the targets.

“Qu Lao, go kill that kid and capture that bitch alive. This Young Master is going to play her to death!”

Young Master Fei Tian burst out with a yell while that Heaven Monarch expert turned into a laser beam and flashed over from the side. Feng Luan fearlessly rushed over and tossed Jiang Yi into the distance. At the same time, she transmitted her message: “Young Master, you have to go quickly. This person is stronger than me. I will resist as long as possible. You have to escape quickly!”


When Jiang Yi’s saw Feng Luan nearby vicinity wrapped in darkness, his mind got a shock as he felt as though he was in a complete disorder.

Earlier on, he didn’t give any orders, and Feng Luan had rushed over on her own will in order to give Jiang Yi the opportunity to escape. Feng Luan knew that she wasn’t a match for the enemy and that she might perish in battle, but she didn’t have any hesitations when rushing at the enemy.

What should I do?

Abandon Feng Luan and escape?

This wasn’t his style, and Feng Luan’s action had completely obtained his acknowledgment. He was a sentimental individual, and if he was to flee this time, he would have to live with a guilty conscience for the rest of his life. It would certainly leave trauma in his heart, and in the future, he would no longer have the resolution for a battle to the death in the face of danger. If he was to escape this time, he would lose his heart of a true warrior; and his entire life’s accomplishment would be limited.

Since he couldn’t escape, then he had to battle to the death!

His eyes flickered and flashed with a chilling light. His body flashed with white light as he vanished and appeared ten miles into the wilderness.


His eyes turned blood red as he released his Massacre Intent, which enveloped Young Master Fei Tian and the others. He couldn’t assist Feng Luan, and so he made a simple decision to relieve pressure for her by attacking the others. If he could take down Young Master Fei Tian, Feng Luan’s crisis would be neutralized.


Seeing Fei Tian and the others being immobilized by his Massacre Intent, Jiang Yi skimmed over like a dragon while his Fire Dragon Sword had two fire dragons swimming on the sword. His Fire Spirit Pearl radiated with light, and he was about to shoot out the fusion martial skill.

Chi! Chi!

Two fire dragons appeared while surrounded with dozens of invisible wind dragons. It was then shot out with a massive amount of ghost flames. When the ghost flames appeared, the trees and weeds in the nearby vicinity immediately got burned. As the entire place burning with blazing flames, Fei Tian and the others’ faces were illuminated with fear.


During this imminent peril, one of Fei Tian’s rings lit up while a small ancient bronze bell appeared. The bronze bell expanded quickly and drastically into a bell that was 3 meters in diameter. The bell then descended abruptly and covered Young Master Fei Tian and two other Vajra Realm experts.

“Ah, Ah—!”

The other two Vajra Realm experts weren’t as lucky. As Fei Tian was slightly further away from them, the bell couldn’t cover them. When the ghost flames struck on their bodies, they were rapidly incinerated and turned into ashes without any corpses left behind.


When the ghost flames struck on the ancient bell, it released shining green light but was actually still intact? Furthermore, when the two fire dragons crashed onto the ancient bell, it didn’t even move a little. As the ghost flames dissipated, that ancient bell’s glow had dimmed significantly as quite a bit of the restriction’s energy had been exhausted.

“Little bastard, you dare injure my Clan’s Young Master. I will make sure to slaughter your entire clan!”

From a distance, the Heaven Monarch expert—Qu Lao—let out a furious roar which caused Jiang Yi’s eardrum to bleed again and also his essence force to go into chaos. This must be a type of incredible ability. Jiang Yi looked behind and saw that the black clouds gradually faded but quickly condensed again. It was apparent that Feng Luan was desperately trying to restrain Qu Lao.


Jiang Yi was extremely merciless now as he executed his fusion martial skill again. Two fire dragons carried ghost flames and smashed onto the ancient bell.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

The fire dragons still couldn’t do any damage to the ancient bell, but the ghost flames continued to exhaust the restriction’s energy. After being exhausted by the ghost flames, the ancient bell finally flashed with light while there was a crack in the middle. There was a light explosion as the ancient bell split into pieces.

“Little bastard, this Young Master will kill you!”

As the ancient bell exploded, Fei Tian and the others appeared. The horns on Fei Tian’s head suddenly glowed and sparkled with lightning rays. A dreadful aura presence could be felt from his horns as two rays of lightning was about to shoot out.


Jiang Yi felt a jolt in his heart as he could feel the fatal danger from the lightning. If he was to forcefully attack, he would definitely be shattered by the lightning. Therefore, Jiang Yi didn’t hesitate as his body flashed with white light. He wasn’t going to be in time to instant-shift, but heaven and earth essence forces rapidly flowed and formed dozens of clones which fled in all directions.

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