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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 571: Left with Defeat

Chapter 571: Left with Defeat

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Young Master Fei Tian was puzzled. There were so many Jiang Yi; which one should he attack? Once he released this lightning, there was absolutely no turning back. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and lock onto two of Jiang Yi’s clones.

Tsk, tsk!

As the two clones were struck, they instantly vanished without a trace; but they were obviously not Jiang Yi’s true body. As the rest of the clones were still constantly trying to flee.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

As the lightning energy had been exhausted, Jiang Yi’s clones returned and flew towards the three of them in all directions. Jiang Yi might not be releasing that dreadful murderous aura, but the three of them were still very fearful. Jiang Yi’s ghost flames were too horrific and could instantly kill two Vajra Realm experts, not leaving any residue behind.


The three of them didn’t hesitate. Young Master Fei Tian might have that terrifying lightning, but what use did it have if it couldn’t hit Jiang Yi? Moreover, Jiang Yi’s Massacre Intent had immobilized them earlier. If they weren’t going to escape now, when were they going to?

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The three of them split in three different directions while attacking at the same time at all of Jiang Yi’s clones. Young Master Fei Tian was the smartest as he chose to fly towards Qu Lao’s direction. The horns on his head kept on flashing and would attack any of Jiang Yi’s approaching clones.


Jiang Yi was indeed a little fearful of Fei Tian, and he didn’t chase after Fei Tian first. His true body slowly crept towards one of the Vajra Realm experts, and when he was around 3 kilometers away, he suddenly swung his Fire Dragon Sword.

All the surrounding clones had vanished while the two fire dragons whizzed over with bundles of Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames. At this moment, Jiang Yi released the Massacre Intent which immobilized the Vajra Realm expert in front of him. That expert looked on as the two fire dragons flew over.


The Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames might not be as dominant as the Netherworld Ghost Flames, but could a measly fifth-stage Vajra Realm martial artist resist against it? As the two fire dragons crashed and burst like a firework on the martial artist’s body, innumerable charred flesh splattered which was the result of instant death.

“Qu Lao!”

In two blinks of the eye, Young Master Fei Tian had arrived beside Qu Lao, and he yelled out, “Kill that little bastard first. That bastard had killed Old Fu and the others. He is going to kill Old Huo now.”

“Little bastard, you are courting death!”

Qu Lao burst out with a roar, which caused Jiang Yi’s eardrums to feel the stinging pain. The disruption in his essence caused him to stagger and nearly smashed his head on the ground. He struggled to stand firm, and after his essence force regained its normal condition, his body flashed with white light as he instant-shifted towards the other Vajra Realm expert.


Feng Luan let out a delicate yell and desperately tried to restrain Qu Lao. As long as Jiang Yi killed that final Vajra Realm expert, Young Master Fei Tian would no longer have any other bodyguards. Jiang Yi would then be able to chase after Young Master Fei Tian with all his strength, and if Qu Lao wanted to protect Fei Tian, his only option would be to retreat.


Soon enough, Jiang Yi caught up to the remaining Vajra Realm bodyguard and used his Massacre Intent to suppress him. As the two fire dragons flew out, the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames easily turned the Vajra Realm expert into ashes.

“Get lost!”

Qu Lao was finally feeling afraid as he burst out with a thunderous roar. He launched several powerful attacks which forced Feng Luan to burst in retreat. Qu Lao’s body flashed and arrived beside Fei Tian. He used one hand to carry Fei Tian and rushed towards the distance, but the direction he was rushing at was where Jiang Yi was standing.

“Young Master, watch out!”

Feng Luan exclaimed. Qu Lao wasn’t thinking of retreating and had chosen the same strategy as Jiang Yi. He knew he couldn’t defeat Feng Luan in a short period of time, and so he chose to kill Jiang Yi first before taking down Feng Luan.


Jiang Yi had just finished killing the last Vajra Realm bodyguard and had heard Feng Luan’s yell. He abruptly turned around to see a black shadow rushing rapidly at him.

His expression turned as he used a backslash to launch out a fusion martial skill. He released a huge amount of Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames together with wind dragons. He had already depleted half of his Netherworld Ghost Flames, and he didn’t dare to recklessly use it again as every usage would result in a lesser reserve. It was far too valuable.

Concurrently, he released the Myriad Clone and split his body into around 50 clones which scuttled in various directions, impairing Qu Lao’s judgment and escaping effortlessly.

However, he had underestimated a Heaven Monarch expert. This Qu Lao had reached his current achievement by comprehending dao patterns himself. He didn’t release any special ability and simply opened his mouth and roared, “Break!”

Like a stunning roar from a lion, there were changes in heaven and earth while the wind and clouds surged. There was a vibration in the spatial zone ahead as though a peaceful lake being smashed by a giant boulder. Ripples appeared in the spatial zone, and it was an obvious ripple that anyone could see.

The spatial ripples radiated outwards while Jiang Yi’s two fire dragons and Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames were scattered as their speed suddenly slowed down. The ripples had effortlessly extended out to all of Jiang Yi’s clones and caused them to dissipate as well. Jiang Yi true body shook in midair and crashed onto the ground.

This lion’s roar could disrupt Jiang Yi’s essence force. It might just be a short moment, but once his essence force went into chaos, he wouldn’t be able to control his clones and causing him to crash onto the ground.

“Young Master!”

Feng Luan turned pale with fright as she flew over with rapid speed and swiftly brandished her hands to release the darkness dao pattern. Her cherry lips were still trickling with fresh blood, and it was obvious that she had been injured by Qu Lao earlier. She couldn’t bother about anything else right now. If Jiang Yi was to die, she and Qing Yu would suffer the same fate as well.

Of course, after getting along with Jiang Yi for this period of time, she had developed a strange feeling towards Jiang Yi. Perhaps she had been used to being Jiang Yi’s slave; hence, she was devoted to him. Seeing Jiang Yi facing danger had caused her heart to burn urgently.


Seeing Qu Lao approaching him, Jiang Yi knew he had no way to escape. Even if he was to instant-shift, he might still be killed by Qu Lao. In this crucial moment of life and death, he didn’t choose to run. He slammed on the ground and catapulted himself towards Qu Lao instead. He then suddenly cleaved with his Fire Dragon Sword. This time, it was fused with the Netherworld Ghost Flames, which immediately blazed in the surrounding air. That horrifying heat wave surged towards Qu Lao and Young Master Fei Tian.

At the same time, Jiang Yi’s other hand already condensed the power of the stars, and he suddenly released it as a small palm shadow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power of the stars was very powerful, and once it was sent out, the spatial zone shivered due to explosions in the air. The horrifying pressure caused Young Master Fei Tian’s expression to change. He originally wanted to shoot out his lightning, but he exclaimed instead, “Qu Lao, that is the power of the Nine Heaven Stars!”


There was this frantic laughter that almost echoed at the same moment, “Old dog, if you want to kill me, then I shall let you and your Young Master perish along with me!”

Jiang Yi had risked his life!

He gambled using his life that Qu Lao wouldn’t dare to exchange Fei Tian’s life with Jiang Yi’s life.

It was too easy for Qu Lao to kill Jiang Yi at such a distance, but Jiang Yi’s ghost flames and Nine Heaven Stars’ power was too overbearing. Qu Lao might be able to survive it, but putting aside the fact that Fei Tian got hit by the power of the stars—if the ghost flames got too near, Fei Tian would have to turn into dust.

“Little bastard, you are shrewd!”

As expected, Qu Lao didn’t dare to take the risk. He burst out with a roar, causing the spatial zone to shudder while he retreated and turned himself into an afterimage. Feng Luan was already rapidly approaching, and Qu Lao knew that he didn’t have any more chances to kill Jiang Yi. If he didn’t retreat now, Young Master Fei Tian might just have to perish in this place.


As Qu Lao carried Young Master Fei Tian and fled into the distance, Fei Tian knew that he was going to be left with defeat today. He could only yell out with wrath, “Little bastard, you better wait for this Young Master. If I don’t kill you in ten days, I am not worth being a human!”

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