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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 572: Night Travel in Wind and Rain

Chapter 572: Night Travel in Wind and Rain

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After Qu Lao had disappeared from the horizon, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan exhaled a long breath. It was truly too dangerous this time. Fortunately, Young Master Fei Tian had thought too highly of himself and had personally come down. If he had sent that Heaven Monarch expert alone—even if Jiang Yi didn’t die, Feng Luan would be captured.

“Let’s go!”

Both of them panted as they fled far away immediately. This time, the duo no longer dared to travel underground. Since the other party could easily discover the duo from the underground, would there still be a point for them to go underground then?

Feng Luan consumed a recuperation elixir immediately before carrying Jiang Yi and fled. Feng Luan came to a stop after fleeing for a hundred miles, and Jiang Yi extended out his Divine Perception. The duo intended to follow the pathway to the Beastmen Continent as they fled with all their might.

The Divine Perception sorcery arts were extremely powerful. In just 15 minutes, he could easily examine a million miles radius, which allowed Jiang Yi to discover an extremely safe route.

“Let’s go. We will go through from this side. There would be a large mountain range after this, and within the mountain range, there were very little human footprints. The strongest in the mountain range was just a demon king. If we go through this mountain range, we can easily travel over a million miles.”

Feng Luan immediately set off after Jiang Yi had decided on the route they should take. The pursuit team sent by Young Master Fei Tian would arrive soon. Right now, it would be best for them to escape as far as possible.

Young Master Fei Tian was the prince of Pegasus Empire, and he held a majestic status within. Thus, mobilizing a few Heaven Monarchs shouldn’t be a problem for him. If two Heaven Monarchs were to chase after them, the outcome would be unimaginable.

As expected…!

After fleeing for thousands of miles, an unending green hill appeared ahead of them. The mountains had very big ravine and were covered in dense vegetation. This place was a genuine deserted mountain. There was a large number of demonic beasts within the mountains, with giant tigers hiding in ambush. An average martial artist would never dare to enter this place.


Jiang Yi had already examined the area once and told her that there were no demon thearchs around. Thus, Feng Luan turned herself into an afterimage and darted into the mountain range without any worries. She floated past a small area like a flying crane after leaping out from the mountain stone using a foot. She tapped on the ground her jade foot once again before leaping out as she traveled across a large ravine. In a few blinks of the eye, she had darted into the depths of the mountain range.

Occasionally, they would pause while Jiang Yi released his Divine Perception to examine the area. He would check if there was any expert chasing after them before deciding their remaining routes. At the same time, Feng Luan would be able to rest for a moment. The two of them would then carry on in this frenzied journey.

Nightfall came. All the ferocious beast within the mountain range exited out from their caves, and those hidden giant tigers had also come out to hunt for food. The mountain’s nighttime was extremely terrifying, and if they weren’t careful, they could be caught in a predicament. A lot of poisonous insects did not have an aura on them as they disguised themselves into leaves, branches, or even stones. Without a choice, Feng Luan focused as she swept her divine senses out while they desperately ran.

The night was as dark as the black ink. Tonight, the clouds were tightly sealed together while the thunder rumbled. The plain fields were pitch-dark to the point of causing their hearts to palpitate. An average person would have their hair standing up if they were to journey in the depths of the mountain. Such unrelatable energy was the fear humans had when they came across something they had no idea about.

Feng Luan was very strong and was the ruler of the Phoenix Cry Continent. Ultimately, she was just a lady in her early 20’s. If it wasn’t because Jiang Yi was around and that the situation called for it, she would never dare to continue this journey.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rainstorm finally came pouring down while the gale wreaked havoc. It caused the forest to produce a bizarre noise. The raindrops came pouring down onto the duo’s body, causing their gown to turn wet. The rain was just too heavy. It would be useless even if the duo had circulated their essence force to vaporize the moisture. Therefore, the duo chose to ignore it. Besides, Feng Luan still needed to stretch out her divine senses to examine the aura. It was impossible for her to be distracted.


The rain grew heavier and the duo’s clothes were thoroughly drenched. It stuck onto their body and caused Feng Luan’s perfect curves to be displayed in great details. The rainwater had caused her hair to turn messy as her beautiful hair stuck onto her cheeks. It made her look somewhat miserable, and yet it gave out a kind of charming outlook.

Perhaps, it was because of the anxiousness or the fear of the night. Maybe, it could be because her injuries had yet to recover or being drenched that it made Feng Luan feel somewhat chilly. Although her footstep was still stable and steady, her body had already started shivering. Her complexion had turned somewhat green, making her looked somewhat pitiful.

Since Jiang Yi was just beside Feng Luan, how could he not felt the peculiarity in her? At the moment, he inquired worriedly, “Feng’er, why not you enter the Thearch Palace to have a rest. I shall do the carry on myself.”


Feng Luan turned around and smiled lightly as she shook her head, “Young Master, Feng’er is fine. You don’t have to worry.”

Jiang Yi’s speed was just way too slow. Furthermore, his divine sense wasn’t as strong as Feng Luan’s, and a mishap could easily happen in this big mountain range. Besides, when he released his divine perception, he needed someone to protect him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

Jiang Yi also knew of these few points. Hence, he didn’t stress too much about it. However, he stretched out his hand to embrace Feng Luan while he pressed his body close to hers and giving her some warmth. This time, he wasn’t taking advantage of her—he truly wanted to let Feng Luan feel some warmth, allowing her to feel that she had someone she could rely on.


Feng Luan trembled slightly as her pale complexion revealed traces of redness. However, she didn’t resist it because she felt Jiang Yi’s kind intention. On the contrary, that shivering body of hers calmed down very quickly as she felt a kind of indescribable warmth within her. The speed in which she was fleeing had also grown more stable.

The duo made haste in silence. As before, the sky was in the tempest as it wreaked havoc while the surrounding cold air was intimidating. However, the duo didn’t feel cold but a faint gentle aura pervading their surroundings. This caused the dull journey to become somewhat sentimental.

Feng Luan’s speed was simply too fast. When it was at midnight, the duo had already traveled across the mountain range. In the middle of their journey, they had also come across two demon kings. However, they didn’t make a move and only relied on their formidable aura to deter them.

Jiang Yi got Feng Luan to stop and have a rest after passing through the mountain range. Once again, he released his Divine Perception to examine the situation around them as he sought for the optimal route. After 30 minutes, the duo continued their journey as they traversed through the rainstorm.

In just a day, the duo had traveled for a few million miles. The route Jiang Yi had chosen was pretty decent and was not near any cities. They only traveled through the desolated areas outside the cities in order to prevent being spotted by the Pegasus Continent’s scouts.

Perhaps, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan had fled too quickly or that the route they had journeyed on was too remote, or that Fei Tian had yet to assemble sufficient people to chase after them, there was actually no emergence of any pursuers or scouts for not only today but for countless days to come.

On the eighth day…!

The duo had traveled for countless miles. It was reckoned that they had at least traveled across half the Pegasus Continent. After expanding his Divine Perception to examine a range of hundred thousand miles, Jiang Yi discovered there were no scouts or soldiers chasing after them. He decided to stop and take a rest. After making haste for eight full days, Feng Luan was already extremely tired while he was also utterly exhausted.

Naturally, Jiang Yi didn’t just search for a random spot to rest. Rather, he located an enormous lake. He and Feng Luan submerged down the lake quietly. The lake was filled with sea demons as well as an immense python demon king. Jiang Yi didn’t slaughter this demon king but used his Massacre Intent to deter it. Following which, he took out his Thearch Palace and teleported Feng Luan in before heading in himself.

The python demon king was unable to damage or dared to attack it after the Thearch Palace activated its restriction. With the demon king around, how could any ordinary scout dare to dive the lake?

After Feng Luan was teleported in, she laid down onto the bed and slept. Jiang Yi had also searched for a bedroom and slept. Before he fell asleep, doubt came across his mind. What happened to the Pegasus Continent? Why wasn’t there anyone chasing after him after so many days? Furthermore, Fei Tian had declared that if he couldn’t kill Jiang Yi within ten days, he would not be worthy to be a human.

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