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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 577: Third Lady Yi

Chapter 577: Third Lady Yi

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“En? There’s someone nearby!”

Jiang Yi had already released his Divine Perception earlier, but it only scanned a radius of ten thousand miles around him. This time, he increased the scanning area and discovered that thirty thousand miles to the east, there was a small boat headed towards him.

However, he swept his Divine Perception silently through the boat once and lost interest. The boat should be some sort of treasure as it didn’t experience the slightest tremor when traveling through the sea. The speed was comparable to an expert at the Vajra Realm. If it wasn’t a treasure, it would definitely sway along with the waves, and there was no way it would be so quick.

There were ten men in total on the boat, and out of the ten, five were maids. There were four guards, and finally, there was a young master wearing brocade clothes. The strongest member on the boat was only at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm, and the young master himself was also a Vajra Realm expert. He was around 25 or 26 in age, and his strength was considered commendable.

Experts at the Vajra Realm couldn’t put pressure on Jiang Yi which was why he simply scanned them once before moving on. After sweeping outwards for a million miles, he didn’t discover anything. He eventually withdrew his Divine Perception quietly.

“En? This small boat is actually making its way towards us. Could we actually be their goal?”

When he was withdrawing his Divine Perception, he coincidentally noticed that the boat was only several thousand miles from the area he was in. He had no choice but to suspect them, and his Divine Perception sneakily entered the boat and carefully searched for their motive.

His Divine Perception sorcery was able to infinitely magnify his divine senses. In other words… his Divine Perception sorcery multiplied the power of his divine senses by a hundred times. Ordinary Vajra Realm experts would never be able to detect his divine senses. In the past, Jiang Yi swept through the body of Thearch Meng in the Beastman Continent, and he didn’t feel a thing. It proved how powerful his Divine Perception was.

His Divine Perception snuck into the cabin of the boat, and Jiang Yi discovered that there were people currently discussing something. He promptly started to eavesdrop.

“Young Master, we should just go back. This is too dangerous. If the Lord knew about this, all of us will be heavily punished.”

“That’s right, Young Master. Even though the treasures inside the Mystic Thearch Divine Palace are extremely enticing, it’s too dangerous. How about we give up…?”

“Young Master…”

The four Vajra Realm guards were trying to dissuade their young master at this moment. When Jiang Yi heard their conversation, he finally relaxed. Looks like it was just a coincidence, and they were not here specifically for them.

The purple-clothed young master opened his mouth and said, “Aren’t you guys too annoying? How many times have I said it throughout our journey? I’ve already made up my mind. Stop trying to convince me otherwise.”

The four Vajra Realm guards were advanced in age, and the expert who was the peak stage of the Vajra Realm was probably around seventy or eighty. However, his mind was clear, and his face was a shade of healthy red. He softly offered his advice once again, “Young Master, you can’t joke around this time. According to what I know, many rich and powerful young masters arrived from East Imperial Continent. The North Thearch, Sword Thearch, Beast Thearch, and the Buddha Thearch’s clans had all sent members over. With the addition of the young masters and young ladies from the Pegasus Clan, all the experts are gathered there. There are too many Heaven Monarch martial artists to count, and with our strength, we will be completely destroyed if we are not careful…”


Jiang Yi’s mind shook. The Buddha Thearch’s clan also sent people?

He thought about Young Master Fei Tian’s words. He said that the Buddha Thearch, Yi Qianfo, only had one son and one daughter; and the daughter had been missing for many years. He once had the thought that Yi Piaopiao might be that daughter; otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to explain Yi Piaopiao’s origins. After all, her strength and treasures were all too powerful. It wasn’t something a random woman from the Yi Clan could possess. How could an ordinary lady travel around both East Imperial Continent and Stellarsky Continent as she wished?

How about I go to Mystic Thearch Divine Palace to take a look as well? Even if I can’t obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass, I can look for the people from the Yi Clan. I’ll ask if Mother is really someone from the Yi Clan. If she really is someone from the Yi Clan, I can ask them to bring me to meet her…

This thought suddenly appeared in Jiang Yi’s mind, and it started to burn brightly. He was no longer able to extinguish the thought from his mind.

At this moment, he was still extremely far away from the East Imperial Continent. Most importantly… the East Imperial Continent was vast and boundless, and there were dangers lurking everywhere. Even the old ancestor from the Phoenix Clan couldn’t stay there. After heading to East Imperial City, he wasn’t sure if he could reach the Yi Clan in one piece. Now that the disciples of the Yi Clan appeared nearby, it was a good opportunity for him to meet them.


Just as Jiang Yi was muttering to himself, the young master in magnificent robes suddenly snorted heavily which woke Jiang Yi up. He quickly calmed himself, but his divine senses were still locked onto the little boat. In the event where his divine senses fluctuated and attracted the attention of the people on the boat, he would bring about unnecessary trouble.

The young master on the boat suddenly stood up and sneered, “All of you think this Young Master is stupid? In fact, I’m extremely clear about all the young masters and young ladies who came this time. I’ll tell you frankly. In fact, I’m not there to fight for treasures. I’m there to find a chance to befriend all those people. This time, Third Young Lady Yi came; there’s also Young Lady Ya from the Ling Clan as well. If I can obtain their favor, I can charge into the heavens with a single bound. If I become the son-in-law of the Ling Clan, I’ll definitely be the next emperor of the Umbra Empire.”


Jiang Yi’s soul spirit shook, and the image of a beautiful maiden with purple hair appeared in his mind. Although he wasn’t able to see her face, he felt as though she was definitely an absolute beauty.

The maiden once saved his life in the Desolate East Sea, and she possessed a magical treasure which could avoid Lion Chi Demon King’s detection. It left a deep impression on him… didn’t she say that she was ranked third in the Yi Clan?

Young Master Fei Tian once said that there were three males and one female in the third generation of the Yi Clan. Now that a young lady from the Yi Clan had shown up, it was definitely the purple-haired lady.

“We’ll head towards the Mystic Thearch Divine Palace!”

Jiang Yi suddenly made up his mind. It could be said that he had a sort of friendly relationship with the third young lady of the Yi Clan. It was an easy way for him to clear his doubts about whether or not Yi Piaopiao was a descendant of the Yi Clan! If she was, then the third young lady would probably bring him to meet Yi Piaopiao. He could avoid taking many detours on his route.

Once he thought about how he would be able to see Yi Piaopiao, Jiang Yi’s soul spirit started to shiver. The moment his soul spirit shook, things went south. His divine senses emitted a slight fluctuation, and the expert at the peak of the Vajra Realm instantly detected it. He yelled in a deep voice, “Who is this evildoer? How dare you spy on us!”


Jiang Yi was stunned, and he quickly retracted his divine senses. However, the expert at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm already locked onto him and chased the divine senses back to its source. His body shot into the sea as he chased after the divine senses relentlessly. In the next instant, his divine senses locked onto the emperor palace at the bottom of the sea.


The young master and the other Vajra Realm guards charged into the sea as well. When they saw the emperor palace, their eyes lit up. The emperor palace wasn’t any random saint artifact. It was a transcending saint artifact. With a glance, they could see how extraordinary it was, and a trace of greed appeared in their hearts.


The young master in brocade robe waved his hand, and a muffled sound rang out. The four Vajra Realm experts hesitated for a moment before quickly summoning their essence force to surround the emperor palace. In the next instant, they directed it to smash against the palace.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A white light radiated from the emperor palace as the restrictions activated. It didn’t experience the slightest damage, and it didn’t even shake in the slightest.


Just as they were about to attack once again, the emperor palace flashed with white light before shrinking. Jiang Yi’s figure appeared outside the emperor palace and kept it. He turned into a beam of white light and disappeared. He shot towards the surface of the sea.


A killing intent flashed in the eyes of all five experts. Noticing the weak aura emitted by Jiang Yi, the thought of killing him to obtain the treasure naturally appeared in their hearts. The five figures followed behind Jiang Yi as they charged out of the sea.


Jiang Yi didn’t run away. The instant he burst out from the sea surface, he cupped his hands at them and said, “My humble self offended you by accident. Seeing as you were passing by, I simply swept my divine senses through once, and I don’t feel like killing anyone today. Please give up and leave!”


After the young master heard what Jiang Yi said, he raised his head to look to the sky and erupted in laughter. He stretched out his hand to point at Jiang Yi before continuing, “Did you hear that? A mere Vajra Realm cultivator says that he doesn’t want to kill us. Does he have a screw loose? Give up and leave? Sure! Hand over your treasure, and this young master will allow you to live.”

Jiang Yi rubbed his bald head, and he didn’t panic in the slightest. Glancing at the young master, he asked, “Are you sure?”

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