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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 578: Recently Accepted Minions

Chapter 578: Recently Accepted Minions

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The sarcasm in Jiang Yi’s eyes deeply hurt this young master. Instantly, he was enraged. Waving his hand, he shouted, “Kill him!”

Two of the four Vajra Realm martial experts moved. That peak-stage Vajra Realm martial expert didn’t move and stayed beside this young master. The brilliant light was glowing on one of his hands; he was ready to strike anytime.

Chi! Chi!

Those two people turned into faint images and flew towards Jiang Yi. The knife and sword on their hands shone simultaneously. They were about to release dao pattern attacks.


Just at this moment, Jiang Yi moved. His eyes shimmered with fiery light; violent killing aura poured out, immediately surrounding the area around him. Those two Vajra Realm martial experts ready to release dao pattern attacks instantly couldn’t move. The peak-stage Vajra Realm martial expert showed traces of horror from his eyes, too. He was slightly far away and was actually able to take his master and leave. However, he suppressed that idea as he had an inexplicable hunch that if he dared to move recklessly, everyone had to die here today.

Jiang Yi walked on the sea. His robes fluttered with the wind, and he looked elegant and graceful. However, in the eyes of the crowd, he seemed to be so scary. Although that peak-stage Vajra Realm martial expert didn’t dare to move, he plucked up the courage to shout in a deep voice, “My lord, we are blind. Hope that my lord can be forgiving and spare us this time. Our young master is an heir of the Umbra royal family and is also considered as a prince. If my lord can forgive us this time, we will definitely reciprocate your generosity with great rewards.”

“A prince?”

Jiang Yi came up with an idea, but he didn’t stop his steps and approached that young master quickly. After the peak-stage Vajra Realm expert was suppressed and unable to move, Jiang Yi finally put his mind at rest. With eyes twinkled, he looked at that young master. After studying him for a while, Jiang Yi whispered, “I’ll give you two options. You can either give up your soul seal or die!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

This young master and all the Vajra Realm guards turned pale immediately. Neither of the two choices was deemed as acceptable to them. They just came from the Umbra Continent and ran into big trouble all of a sudden. This young master looked particularly harrowing, and looks of remorse appeared in his eyes. If one refused to listen to the old man’s words, he was going to get burned. The world outside was indeed dangerous.

“Young master, you have to think very carefully!”

Jiang Yi fixed his eyes on the young master and said lightly, “If you die, there’ll be nothing left behind. If you become my soul slave, I’ll promise to return your freedom a year later. I’ll give ten seconds—if you want to keep your soul seal, I’ll give you a ride to the Netherworld Realm!”


The Fire Dragon Sword, which was infused with essence force, appeared on Jiang Yi’s hand. With the sound of a sword, two fire dragons started to swim. The essence force turned into a blast of air, floating around the tip of the sword and lighting up the pale faces of the young master and two peak-stage Vajra Realm experts in front into a fiery red.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven… six…”

Jiang Yi’s demonic voice echoed and pounded on everyone’s hearts. That young master’s face turned darker and darker, and the elder who was at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm showed a look of despair. He wanted to risk his life to fight back, but Jiang Yi was too close to him, and his aura was too paralyzing. He could hardly start the fight and had to wait for his master to make the decision, with his teeth clenched.

“Three, two… one!”

After counting the last number, Jiang Yi raised the Fire Dragon Sword on his hand, two fire dragons whizzed past. That young master finally had some response. A golden light shone on his forehead, and a small seal flew out. Jiang Yi revealed a trace of a smile. Grabbing single-handedly, the soul seal disappeared in his hand.

“Alright, you four old men, hand over your soul seals, too. I’ll give it back to you in one year!”

Jiang Yi looked at the peak-stage Vajra Realm elder. Taking one was no different from taking five. Since he had started, he might as well take all of them in.


The head of that Vajra Realm elder soon shone, and his soul seal flew to Jiang Yi, without any hesitation. However, to Jiang Yi’s surprise, another fourth-stage Vajra Realm martial artist next to the young master suddenly had blood dripping from his seven apertures, and his body couldn’t stop trembling. In the end, he let out a twisted smile and said, “I, Luo Lang, has always been… and will be a hero with dignity. I won’t be another’s soul slave. Young master, please take care; Luo Lang isn’t going to be your side anymore.”

“Young master, take care!”

Almost at the same time, a burst of shouting came from Jiang Yi’s back. Another Vajra Realm martial expert also bled to death from his apertures. However, there was still a person who handed in his soul seal obediently.

“En, these two are also decent and proud men. You take in their bodies. If the time permits, send them back to your homeland and bury them well.”

Jiang Yi withdrew the Massacre Intent and sighed with emotion after taking in three soul seals. Of course, he didn’t feel guilty as this world was just this cruel. If he was weak, he would already be killed by them by now. These two men would rather die than becoming soul slaves; Jiang Yi only admired their courage and integrity.

“Qi Lao, take in their bodies and preserve them well.”

This young master closed his eyes in pain, and the gray-haired peak-stage Vajra Realm elder burst into floods of tears. His body flashed by and took in those two bodies. The three gathered around and look at one another in the eyes before kneeling in front of Jiang Yi. That young master said, “Zhu Sui, with my subordinates—Qi Qing and Gu Yu, send our greetings to master.”

“Rise, you wait over there.”

Jiang Yi casually waved his hand and didn’t explain anything. They went back for a few kilometers compliantly and floated on the sea, waiting for Jiang Yi’s instructions. They all looked very bitter, especially that young master Zhu Sui, who even had the heart to kill himself. He was the distinguished prince of the Umbra Empire but was degenerated into another’s soul slave right now.

Jiang Yi didn’t pay much attention to them. In fact, he had no intent to pick up a fight with them since the beginning. That was why he emerged from the sea and talked to them nicely. However, they wanted to steal his Thearch Palace and swiftly started to fight with him!

The moment Jiang Yi stroke, he decided to take them in as his soul slaves… as he had made up his mind to look for Lady Yi San in the Mystic Thearch Divine Palace. If he went along with these people and disguised with another identity, it would definitely be safer. After all, this man was the prince of the Umbra Empire, and the Fei Clansmen had to treat him with some respect.

Qing Yu and Feng Luan were going to leave. He was just short of henchmen, and these men came to him voluntarily.


A small Thearch Palace appeared on his hand and sparkled before Feng Luan and Qing Yu appeared in mid-air. They two looked around and were just about to say something, but Feng Luan immediately noticed Zhu Sui and his group at a distance. Her eyes became cold, and aura immediately surged up around her body—she looked like a pretty Satan.


When Zhu Sui, Qi Qing, and Gu Yu saw them, they looked even paler and became more disheartened. How did they have the balls to take Jiang Yi’s treasures? Jiang Yi even had a Heaven Monarch under his control and didn’t summon her. This Thearch Palace was definitely a special artifact. Who knew how many more martial experts were hidden in there?

“Young Master, who’re they?”

Feng Luan sensed the problem and looked at Jiang Yi in confusion. Qing Yu was still very nervous; after all, there was a peak-stage Vajra Realm martial artist on the other side.

“Oh, relax. They are my recently accepted minions!”

Jiang Yi smiled faintly, but Feng Luan and Qing Yu rolled their eyes. It was fine to call that young master in a colorful robe like this, but how could the other two old Vajra Realm martial experts be called minions as well?

Jiang Yi waved his hand and said, “Alright, you don’t concern with my business. Let’s part here, I wish you a safe trip ahead. I will definitely visit your Phoenix Cry Continent sometime in the future if I have a chance. You have to be good hosts then.”


Qing Yu slightly raised her head and glimpsed at Jiang Yi. She said arrogantly, “We won’t entertain you as a guest!”


Jiang Yi lifted his brows and felt something odd. Qing Yu’s words didn’t anger him; he simply had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

As expected!

Feng Luan smiled softly and said, “Young Master, don’t listen to Qing Yu. We have decided not to come back to the Phoenix Cry Continent, and so we really can’t receive you there.”


Startled, Jiang Yi asked with his eyebrows furrowed, “What’re you going then?”

Feng Luan and Qing Yu looked at each other, both brimming with a captivating smile. Qing Yu answered, “We’ll go wherever the Young Master goes! We plan to stay as your little slaves and will only go back after ten years…”

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