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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 579: Am I Really That Good?

Chapter 579: Am I Really That Good?

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“Such willfulness!”

Jiang Yi’s face darkened, and he reproached them angrily. “Do you two find your lives too smooth and comfortable? Have you realized who my enemy is? The Martial Arts Hall! Who is the Chief Hall Master of the Martial Arts Hall? The North Thearch Wu Shang! If you continue to follow me, I’ll assure you will surely die. Go back to your Phoenix Cry Continent, or otherwise… if I am really vexed, I’ll force myself on you!”

Jiang Yi’s tone wasn’t very kind, and it was the first time that he got mad at them and even said something obscene in the end.

However, Feng Luan and Qing Yu looked at each other and couldn’t stop laughing. They didn’t take it seriously at all. When seeing Jiang Yi was about to say something again, Feng Luan looked up and bravely stared at Jiang Yi with her bright eyes. She said genuinely, “Young Master, don’t say anything further. We have made a decision. Ten years, we’ll leave after ten years—needless for the young master to shoo us away.”

Looking at Feng Luan’s stubborn eyes, Jiang Yi realized that they wouldn’t give up no matter what he did. Qing Yu’s character was slightly better, but this Phoenix Cry Thearch had extremely strong opinions of her own. She would never cave in if she was determined to do anything. As the Great Emperor, she was used to calling the shots.

Jiang Yi sighed softly but decided to persuade them again. “Feng’er, why are you giving yourselves such a hard time? Don’t you miss your family? Don’t you think on the behalf of your continent? If something happens to you, who’ll be there to protect your continent?”


Feng Luan smiled faintly and said unwaveringly, “You really underestimate our clans. Even if we die, our clans will quickly nurture two other descendants. Actually, before I left the continent, I sent a secret message to my clan to ask one of our clansmen to refine soul spirit dao pattern shards. If I don’t come back in ten years, she will be my successor.”


Jiang Yi was astonished and asked in surprise, “Do your clan even have soul spirit dao pattern shards? High-level one also?”


Feng Luan stuck out her tongue naughtily and said, “I am not going to tell you that…”

“You bad girl!”

Jiang Yi rolled his eyes and sighed unwillingly again. “How can you be so foolish? I refined too many celestial stones in the past and ruined my body. My strength may very likely stop at this level. You won’t have a bright future by following me. Instead, I may drag you down. One day, you’ll definitely regret today.”

“Haha, you returned our soul seals to us. Weren’t you also doing something foolish back then?”

Feng Luan smiled elegantly before she continued. “Just like what you have said, we were on the opposite sides back then on the continent. I was trying to refine you, and Young Master was more powerful and refined me instead. From your perspective, you did nothing wrong, and we were evened out. However, the Young Master could have just left with us, but you risked your life to help us fend off the Merman Great Emperor and Lion Chi Thearch, removing a great threat for our continent. Tens of millions of citizens on our continent are in your debt. They can’t repay your kindness, and so Qing Yu and I will naturally do it for them!”

“Young Master took us in as soul slaves but offered us a decent way to leave. We have been treated with nothing but absolute respect along the way. You see us as friends and sisters. Feng’er and Qing Yu are not made of iron; how can they not feel your kindness? We had a ten-year deal, but you gave our freedom back ahead of time. You are so good to us. If Qing Yu and I don’t have the courtesy to be grateful, are we still worthy of being human?”

Her speech was sonorous, logical, and passionate; even Jiang Yi didn’t know how to refute her. He blinked his eyes, touched his bald head, and asked muddly, “Am I really that good?”


Both Feng Luan and Qing Yu burst out laughing, lights flowed in their beautiful eyes. Jiang Yi was enchanted by the charm in their eyes.


Jiang Yi paused for a moment before letting out a deep breath. He rubbed his face and said, “Alright, I’ll let you follow me if you want it so badly. End of conversation. I can’t win you by talking anyway. Let’s go!”


Feng Luan and Qing Yu let out silvery laughter as though they had won a fight. They followed Jiang Yi, with one on his left and one on his right, and ran on the sea towards Zhu Sui and the group.

“Go to your small boat!”

Jiang Yi walked to the front of Zhu Sui and his group. Waving his hand, he led the crowd to march to the small boat that was several thousand kilometers away. Everyone was very fast and reached the boat within a short time.

“Ah? Young Master is back?”

There were five pretty maidservants on the boat, but they were very weak and were only at the Purple Mansion Realm. All were delighted upon seeing the crowd coming back in a distance. Just now, all the strong ones left, which made them very anxious.


When the crowd came closer, these five maidservants found that their young master was not at the foremost position. Instead, a young man with a very strange look was walking in front of everyone. He was bald, wore leather armor, and with earrings hanging on his ears. He looked even stranger than their young master. The bearing he revealed from his moves made the maidservants feel slightly depressed.

“Come over and greet your master.”

After Jiang Yi and the group flew onto the boat, Zhu Sui saw that these several maidservants didn’t do anything; and so his face darkened and shouted coldly. The maidservants were startled at first and were slightly confused why their young master addressed Jiang Yi as his master. However, they didn’t dare to raise any questions and kneeled down fearfully. “Greetings to the lords.”


Looking at these maidservants, Jiang Yi was a bit worried. They were too weak; taking their soul seals wouldn’t be of any help to him. Having too many soul seals inside one’s soul-spirit also could have negative impacts. However, Jiang Yi wasn’t hardhearted enough to kill them, but if he let them live—what if they disclosed his real identity?

The gray-haired peak staged Vajra Realm guard—Qi Lao—saw through Jiang Yi’s hesitation. He cupped his hand and said, “Young Master, don’t worry. All of them are slaves refined by the royal family. Their lives were controlled by my mind; you don’t need to worry about them.”


Jiang Yi was relieved. He went into the cabin with the crowd. He sat on the front seat without hesitation. He waved at Feng Luan and Qing Yu to instruct them to sit next to him and then waved at Zhu Sui and his group. “You guys take a seat, too.”

How could they dare to sit down? However, since Jiang Yi gave the orders, they didn’t have the courage to disobey. They had no choice but to sit down. Eyes constantly turning around, they looked frightened and unease.

“You don’t have to worry too much.”

Jiang Yi turned to Qi Lao and said, “I’ve promised to return your soul seals after a year, and I intend to live up to my words. You just need to accompany me to the Mystic Thearch Divine Palace, and if things go well, we may give back your freedom soon. You can continue to live your lives the way you are used to, and I won’t interfere.”

“Many thanks to the master!”

Qi Lao quickly got up so did Zhu Sui and Gu Lao. They thanked him, terrified.

Jiang Yi waved his hand and said, “I don’t have many rules, and don’t call me Master. Call me ‘Second Young Master’ instead. When we go to the Pegasus Empire, I’ll be Zhu… Zhu Sui’s second younger brother. In the presence of other people, you should tend to Zhu Sui’s needs first. You mustn’t be overly respectful to me, especially Zhu Sui. Understand?”


They three cupped their hands and answered unanimously. They felt slightly relieved as well. It seemed that things weren’t so bad after all. If Jiang Yi really kept his promise, they would regain their freedom one day.


Jiang Yi nodded gently and smiled. He said softly, “Next, shall we discuss the Mystic Thearch Divine Palace?”

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