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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 580: People Should Look Up to the Mystic Thearch

Chapter 580: People Should Look Up to the Mystic Thearch

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Since the start of the era of mankind, the Stellarsky Domain had existed for one million years.

One million years ago, the demon race dominated the world. Every continent was ruled by powerful demons which brought disasters upon people. Humans were driven to desolate mountains, barren fields, tundra, and islands—left to run their own lives.

After that, many incredibly strong martial experts appeared in the human clan. They kept fighting and dividing the demon race while boosting the mankind. It took mankind 300,000 years to completely suppress the Demon Clan and become the ruler of this continent. All these absolute masters left countless legends and tales on the continent.

About 700,000 years ago, an unprecedented genius came from the Divine Mystic Island—a small island on the south of the Stellarsky Domain. He crossed the sea and went to the East Imperial Continent at the age of 15 all by himself and began his legendary journey.

Back then, there was only one human Emperor who led the human clan and struggled to fend off the alliance army from four demon races. However, this Emperor was only left with a lifespan of fewer than one hundred years, and no other extraordinary martial expert emerged in the human clan. Once this emperor died, the human clan might be counter-attacked by the demon race anytime.

Once he entered the East Imperial Continent, this young man rose up like a star. He joined the army against the demon race. He broke through the Vajra Realm at the age of 15 and became a general. At the age of 19, he became a commander capable of leading an army on his own. When he was 22, his troops swept off a demon army under his command, slaughtering tens of millions of demons. At 25, his strength was comparable to an ordinary great demon. At 28, he became the adopted son of the human emperor. At 30, he broke into the base camp of the demon race by himself and killed 13 great demons, paving the way for mankind’s victory over the demon race.

He spent 15 years accomplishing what others couldn’t accomplish in their lifetime. Even that exceedingly powerful emperor sighed with emotions and admitted that he himself couldn’t match him. After that, this Emperor abdicated the throne in favor of him. He then led an army of human and demolished the demon race. He drove them to desolate mountains, deep sea, uninhabited islands, and the northernmost areas. The demon race no longer had to power to fight back.

After crushing the demon race, this new emperor began his seclusion inside a palace refined by him. He was obsessed with the study of martial arts. After he became the ruler of the Stellarsky Domain, surprisingly, he didn’t marry and devoted all his energy to comprehending martial skills. He wasn’t bothered with the government affairs, too, and left them to the hands of the nine most powerful generals. Luckily, he enjoyed high prestige so no one dared to rebel. The demon race didn’t even dare to crop up with him being the emperor.

His seclusion lasted for 70 years!

All the nine generals under his command started their families and became the nine most powerful clans on the East Imperial Continent. One of the nine generals was too old and was even about to die soon.

After he exited from his seclusion, he traveled around the Stellarsky Domain and conveniently killed several remaining great demons. Then he rallied the nine generals and held a secret conference for two hours. After that, in front of the billions of residents, he smashed the space with his sword and flew to the sun.

His name was Mystic Thearch!

He was not one of—but the greatest man in the Stellarsky Domain.

As only he was the only one that smashed the space and ascended to the sky, no one knew whether he went to heaven, the fairyland, or died. However, his strength was unprecedented and unrivaled.

As for the palace that he lived in—the Mystic Divine Palace, it vanished when he smashed the space. Of course, people were accustomed to calling it the Mystic Thearch Divine Palace in order to remember and honor the Mystic Thearch.

Magically, this palace appeared once every one thousand years in different locations. It might be at the bottom of the oceans, in uninhabited forests, or any random continent in the Stellarsky Domain.

Every time the Mystic Divine Palace appeared, it would stay for one year and would be gone after one year. All martial experts searched for them but to no avail. One and a half months after this Divine Palace appeared, it would open. Only martial artists above the Vajra Realm could go in and hunt for treasures. Martial artists above the age of 30 were unable to enter, regardless of how mighty they were.

The Mystic Thearch was the most powerful man in the Stellarsky Domain. He had obtained countless treasures, spirit herbs, secret manuals, and all kinds of numinous treasure in nature—which were all stored in the Mystic Divine Palace.

In addition, it was said that the Mystic Divine Saber that belonged to the Mystic Thearch was also in the Mystic Divine Palace. This weapon was a truly magical artifact and could slash a Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert as easy as chopping vegetables. The Mystic Divine Armor that the Mystic Thearch used to wear was also in there, even a child could not be harmed by a peak-stage Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert if he was in that armor.

Without a doubt!

The Mystic Divine Palace was the most precious gift that the Mystic Thearch left to the citizens of the Stellarsky Domain. Nobody knew why the palace disappeared and reappeared every one thousand years. It was a mystery whether someone was controlling inside, or there were magical restrictions in the palace that enabled it to control itself. However… everyone in the Stellarsky Domain knew that the Mystic Thearch was taking care of his people. He enabled the gifted ones to obtain some treasures so that they could improve quickly, helping mankind to be stronger and stronger and to forever suppress the demon race.

The future generations were very grateful to the Mystic Thearch. There were statues of the Mystic Thearch in many cities on the East Imperial Continent, which were worshiped by people days and nights. Those who were able to get treasures in the Mystic Divine Palace were valued by their clans because they received recognition from the Mystic Thearch.

Of course…

There were some myopic martial experts who dreamed to break the restrictions in the Mystic Divine Palace and appropriate the Mystic Divine Palace, along with the Mystic Divine Saber and the Mystic Divine Armor inside. However, those who had such thoughts usually ended up in a cruel death.

As the ancestors of the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent were the nine generals that followed the Mystic Thearch back then, these nine super clans regarded the Mystic Thearch as their only leader. Whoever dared to harm the Mystic Divine Palace would be hunted by the nine great clans together. Up to the sky or down to the sea, there would be no place for that person over the entire Stellarsky Domain.

Last time, the Mystic Divine Palace appeared in the northernmost of the Stellarsky Domain and was only discovered when it was about to disappear. Many got the information and came, but the Mystic Divine Palace was already closed by the time they reached it. Thus, no one was able to go in to look for treasures, and all left in deep regret.

After one thousand years, the Mystic Divine Palace appeared again.

This time, it was on the Pegasus Continent. When the news arrived, the entire East Imperial Continent was shaken. Descendants of prestigious clans rushed over madly. All those who received the information on the continents around the Pegasus Continent went to the Mystic Divine Palace quickly as well.

Zhu Sui was one of them.

Of course, Zhu Sui never thought of going into the Mystic Divine Palace personally. Instead, he wanted to network with descendants of super clans outside the Mystic Divine Palace. If he could win the favor of Third Lady Li and Lady Ya, he would rise high in ranks.

Zhu Sui was indeed a prince of the Umbra Empire. Unfortunately, he was given birth by a palace maid and had a very low position. That was why Qi Lao said he was sort of a prince. He came here secretly and never expected to become Jiang Yi’s soul slave when he just reached the Flying Shadow Sea.

“Mystic Divine Palace, Mystic Thearch… proud son of Heaven of his time.”

Jiang Yi sighed with emotion and kept quiet after listening to Zhu Sui; Qi Lao, Feng Luan, and Qing Yu remained silent as well. However, from their slightly faster breathing and glowing eyes, it was obvious that they were very thrilled on the inside.

After a long silence, Jiang Yi rose up and let out a deep breath. He sighed, “All men should look up to the Mystic Thearch. Accomplishing great feats, bringing blessings to the world, being crowned with eternal glory, and being worshiped by men are the ways to live one’s life.”

“Young Master has great ambitions.”

After listening to Jiang Yi’s heroic speech, Feng Luan’s eyes brightened, and Qing Yu gave him a thumbs-up. Perhaps, only Jiang Yi had the courage to say such things. Only when these words came from Jiang Yi did they not sound awkward. If some other person dared to say such things, they might already give him a slap on the face.

“Haha, I’m just bragging.”

Jiang Yi touched his nose and laughed awkwardly. He waved his big hand and ordered. “Qi Lao, control the boat to the Pegasus Continent as fast as possible and go to the Mystic Divine Palace after that.”

Qing Yu stood up enthusiastically, she yelled, “Young Master, are we going to the Mystic Divine Palace to take away the Mystic Divine Saber and the Mystic Divine Armor?”


Jiang Yi flicked her forehead. Rolling his eyes, he said, “Taking away? My a*s! With our strength, it’s more like going to die. We’ll find some help and find the granddaughter of the Buddha Thearch.”

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