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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 581: Broke Through

Chapter 581: Broke Through

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“Who goes there? Stop immediately; otherwise, you will be deemed as intruding the Pegasus Empire and be executed without further question.”

In the marine region on the east of the Pegasus Continent, a squad of soldiers on patrol who rode on pterippi stopped a glamorous small boat. They instantly drew out their weapons, with essence force circulating around them, and watched the boat with hostility. They would surely attack the moment that the people in the boat did something recklessly.

A gray-haired elder walked from the cabin. He swept across the patrol arrogantly before fixing his eyes on a commander of the squad and cupping his hand. “I’m Qi Qing, the Dragon Fang General of the Umbra Empire. Our sixteenth Prince is on the boat. We are under the command of the king to sail to the Pegasus Empire. This is my command token; please let us go.”

The old general tossed over a dark golden command token casually. After the commander examined it carefully, he tossed it back and cupped his hand. “General Qi, and sixteenth Prince, sorry to disturb you. Everyone, listen up! Let them go!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Several hundred soldiers in the front instantly controlled their pterippi and retreated to the side. The small boat sailed away and soon disappeared in everyone’s view.

A squadron leader asked the commander confusedly, “My lord, they don’t have any credentials; why did we let them go so easily?”


The commander snorted and said, “If I remember correctly, this sixteenth Prince was born to a concubine. How dare he to go to Mystic Divine Palace with a few men?! He may lose his mind from his greed. Haha, martial experts were swarmed in the Sandy Soil City. If this bullshit prince wants to die, why not fulfill his wish?

“However, after all, this doesn’t comply with the rules.” That squadron leader still said hesitantly.

“What do you know?!”

The general looked at him furiously, “He is the Prince; we can’t stop him if he breaks in forcefully. Don’t you see the generals in the front didn’t stop him either? Moreover, how many people have broken in over the past few days? Can we really stop all of them even if we want to?”

“Oh, that’s right…”

That squadron leader scratched his nose. Those young masters and young mistresses from distinguished clans on the East Imperial Continent all drove straight in, without saying a word. Anyone who had to nerves to stop them might get bored of living.


The squadron leader looked at the northwest direction and sneered, “This moron prince is surely looking for his death. The Sandy Soil City is filled with men from privileged clans. With his little strength, if he angers anyone, he will die in vain.”

“Second Young Master, the Pegasus Continent is in front of us.”

In the boat, Qi Lao said to Jiang Yi respectfully, “We can go up first and ask the Pegasus Empire to dispatch guards of honor to accompany us, or fly on our own, or continue to stay on the flying boat. Second Young Master, please decide.”

Jiang Yi was resting in the cabin with his eyes half-closed. He pretended to be Zhu Sui’s cousin, and Qi Lao remembered that well. Feng Luan and Qing Yu went into their rooms to rest. Zhu Sui and another guard were sitting there, but they constantly had a feeling of sitting on a pinned cushion.

“This flying boat can also fly?”

Jiang Yi opened his eyes in surprise and asked, “How about its speed?”

Qi Lao answered deferentially, “It’s the same as on the sea and barely comparable to the speed of a third-stage Vajra Realm martial artist.”


Jiang Yi pondered for a while and realized that this flying boat was also sort of flying on the sea. Most of the time, it didn’t even touch the sea water. He frowned and asked, “If we fly to the Sandy Soil City like this, will the Pegasus Empire cause any trouble?”

“There’ll definitely be trouble!”

Qi Lao thought for a while before saying, “If it’s the normal times, we may be questioned frequently along the way and may be asked for our credentials, with soldiers constantly on our backs. However, now the Mystic Divine Palace appears on the north of the Sandy Soil City, and many renowned young masters and young mistresses from the East Imperial Continent came. Right now, the Pegasus Continent is definitely in a mass, and the men of the Pegasus Empire surely won’t dare to stop us. Otherwise, they may never know how they die…”


Jiang Yi waved his hand and said, “Then let’s fly over blatantly, the more aggressive we are, the better! Turn on the shield around the flying boat. Scare off those who dare to stop us; you have to be tough and domineering.”


Qi Lao instantly understood Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi wanted to strike a pose of going to the Sandy Soil City and robbing the treasures in the Mystic Divine Palace. In this way, the army of the Pegasus Continent wouldn’t dare to stop them. Who knew what kind of big shots were inside? So many people came to the Pegasus Continent, and if they annoyed them, it might cause a bloodbath.

Swish! Swish!

The small boat rose from the sea to the sky and turned into a flying boat. A dark blue shield also appeared on the outside and surrounded the boat. It turned into a streamer of blue light and whizzed to the northwest direction.

As expected!

As Jiang Yi figured, the flying boat flew above the Pegasus Empire in a mighty contingent. They passed many cities, but no one dared to question them—let alone to stop them. Many soldiers looked at them in awe from the ground; obviously, they mistook the one inside this flying boat for a master from a super clan on the East Imperial Continent.

The Sandy Soil City was in the center of the Pegasus Empire. Right now, Jiang Yi was the southeast of the continent and wasn’t far from the city. They traveled days and nights and might reach the Sandy Soil City after over half a month, barring accidents. It was still one month before the closure of the Mystic Divine Palace, and so they had enough time.

After flying for a day, they found no problem so Jiang Yi asked Qi Lao to control the flying boat to fly higher. After that, he went to his room to comprehend the sorcery in seclusion. With Feng Luan in charge—once there was any danger, she would let him know. He didn’t have to worry too much.

Perhaps, it was really because there were so many young masters and mistresses from privilege clans going to the Sandy Soil City. Their journey was unobstructed. They flew over half of the Pegasus Empire, and not even one army stopped them. Of course, Qi Lao was very clever and didn’t cross the super large cities, which was a flagrant contempt to the absolute masters inside the cities.

Jiang Yi was in seclusion in his room and never went out. Feng Luan and Qing Yu were at ease. They were no longer Jiang Yi’s soul slaves. Without the restrictions from their identities, they didn’t have to bear great pressure or responsibilities. As though they were two young girls traveling out to enjoy themselves, they were very cheerful. Since they had decided to follow Jiang Yi for ten years, they had no longer cared about their death or life. With nothing worrying them, obviously, they were relaxed.


On the eighteenth day, when they were just one day’s journey away from the Sandy Soil City, they were suddenly stopped by an army. The leader was a peak-stage Vajra Realm martial expert, with over one thousand members of the cavalry completely surrounded the flying boat. The general was in a suit of gray armor and looked cold.

“My Lady, what should we do now?”

Jiang Yi was in seclusion, and so Qi Lao had to turn to Feng Luan, whose eyes turned cold. She said, “You go out and talk to them first.”

Qi Lao turned off the restrictions of the flying boat, and Feng Luan suppressed her aura. Qi Lao flew out to negotiate with that general. However, he came back dejectedly after a while and reported. “My lady, that general said that the Sandy Soil City is full of young masters and young mistresses from eminent clans right now. Martial laws are imposed in the city, and so people without credentials or passes of the Pegasus Empire are not allowed to go in.”


Feng Luan’s face darkened, Zhu Sui sneaked out and naturally didn’t have any credentials. What was a pass? How to get one? Was the process troublesome? If it got delayed for another ten days or half a month, the Mystic Divine Palace would long be closed; and that third Lady Yi might long be in the Mystic Divine Palace.

“What’s to think about?”

Just at this moment, a cold shout came from the room. The door was opened, and Jiang Yi appeared. He stroke out and shouted in a deep voice, “Just break through. Have Qi Lao tell that general if he dares to stop us, he has to bear the consequences.”

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