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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 582: Appearance Alteration Elixir

Chapter 582: Appearance Alteration Elixir

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“Our young master said that he has to go into this Sandy Soil City. Anyone who dares to stop him will be prepared to prepare the consequences!”

An aged but firm voice echoed. Swiftly after that, a shield shone around the flying boat, which shot to the front like a sharp sword. There were a group of soldiers intercepting them in the front and at least dozens of pterippi. If the flying boat didn’t stop, it would crush onto them.


A squadron leader in the front shouted anxiously, and the general looked extremely sullen. He ignored the squadron leader and shouted in rage, “Stop immediately; otherwise, it will be deemed as an affront to the army of our Empire, and you will be executed without further question!”

His shout echoed through the field, and many soldiers had their ears hurt from the loud volume. However, the owner of the flying boat had made up his mind and controlled the boat to dart straight in, with no intention to stop.

“As such, sorry for the offense. Everyone, listen up, attack!”

Cold lights flickered across the eyes of the general, and he gave the order when the flying boat was three kilometers away from the troops. However, just at this moment, an incredibly domineering aura poured out of the flying boat which immediately stopped everyone from attacking and even… breathing.

“Heaven Monarch!”

The general turned pale and the rest of the men looked terrified. If the other side started to kill, all of them might have to die here. A Heaven Monarch wasn’t someone that they could be compared to.

“I have already given you enough face!”

A sneer came from the small boat before it turned into a stream of light and dashed in, sending dozens of pterippi into flying and causing dozens of soldiers to spit blood. In the end, the flying boat turned into a blue shadow and flew to Sandy Soil City.


After the flying boat left, that squadron leader leaned over angrily and shouted coldly, “This shitty Prince of the Umbra Empire is really presumptuous. Should we tell the eldest Prince and send people to take them down?”

“No! Leave them be.”

A trace of fear appeared in the eyes of the general, and he said gravely, “The one who spoke just now shouldn’t be Zhu Sui. Zhu Sui doesn’t have the ability to dispatch a Heaven Monarch. He should be a young master from an esteemed clan on the East Imperial Continent, who entered the Sandy Soil City under the pretext of Zhu Sui in order to take the treasure in secret. We shouldn’t get involved. If we offend such a mighty figure, even the eldest Prince may be implicated.”


The squadron leader nodded heavily and looked at the northeast direction before sighing with great emotion, “The number of young masters and young mistresses who reveal themselves publicly is more than dozens. How many more are there in the dark? There is bound to be a hustle and bustle in the Sandy Soil City. It is a pity that we aren’t even qualified to have a peek.”

The general smiled faintly, patted this young squadron leader on his shoulders, and said, “Kid, work hard to cultivate. We don’t have a prominent background. If we want to rise above the rest and become world-renowned, the only way is cultivation. Only when your strength has reached a certain level, you will then be recognized and respected by others. Otherwise, you have to forever be at other’s beck and call.”


The squadron leader clenched his fists in excitement. He looked at the sky on the northwest, with eyes full of passion.

“Second Young Master, the Sandy Soil City should be in the front. Should we continue to fly over like this?’

After one day, in the late afternoon when the sun was about to set, the flying boat flew over a giant mountain range. Plains appeared in the front. When a faintly visibly giant city was at the edge of the plains, Qi Lao asked Jiang Yi for instructions.

“Slow down and descend!” Jiang Yi also saw that giant city from the cabin windows and hurriedly gave the order.

What a joke!

He wasn’t really a young master from a renowned clan. If he flew over so brazenly, someone would definitely kill him for that. If Fei Tian knew that he was here, he would definitely be the first one to kill him—let alone others.

Jiang Yi didn’t come here to look for death or to find any treasure in the Mystic Divine Palace. He only wanted to find the third Lady Yi and asked her about Yi Piaopiao, and so he had to keep a low profile all the time.

The flying boat landed rapidly and slowed down as well. Jiang Yi pondered for a while and suddenly told Feng Luan, “How about we don’t go in and ask Zhu Sui and his group to go in and look around to see where third Lady Yi is? Then we will directly visit her?”

“That’s not very wise…”

Feng Luan shook her head and said, “There are so many martial experts around here. If we try to hide, we may be exposed more readily. The city is currently a hodgepodge of good people and bad people. If we can go into the city successfully, I think it’ll be safer instead.”

“That’s true.”

Jiang Yi pondered for a while and agreed with her. The Sandy Soil City was under heavy surveillance right now, and there might be troops patrolling around. With one mistake, they might draw attention from some important people. Then, they would have nowhere to run to.

However, they couldn’t possibly go into the city on the flying boat. He looked too conspicuous. If Fei Tian was heard of him, his facade would be disclosed instantly.

“Second Young Master!”

Qi Lao suddenly spoke, the Ancient Divine Essence Ring on his hand shone and several jade boxes appeared. He handed them over reverently and said, “This is a special elixir from our Umbra Continent and is called the appearance alteration elixir. It can change your appearance, but the effect only lasts for three days and the aura of the soul spirit can’t be altered. I think it’ll do if there isn’t any martial expert paying close attention to us.”


Jiang Yi, Feng Luan, and Qing Yu had their eyes brighten up. Such treasures even existed? This world was indeed filled with wonders.

The three looked at one another. Jiang Yi took over the jade boxes and found a dozen of small elixir inside. However, it kind of smelled funny.

“Young Master, it’s fine. The elixirs are not poisonous.” Feng Luan swept over it with her divine senses and sent a voice transmission to him.

Jiang Yi took the elixir and swallowed it. In a while, his body and face began to change. He grew a bit shorter, his nose got flatter, and his face was elongated a little. He looked like a completely different person.

“Great item!”

Feng Luan’s pretty eyes glowed again, but Qing Yu furrowed and mumbled. “What a stupid thing. It turns Young Master ugly.”


Jiang Yi pinched his face and said excitedly, “Being ugly is good so that not many people will notice us. Alright! Feng er, you two go into the Thearch Palace first. I’ll follow them to the city.

Feng Luan and Qing Yu didn’t differ. After all, having more people meant a greater target. Jiang Yi took the two into the Thearch Palace before he went into the room and changed into a normal suit of armor. He put a helmet on his head and took off the earrings. At a glance, he looked no different from Qi Lao and the rest. He was like an ordinary guard.

“Everyone, listen carefully. From now on, I am a guard of the Young Master. My name is Lone Wolf. When there is a stranger around, I’m just a guard, understand?”

Jiang Yi swept across the crowd with his ferocious eyes, and everyone nodded repeatedly swiftly. The flying boat continued to fly forward and was soon five kilometers away from the gate. A glow of divine senses rapidly swept over but quickly disappeared.

Jiang Yi gave Zhu Sui a glance, and the latter quickly hold his chest out and said proudly, “Take in the flying carriage and change into a flying carriage. March to the city!”


Everyone flew to the ground. The flying boat turned into a white light and was taken in by Qi Lao. His ring glowed, and two flying carriages appeared. Zhu Sui and several maidservants went into the one on the back, whereas Jiang Yi and the rest got on the one in front. The flying carriages didn’t take off and slowly went to the front like a horse-drawn carriage.

There were guards at the city gate who didn’t question them this time. Perhaps, it was because the city was heavily guarded on the outside. Since Jiang Yi and his group were able to arrive at the gate, they felt there was no need to interrogate them anymore. Everyone went to the city with ease.

Sandy Soil City was one of the ten largest cities in the Pegasus Empire. It was unusually busy inside the city. Since the appearance of the Mystic Divine Palace 50 kilometers north of the city, countless people rushed here. The city was even more thriving than the capital of the Pegasus Empire.

Zhu Sui and his group kept a low profile along their way to the city. They didn’t dare to stay in the most luxurious hotel and found a random decent small inn and reserved a small yard for the group.


The moment that the crowd crossed the lobby and was about to walk to the backyard, several people suddenly came from the corridor. They were dressed in fabulous robes with matchless bearings. Jiang Yi, Qi Lao, and the group casually sensed them and immediately turned pale—as among these people, there was even one Heaven Monarch!

“Young Master, watch out. I have information on this man. He is the eldest prince of the Pegasus Empire, Prince Fei Qi. But I don’t know why he shows up in a small inn like this.”

Qi Lao quietly sent a voice transmission which sank Jiang Yi’s heart. How could he be so unlucky? He even ran into the eldest Prince by just picking a random inn. He hoped no accident happened. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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