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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 583: Gathering of Experts

Chapter 583: Gathering of Experts

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The corridor wasn’t very wide, but it could still allow five or six people to go together in a roll. However, those people opposite them were walking in a roll. If Jiang Yi and his group didn’t wish to bump into them, they had to make way for them.

Jiang Yi naturally didn’t want to create any trouble and wished that they wouldn’t notice them. Therefore, everyone stepped aside obediently. The eldest prince Fei Qi in a boa-design robe glanced at them indifferently. He didn’t pay much attention and stroke away with his entourage.


Fei Qi didn’t pay attention to them, but a guard beside him peeked at him and stopped. Letting out a bantering smile, he said, “Yo, isn’t this Young Master Zhu Sui?”

Fei Qi and the rest stopped after hearing this and looked at Zhu Sui curiously. Jiang Yi’s body stiffened; he quietly moved back and looked down to avoid eye contact. Zhu Sui was not stupid and cupped his hand at Fei Qi. “Zhu Sui sends his greetings to the eldest Prince.”

“A Zhu Clansman?”

Fei Qi lifted his eyebrows, and only after the guard who spoke just now nodded, he revealed a smile and said, “What’s your rank in the Zhu Clan? The third Prince lives in the Ascending Goddess Inn; why are you staying here? Do you need me to ask someone to arrange for you?”

Zhu Sui was overwhelmed with flattery and quickly smiled placatingly, “Zhu Sui ranks sixteenth. Thank you for your hospitality, but I prefer silence and won’t go to join the fun.”

“Alright then, if you need anything, just find me in the City Lord’s manor.”

Clearly, this eldest prince was just being polite and was about to leave. However, after a few steps, he was suddenly reminded of something and looked at the backyard. “Zhu Sui, there is a distinguished guest in the third small yard. It’s the Lady from the Yin Clan. You need to be careful. If you offend this Lady, even I can’t save you.”

“Yin Clan?”

Zhu Sui trembled while Qi Lao and Gu Yu turned pale. The three instantly understood why this eldest prince would appear in this small inn. Zhu Sui cupped his hands and bowed. “Thank the eldest prince for your guidance. Zhu Sui appreciates that.”


Fei Qi then left with the group. Throughout the whole process, no one took a glance at Jiang Yi.


Jiang Yi let out a deep breath and secretly felt that he was right to take in these people as soul slaves in the Flying Shadow Sea. With Zhu Sui in the front, people wouldn’t normally notice him—an unremarkable Vajra Realm guard.

Zhu Sui went into a separate yard with the rest. It was the fourth small yard. The moment they entered the yard, Zhu Sui and his group peeped at the yard on the left—as though they were some perverts.

Fei Qi’s words just now occurred to Jiang Yi. He whispered to Qi Lao, “People living there are very notable?”

Qi Lao was startled and gesticulated to hush him up. He sent a voice transmission that said, “Second Young Master, don’t say something foolishly. If this is heard by the martial experts over there, we’ll all be in great trouble. Lady Yin Ruobing should be living on that side. The Patriarch of the Yin Clan is Emperor Yin, one of the nine emperors. She is the only one in the third generation of her clan.”

Clan of the nine emperors again!

Jiang Yi was secretly surprised. The clans of the Nine Thearchs of the East Imperial Continent are the top nine clans over the entire Stellarsky Domain. They even had the honor to be the neighbor of the lady from the Yin Clan. No wonder Zhu Sui looked obsessed.

Jiang Yi had a strong mentality. Among the nine clans, the lady of the Yi Clan saved him once. They spent half a month in a magical boat alone. He also killed the grandson of the Beast Thearch Tu Xian on the Beastmen Continent. Not long ago, he met several descendants of eminent clans, and some of them might belong to the clans of the nine Emperors. Therefore, though the lady of the Yin Clan stayed in the yard beside theirs, he didn’t really care about it and calmed down swiftly.

Zhu Sui was not so blatant after Qi Lao’s reminder, but he still flashed his eyes towards that side uncontrollably. Jiang Yi smiled speechlessly. With such temperament and manner, he even foolishly attempted to befriend young masters and young mistresses from the clans of the nine Emperors and even dreamed to be appreciated by the ladies from the nine clans, who were way out of his league. He really felt good about himself.

After they entered the room, Qi Lao turned on the restrictions around the yard, but Jiang Yi still didn’t dare to reveal his identity. What if there were some powerful martial experts on the other side who could silently infiltrate the shield and snooped?

He played the role of a guard faithfully and diligently carried out his duties, letting Zhu Sui be the boss for a time.

After they settled down, Jiang Yi then turned to Qi Lao. He took him into the room and whispered, “Old Qi, go and poke around. Find some information on the Mystic Divine Palace, and the young masters and young mistresses from every clan so that Young Master can visit them one by one.”

Qi Lao nodded repeatedly and secretly praised Jiang Yi’s cautiousness. He excused himself to Zhu Sui and walked out alone. Jiang Yi and Gu Lao asked the waiter to bring up some good wine and good food. They asked Zhu Sui to eat by himself while they and another five maidservants went on a binge together.

After two hours, Qi Lao came back. He casually reported to Zhu Sui before sending a voice transmission to Jiang Yi that said, “Young Master, I’ve got the information. The Mystic Divine Palace is on a mountain peak several kilometers away from the north of the city. Some young masters and young mistresses from big clans already camped outside the Mystic Divine Palace, waiting for the Mystic Divine Palace to open in three days. Of course… the most prominent ones are staying at the most luxurious inn in the city—the Ascending Goddess Inn.

“I’ve learned who are in the Ascending Goddess Inn. There is the eldest master of the Tu Clan—Tu Long; the seventh young master of the Wu Clan—Wu Ni; the grandson of Evil Thearch—She Fei; the grandson of Ling Yuxuan who is Xuan Thearch—Ling Qijian; Ling Yuxuan’s granddaughter—Ling Shiya; the grandson of Sword Thearch….”

Qi Lao listed down all the names, which made Jiang Yi’s head dizzy. He asked in an obscure way, and Qi Lao explained them to him—and then he finally got a rough idea.

The Nine Thearchs were the North Thearch, Sword Thearch, Xuan Thearch, Evil (She) Thearch, Beast Thearch, Buddha Thearch, Yin Thearch, Battle (Zhan) Thearch, and Night (Ye) Thearch.

They were the representatives of the current generation of the nine clans and the most powerful existence in the Stellarsky Domain. Apart from them, there were many super clans that existed for hundreds of thousands of years, such as the Fei Clan which had been here for 300,000 years. They not only occupied the Pegasus Continent but were also the No.1 major faction under Sword Thearch.

Another example would be the Zhu clan which dominated the Umbra Continent. They were actually a super clan under Battle Thearch. The Zhu Clan had a great influence on the East Imperial Continent, too. There were many other clans and strange races. They were all intertwined. Jiang Yi’s head ached by just listening to them, let alone to sort them out.

This time, on the surface, six out of the nine clans came over. As for whether people from the remaining three clans came here or not, no one knew for sure. Even if they were here, they might be hiding somewhere and would only reveal themselves once the Mystic Divine Palace opened.

Jiang Yi was clear of the identities of those people. For example, the child riding a giant Gold-Winged Roc was the grandson of Sword Thearch. The one after him, who sat on the unicorn war chariot with four Heaven Monarch maidservants were his immortal enemy—Wu Ni who was the grandson of North Thearch. The ones behind him who stood on a gourd and flew on a sword were the grandson and granddaughter of Xuan Thearch—Ling Qijian and Ling Shiya. Finally, it went without saying that the last person who stepped on a giant head was She Fei, the grandson of Evil Thearch.

Jiang Yi didn’t feel secretly delighted upon seeing all these young masters and young mistresses from notable clans. Instead, he was increasingly heavy-hearted.


Qi Lao got the information that though third Lady Yi was here, she didn’t even stay at the Ascending Goddess Inn. He spent a lot of purple gold on the inquiries, but there was no news of here. She never showed up in the city, or the common folds were not even qualified to find out where she stayed.

Jiang Yi risked being chased, killed at any time, and came to the Sandy Soil City from far—only to get such a message. It made him somewhat disappointed. He was well aware that with one more minute that he stayed here, the danger of him dying increased accordingly.

When Tu Rui died, he used some secret sorcery to send the aura of Jiang Yi’s soul-spirit back to the Tu Clan, and there happened to be an eldest young master of the Tu Clan—Tu Long in the city right now.

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