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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 584: Yin Ruobing

Chapter 584: Yin Ruobing

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“Continue looking for clues; the faster, the better. As long as you’re able to obtain news about her, it doesn’t matter how much you spend. It will be worth it.”

Jiang Yi said in a low voice. Qi Lao also knew that he was stuck in a tricky spot right now, and the longer he stayed, the more danger he would be in. He didn’t even have the time to finish his meal before rushing out of the door.

After Qi Lao left, Jiang Yi returned to his room and sank into thought. Right now, he could only hope that Tu Long didn’t receive the news of Tu Rui’s death or his soul spirit aura.

Of course, even if Tu Long managed to obtain his soul spirit aura, he wouldn’t be able to discover anything without inspecting with his divine senses. The moment Tu Long found out he was the one who killed Tu Rui and coincidentally swept his divine senses across his body, he would definitely be revealed. He, Feng Luan, and the rest would all have to die.

There was also Young Master Fei Tian. Even though Qi Lao didn’t find out whether or not Fei Tian was in the city, the Fei Clan was extremely huge and powerful. In the past, when Jiang Yi and Feng Luan hid in the ground tens of thousands of miles below the surface, he was still intercepted. If they had a special technique to discover his presence, he would be hard-pressed to escape. Not to mention the fact that the Wu Clan had also sent a Young Master Wu Ni.

Jiang Yi sat in his room, but he felt as though he was sitting on a bed of needles. He felt as though days were passing like years, and after some time, he laughed and mocked himself. He was simply a nobody from the Stellarsky Continent, and he hadn’t even been out for a long time. However, he was already marked for death by two paragon clans and another great aristocratic clan. He felt as though he should feel honored instead of sorrowful.

“I can’t stay in this place anymore… I have to leave immediately!”

There was a soft voice in his mind urging him to leave, but he sat in his room for four entire hours. When dawn finally arrived, Qi Lao returned. However, the moment he saw Qi Lao’s face, his heart sank.

“Young master, there is no news. I’ve bribed the waiter in the Ascending Goddess Inn and had confirmed that the Third Young Lady didn’t check in at all. The other inns have no news on her either. She is either hiding in the city or camping outside.”

Qi Lao’s transmitted message caused Jiang Yi’s heart to sink deeper. Could it be that he had to wait for three more days for the Mystic Divine Palace to open before waiting outside? It was just too risky like this.

Should he leave?

Jiang Yi was extremely unsatisfied. He already learned from Qi Lao that the Yi Clan was located in the Buddha Thearch City on the northern side of East Imperial Continent. Even if he arrived at East Imperial Continent, he would have to enter from the southwest. Not to mention with their strength, wanting to cross half the East Imperial Continent to arrive at Buddha Thearch City on foot would be a pipe dream!

After missing this opportunity, it was possible he would never see the Yi Clan’s third young lady ever again.

“Oh, right!”

Jiang Yi suddenly thought of something and said in a low voice, “Qi Lao, I’ve heard of an expert called Yu Wen. Do you know him?”

Yi Piaopiao once told him to look for Yu Wen. If he was able to find this person, it didn’t matter if he failed to meet the Third Young Lady Yi. He wasn’t even twenty yet, and his strength already reached the peak of the Vajra Realm. If he was able to locate Yu Wen, he would also obtain news about Yi Piaopiao.

“Yu Wen?”

Qi Lao blinked his eyes in a daze before replying with a firm tone, “I’ve never heard of him before!”

“This is going to be troublesome…”

Jiang Yi felt a wave of headache, and he quickly sent Qi Lao out to ask Zhu Sui and Gu Lao. After making his inquiries, Qi Lao shook his head in befuddlement and said, “Young Master, they don’t know either. It’s the first time any of us heard this name. Our imperial clans have records on all the experts in the world, but we never heard of this name ‘Yu Wen’ before.”

What the hell! My dear mother, are you messing around with me?

Jiang Yi massaged his face and was utterly speechless. The Zhu Clan was a major power under the Battle Emperor. They definitely understood what was going on in the East Imperial Continent, and Qi Lao reported the names of all the young masters and young ladies as though he was very familiar with them. It could be seen that they really haven’t heard of Yu Wen’s name. So even if he went to East Imperial Continent, where was he supposed to look for this Yu Wen?

Calm down, calm down!

Jiang Yi forced himself to calm down. From the information Yi Piaopiao gave him, she was definitely of extraordinary birth; and this person—Yu Wen—was definitely no ordinary person. Even if Qi Lao didn’t know who he was, there would be someone who did. It was possible that members the Nine Thearchs’ clans would know.

“Seems like I have to think of a plan to meet the Third Young Lady Yi.”

Jiang Yi made up his mind to meet the Third Young Lady Yi, no matter the cost. Otherwise, there was no need for him to go to the East Imperial Continent at all.

“Qi Lao, protect me!”

After being stunned for a moment, Jiang Yi decided to try a new method and entered the mysterious state of the Union of Heaven and Men. The moment he entered this state, he would become one with heaven. He could also draw support from heaven and earth to inspect his surroundings to obtain the information he wanted.

It was an extraordinary state, and there was no need for him to release his divine senses or make any movements. No one knew that he was nosing around. Several months ago when he probed the midget scout, even Feng Luan didn’t notice a thing. In all likelihood, when he was in this state, no one would be able to notice a thing.

The reason why he was ready to take the risk was that he had to find Third Young Lady Yi. He also had to check on Tu Long, Wu Ni, and Fei Tian to make sure he was safe. He didn’t want to die without knowing what happened. Since it was already in the middle of the night, he felt much safer.

Qi Lao didn’t know what Jiang Yi wanted to do, but he saw that Jiang Yi sitting up straight. He didn’t dare to be careless, and his divine senses started to spread out, covering all four corners of the small courtyard.

This time, Jiang Yi wasn’t so lucky. Even after going into meditation for six hours, he couldn’t enter the state of the Union of Heaven and Man. He only managed to enter the state when the first glimmer of light shone onto the earth.

He felt as though he transformed into a gust of air which blew out from the courtyard. The image of everything outside appeared in his mind, and with a single thought, the breeze drifted towards the third courtyard beside him. Ignoring the defenses around the courtyard, he easily made his way inside. At this point, he was already in harmony with Heaven and Earth which naturally rendered the restrictions useless.

A sliver of white appeared from the east, and the color of the sky was still somewhat dusky. However, the image which appeared in Jiang Yi’s mind was extremely clear. When he saw the scene inside the third courtyard beside him, Jiang Yi became stunned.

He saw an extremely stunning scene. In the courtyard, there was a young lady who was wearing a white skirt as she danced gracefully. She was barefoot, and her tiny feet were sparkling and translucent like white jade. Her posture was elegant, and her physique was exquisite. Even though her facial features weren’t as breathtaking as Ling Shiya, it was still pleasing to the eye.

The part of her which attracted the most attention was her snowy white skin. Her skin wasn’t pale from illness. Instead, it emitted a soft glow which was very alluring. She looked to be sixteen, which was around the same age as Ling Shiya. They were at an age where their beauty just started to show.

Of course!

This wasn’t the main point. Jiang Yi had seen many first-rate beauties in his life, and the sight of her couldn’t stun him. It was her dance which shook his mind. Jiang Yi might not know anything about music and dance, but he felt that even fairies wouldn’t be able to dance better than this young lady in the courtyard.

It was because as the lady danced in the courtyard, all the flowers started to bloom!

Everyone knew that different flowers bloom at different times. There were flowers in Jiang Yi’s courtyard as well, and many of them were still in the budding phase. However, the flowers in the third courtyard were in full bloom.

As the young lady danced, hundreds of flowers bloomed. It was an extremely unforgettable sight for Jiang Yi.

I can’t look anymore. This Young Lady Yin Ruobing really has extraordinary skills. Even though my Union of Heaven and Man is extremely profound—if she has any special abilities to detect me, there will be trouble.

This young lady was extremely beautiful, and her dance was alluring as well. The scene where all the flowers bloomed was stunning. However, Jiang Yi was fully aware he shouldn’t continue looking. If anything happened, he would be consigned to eternal damnation.

He forced the breeze to move on as it blew into the distance. The image in his heart continued to change as he continued to look around at other places in Sandy Soil City.

Just as the scene changed in Jiang Yi’s mind, Young Lady Yin Ruobing in the third courtyard stopped moving all of a sudden. The strangest thing was that all the flowers wilted the moment she stopped moving.

“Young lady, what’s wrong?”

A beautiful woman walked out from the hall in the courtyard and asked in astonishment.

Young Lady Yin’s gaze moved towards the fourth courtyard beside her, and her red lips slowly opened. She said indifferently, “There’s someone in the courtyard beside us peeking at me during my training.”


A cold light flashed through the beautiful woman’s eyes, and a ferocious look appeared on her face. She roared, “How dare that person peeked at Young Lady?! Are they tired of living?”

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