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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 586: Yi Chan

Chapter 586: Yi Chan

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“Hold it right there!”

In the sixth courtyard of the Ascending Immortal Inn, Jiang Yi and the two others were about to walk in. Zhu Sui wanted to bring Jiang Yi and Qi Lao in but was stopped by the guards as he spoke sternly, “Young Master Zhu Sui may enter. The two of you have to wait outside.”


Qi Lao’s expression changed. If Jiang Yi didn’t enter, then this trip would be a wasted trip. Furthermore, Zhu Sui didn’t know Third Young Lady Yi, and he might just be executed by Young Lady Ling in a single cleave.

“Two honorable guards!”

Jiang Yi bowed with cupped hands in a composed manner and leaned over to whisper, “I shall not keep it from the two honorable guards. I, too, have some ties with Third Young Lady Yi. Qi Lao doesn’t have to enter; just let me and Young Master enter. If we are telling any lies, Young Lady Ling will not let us go, right?”


The two guards might be suspicious, but when they thought about Young Lady Ling’s secret guard’s strength compared to this duo’s strength, they relaxed. If Zhu Sui dared to act recklessly, they would definitely die without any burial grounds, and the Zhu Clan would be annihilated.

Zhu Sui led Jiang Yi and strutted in. Once he entered, he immediately toned down and walked toward the entrance with a face filled with respect. He cleared his throat and bowed with cupped hands, “Umbra Empire’s 16th Imperial Prince, Zhu Sui, would wish to seek a meeting with Young Lady Ling.”

“Come in!”

The loft echoed with an indifferent voice, which belonged to that beautiful lass who was standing on the purple gourd. On that day, Young Lady Ling’s giggle was pleasant to the ears while her voice was prideful and cold now. Jiang Yi thought about it and realized something. This great clan’s young lady had to put on some air when necessary; otherwise, she would be belittled by people.

Zhu Sui tidied up his clothes and strode in. Having grown up in the imperial clan, he still had some presence while he had this composed expression. Coupled with his dashing appearance, he was giving off an extraordinary and outstanding bearing. Of course, he was just putting on a strong appearance as Jiang Yi could obviously see Zhu Sui’s hidden hand was slightly trembling in the sleeve.

The main hall was lit up with plenty of candles which illuminated the entire place. There was a young lady wearing a pink long dress what was sitting on her side leisurely. She was slowly tasting her tea and didn’t even take a glance when the duo entered. Her bearing was several levels higher than Zhu Sui who had put on a forceful appearance. Even Jiang Yi who had a strong heart couldn’t help but be silently impressed.

“Greetings, Young Lady Ling!”

Zhu Sui entered and bowed respectfully again. Young Lady Ling didn’t turn around as though she didn’t hear or see anyone. She pursed her lips and took another sip of tea before turning around and spoke with a wave of her hand, “Take a seat then.”

He might have seen this Young Lady Ling in the past, but Jiang Yi still had this astonishing feeling. Her classic almond-shaped face, shapely brows, considerably tall nose, and tender and alluring little lips. Her eyes were cold, but because of that coldness, the illumination of the candles made her eyes incomparably beautiful.

Jiang Yi’s eyes had a flash of intoxication while Zhu Sui was totally dazzled as he stared at Ling Shiya. Zhu Sui nearly drooled while Jiang Yi let out a silent sigh and coughed lightly before saying, “Young Master, Young Lady Ling just proposed for you to have a seat.”

“Ah? Many thanks, Young Lady.”

When Zhu Sui regained his senses, he awkwardly bowed with cupped hands as he sat down on a large chair which was covered with fox fur. Jiang Yi had the status of a servant and didn’t dare to sit. He simply stood beside Zhu Sui in a straight posture.

“Shiya likes serenity so I didn’t bring any servants this time. I shall not be serving any tea to Young Master Zhu.”

Ling Shiya didn’t give any regards to Zhu Sui’s disrespectful behavior, or perhaps she was used to it. She spoke indifferently, “I wonder why Young Master Zhu is looking for Shiya. I heard that you have some ties with Big Sister Chan?”

“Big Sister Chan?”

Zhu Sui got a shock but quickly reacted. Third Young Lady Yi only had a single given name, ‘Chan’. It seemed like this Young Lady Ling had a close relationship with Third Young Lady Yi to address her as Big Sister Chan.

As instructed by Jiang Yi, Zhu Sui spoke in a serious tone, “Several months ago, I went to the Desolate East Sea to temper myself and got pursued by a demon thearch. I had survived because Young Lady Yi had rescued me. Young Lady Yi had rushed off previously, and I didn’t even have time to give my thanks. My visit to Sandy Soil City this time is especially to meet Young Lady Yi, offer my gratitude, and to tell her a secret.

“It is unfortunate that after trying to find her for some time, I am still unable to find the whereabouts of Young Lady Yi. I heard that Young Lady Ling and Young Lady Yi are great friends so I would like to trouble Young Lady Ling to see if you know where is Young Lady Yi right now? If you are able to let me know, I will be very grateful.”


Young Lady Ling nodded and spoke unenthusiastically, “Big Sister Chan did just return from the eastern sea several months ago, but she isn’t here in Sandy Soil City. I don’t know where she is either. If Young Master Zhu has nothing else, Shiya shall rest for the night.”


Jiang Yi let out a disappointed sigh. Did this Young Lady Ling not know where Young Lady Yi was, or she didn’t wish to tell them?

There wasn’t even a conversation, and she had already sent the guest packing. Jiang Yi and Zhu Sui didn’t dare to continue asking in fear of infuriating this prestigious clan’s young lady, resulting in their premature death.

Zhu Sui was very sensible as he got up and bowed with cupped hands. “Then I shall not interrupt Young Lady Ling’s rest. It is Zhu Sui’s honor to be acquainted with Young Lady. I shall take my leave.”

Jiang Yi bowed with cupped hands as well and lifted his head to take a glance at Young Lady Ling. He immediately saw that her eyes were looking straight at him. Those contrasting black and white eyes seemed to be able to see through everything. Jiang Yi quickly bowed apologetically and followed Zhu Sui out as he didn’t dare to continue looking.


After walking out of the loft, Jiang Yi looked towards the starry sky and sighed again, feeling a little lost. He couldn’t find Young Lady Yi, and he didn’t know who Yu Wen was. Where was he supposed to go?

“I really do not know where Big Sister Chan is, but when the Mystic Divine Palace opens up tomorrow, Big Sister will definitely appear. If you really want to look for her, you can go wait outside the Mystic Divine Palace.”

Suddenly, Jiang Yi’s ears echoed with a transmitted message. It was still that prideful and cold voice, which caused Jiang Yi’s body to shiver. He turned around to look, only to realize that the beauty had already walked back towards her room, leaving behind a graceful back view.

“Many thanks, Young Lady Ling!”

It didn’t matter if she could hear it; Jiang Yi still bowed respectfully while his heart was surging with excitement. This Young Lady looked to be around the same age as Young Lady Yin, and when he first saw her, he assumed she was an innocent and inexperienced little girl. From the looks of it, it seemed like none of the descendants from those great aristocratic clans were easy to deal with.

How did she see through it?

There was a huge question mark in Jiang Yi’s mind. He was able to confirm that this Young Lady Ling didn’t have any intention to harm him; otherwise, she wouldn’t transmit a message.


Zhu Sui was about to walk out of the courtyard, and Jiang Yi didn’t dare to consider so much as well as he quickly followed and rendezvous with Qi Lao. The trio walked out of the Ascending Immortal Inn, boarded the flying carriage, and returned to the inn they were staying in.

“Young Master, how was it?”

Once inside the small courtyard, Qi Lao quickly asked to see if Jiang Yi’s matters were progressing smoothly as it was related to their lives and freedom. Jiang Yi promised them that once he found Third Young Lady Yi, he would leave immediately and return their soul seals.

Jiang Yi didn’t reply and simply sat there silently. There were some things that his mind couldn’t understand. How did Young Lady Ling see through him when he didn’t expose any flaws? Could that Young Lady Ling possess some mind-reading technique?

“Don’t bother. Everyone, rest up earlier!”

Moments later, Jiang Yi suddenly stood up and spoke resolutely, “Tomorrow morning, we will depart for the outskirts of Mystic Divine Palace to wait for Young Lady Yi to appear. We will decide on what to do afterward.”

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