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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 587: Mystic Divine Palace

Chapter 587: Mystic Divine Palace

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On the next day—before the sky was even bright, Jiang Yi and his group had already awakened.

When they exited the inn, they found out that it was even livelier than during the day. The streets were cluttered with traffic, and innumerable people that wanted to enter the Mystic Divine Palace or to go and see the show—all already departed towards the north of the city.

Jiang Yi and his group were in the flying carriage but were traveling on the surface of the ground along with the flow of traffic. They were so low-profile that no one even wanted to take another look at them. There were just too many great clans’ young masters in the cities, and many of them had led their subordinates and flew towards the sky. They were all traveling with such conspicuous aura presence that everyone had to notice them even if they didn’t want to.

One hour later, their flying carriage went out of the city, and due to the congestion on the highway, Jiang Yi instructed for Qi Lao to bring the flying carriage into the sky. They didn’t dare to fly in a high altitude—neither at a high speed—to avoid any expert from paying attention to them.

The sky was already completely bright as the red sun had raised up high. It illuminated and brought warmth which was complemented by the refreshing breeze, making it extra comfortable.

A hundred miles might be very far for ordinary people, but it was very short for experts. Qi Lao might have already done his best to slow down their flying carriage’s speed, but they had already arrived at their destination in just one hour.


The flying carriage was still progressing slowly towards the front, but Jiang Yi and the others were all petrified!

The four of them looked through the beaded curtains and locked their eyes onto a palace hall on top of a giant mountain peak, which shocked their soul spirits and bodies.

It was a black-colored palace, which was pure black. When the sun shone on the palace, no light was being reflected; and it was as though the sun had been absorbed by the black walls of the palace.

The palace wasn’t huge with a size of 300-meter radius; neither did it look luxurious. It didn’t have any unadorned seals or wordings either. The palace was in its most simple state as the crown prince’s residence in the Divine Martial Kingdom. However, a single glance at this palace was enough to make the heart palpitate and unforgettable in the mind.

An ancient and forceful aura presence was emitted from the palace. Anyone who looked at the palace would involuntarily be attracted to the three giant wordings on the large doors—Mystic Divine Palace!

The words were in cursive script, and it wasn’t written on a board. It looked as though it had been carved by a weapon, and it was in a single stroke—as it was connected and smooth. If one simply looked at the wordings, it was very pleasant and comfortable to the eyes.

However, Jiang Yi and the others didn’t feel any sense of comfort in their hearts as they could feel that the blood in their bodies was boiling, and there was this indescribable killing intent that arose within their bodies. The three giant wordings caused them to feel a sense of harsh and solemn killing aura, which ineffably affected their spirits, causing them to feel bloodthirsty and uncontrollable.


Jiang Yi had comprehended the Massacre Intent, and this killing aura didn’t really affect him. He was able to realize it quickly. When Jiang Yi noticed that the flying carriage was still flying towards the Mystic Divine Palace, he quickly awakened Qi Lao and the others with a burst of yell.


Qi Lao frantically controlled the flying carriage to descend. This place was just over ten miles from the Mystic Divine Palace, and any further they would have crossed the warning borders. This group of prestigious clans’ young masters and young ladies had already cleared out from that area. If anyone dared to approach ten miles from the Mystic Divine Palace, they might not be killed; but there would surely be serious trouble.

“This Mystic Divine Palace is so horrifying. Just the three giant wordings were enough for us to lose our senses.”

Once at the surface, the four of them entered a small forest. Jiang Yi was still in shock as he forbade all of them to look at the Mystic Divine Palace to avoid any accidents. He silently revered the Mystic Thearch and felt that he was indeed worthy for his title as the no.1 emperor since the ancient times. He had already ascended to heaven for more than 700,000 years, but the three words that he left behind still had such mystical powers.

There were plenty of people hidden in the small forest, and there were plenty of Vajra Realm experts, too. Hence, Jiang Yi’s group’s appearance didn’t cause a huge commotion. Jiang Yi instructed for Zhu Sui to move forward and nearer to the ten-mile warning borders and look for a place with a broader vision and hide.

“This Mystic Divine Palace is so small? How are they going to snatch the artifacts? Was everyone going to enter and just randomly kill?” Jiang Yi lifted his head to look at the Mystic Divine Palace and asked Qi Lao curiously.

“Young Master might not know of this.”

Qi Lao explained with his transmitted message: “In the history of the Zhu Clan, there were some princes and princesses that entered to look for treasures, and some had obtained great treasures. This Mystic Divine Palace wouldn’t look as small on the inside as there is a whole other world inside. It is said that the Mystic Thearch had set up a mystical spatial zone which was extremely spacious. Let alone this small number of people, it would be fine even if one million individuals were to enter.”


Jiang Yi was a little interested as he asked, “How do the people obtain the treasures? Would there be a miserable slaughter?”

“I’m sure!”

Qi Lao nodded and transmitted his message: “There will be no slaughter inside the palace. The slaughter always starts after obtaining the treasures. If one obtained a good treasure and didn’t have a good background, they would be plundered and pursued by the greater clans! Of course… those clever individuals would tribute their treasures to the Nine Thearchs’ clans, as they would be highly regarded by the Nine Thearchs’ clans and also be able to keep their life. If it was a transcending artifact, the nine great clans would surely fight for it.

“As for the searching of treasures, it is simple… to pass the levels in the palace. It is rumored that there are 18 levels in the Mystic Divine Palace, which are also known as the 18 Levels of Hell. I am not clear about the exact details as there isn’t much information that I have access to. I am sure that the Mystic Divine Palace is very dangerous. For all those who entered every time, it would be fortunate to even have half of them surviving. There were many who returned empty-handed as there are only ten treasures during every opening of the Mystic Divine Palace.”


Despite that fact that Jiang Yi already predicted that this treasure hunt was going to be brutal, Jiang Yi couldn’t help but take a cold breath after hearing it. He swept his eyes across the mountain of experts and tried to ponder about the ones that would eventually survive.

At the foot of a small mountain peak, the forest was packed with people. Just the use of the physical eye was enough to account for at least tens of thousands of people. Half of the people there were here to enjoy the show while the rest were not qualified to enter due to the age restriction.

Once the obtaining of the treasures was completed, it would be an invitation for the most brutal plunder. Many present clans were linked to the Nine Thearchs’ clans in countless ways. There were some great clans which didn’t fear the Nine Thearchs and would be participating in the plunder. It was needless to say that the nine great clans had existing competing and cooperating relationships. The battle between the descendants was an inevitable one.

Once the chaotic battle started, it would be praiseworthy if a tenth of these people could even survive. These people weren’t just ordinary soldiers; there were at least hundreds of Vajra Realm experts.

“Young Master!”

Qi Lao suddenly transmitted a message which alerted Jiang Yi: “There is a list of treasures that is displayed on the side wall of the Mystic Divine Palace. You will be able to see it once you release your divine senses. There are a total of ten treasures, and they should all be transcending saint artifacts, spirit herbs, or even pseudo-divine artifacts.”

“En? What?”

Jiang Yi didn’t dare to recklessly extend his divine senses as they contain his soul spirit’s presence. If Tu Long or the people from the Martial Arts Hall were to recognize his soul spirit, then he would be toasted.

Qi Lao’s divine senses didn’t matter as there were too many people that were extending their divine senses. He quickly did a check and transmitted to Jiang Yi: “Ranked no.1 is the Destitute Dragon Grass. It is a mystical spirit herb which only appears once every 10,000 years. It could be bought, but there is no supply for it. Ranked no.2 is a secret technique called the Heaven Evasion, and it should be a powerful spatial divine skill. In the third place is the Fire Cloud Armor, which is probably a pseudo-divine artifact, as there is always a transcending divine artifact in every opening of the Mystic Divine Palace. Ranked fourth is the Fire Cloud Bow… eh? Could this be an equipment set? It should also be a pseudo-divine artifact…”

Qi Lao’s voice was still resounding, but Jiang Yi didn’t have the heart to listen to the rest of the treasures. His mind was filled with ‘Destitute Dragon Grass’. Ling Shiya wasn’t bluffing when she said that the Destitute Dragon Grass was in the list of treasures. When Jiang Yi heard that it was ranked no.1, he didn’t dare to think about it.

Putting aside the fact that he didn’t have the strength to pass the levels even if he entered, so what if he could obtain it? Wouldn’t he be plundered once he escaped? Furthermore, he was 100% certain to fall in this place.


Jiang Yi let out a long sigh and shook his head to stop thinking. He scanned the surroundings and patiently waited for Young Lady Yi to appear.

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