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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 589: Stop Him!

Chapter 589: Stop Him!

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“How long is the treasure hunt in the Mystic Divine Palace?”

Jiang Yi forced himself to calm down. Going to the Mystic Divine Palace to chase Yi Chan was absolutely impossible!

He was not so impulsive; the palace was flocked with mighty martial experts. The palace itself was already very dangerous; even a Heaven Monarch might die there. With his little strength, he would be digging his own grave if he went in. Moreover, Tu Long and Wu Ning were definitely inside, and he would walk right into his trap.

Since he couldn’t go in, he had no choice but to wait for Yi Chan to come out. However, Qi Lao’s answer only made his heart chilled. “Young Master, at earliest, it will be two or three months later. If she needs a longer time, it’s also possible for her to be sent out after one year, along with everyone else when the Mystic Divine Palace disappears.”

“One year!”

Jiang Yi looked a bit bitter. Waiting here for one year? Wouldn’t Young Master Fei Tian, the Martial Arts Hall, and the Tu Clansmen already chop him into pieces?

“Should I go inside or leave?”

His mind was spinning fast. He couldn’t stay here for a long time… so he would either enter the Mystic Divine Palace to look for Yi Chan or leave for the Umbra Continent before going to the East Imperial Continent. He had to choose between the two.

“Let’s go! Go to the Umbra Continent.”

He soon made up his mind. Looking at the Mystic Divine Palace which was glowing with black light, he turned around reluctantly. He couldn’t take the risks or die easily; he had to think on the behalf of Jiang Xiaonu, Yun Fei, Qian Wanguan, Feng Luan, and the group,


Unwillingly, Zhu Sui and the rest had one last peek at the Mystic Divine Palace. The Mystic Divine Palace only appeared once every one thousand years. Encountering it was a great honor and opportunity. Unfortunately, Qi Lao and Gu Lao were too old; Zhu Sui and Jiang Yi didn’t dare to go in.

They walked out of the small forest secretively. They found an open space, Qi Lao took out the flying carriage, and Zhu Sui got on it first. When Jiang Yi, Qi Lao, and Gu Lao were just about to get on, sounds of piercing air echoed in the sky on the south, catching the attention of everyone.


A squad of soldiers flew over. They were all on pterippi. There were nearly one thousand men. Among them, at least fifty were Vajra Realm martial experts, and five were Heaven Monarch Realm Martial experts. All gathered around a child of seven or eight years old. The child was in the front and fixed his eyes on the distant Mystic Divine Palace. His eyes were filled with zeal, and the martial experts surrounding him looked around warily.

“The grandson of Sword Thearch looks really impressive…”

Qi Lao and Gu Lao looked at each other and mumbled. They weren’t very surprised about it as the Pegasus Race was under the command of the Sword Thearch. Now his grandson was here, they would surely show enough respect to him.

“Hurry up! Get on the carriage now!”

Jiang Yi also recognized this child. He was the Young Master riding on a Gold-Winged Roc that day. However, his eyes were fixed on two men among the guards next to the Young Master. One was the eldest prince of the Pegasus Empire—Fei Qi, and the other was obviously… Fei Tian. When Feng Luan started a fight with Fei Tian on that day, Qu Lao was also beside him.

Fei Tian and Qu Lao hated him with all their hearts. The nine star spheres inside his dantian were too conspicuous. If they swept across with divine senses, he would be exposed immediately. Therefore, Jiang Yi’s body flashed, and he got on the flying carriage as fast as possible.


Though Qi Lao and Gu Lao didn’t know what had happened, Jiang Yi’s reactions frightened them. They quickly flew into the flying carriage and controlled it to a small forest nearby.

They could have been fine if they remained still!

As they moved, it caused attention from the Pegasus army, and a lot of divine senses shot towards the flying carriage. Jiang Yi’s face instantly turned as pale as snow after two familiar divine senses swept across his body.


Fei Tian was stupefied after his divine senses discovered Jiang Yi; but soon, he burst into an evil grin. His eyes were filled with pleasure and sneer.

At the same time, the grandson of the Sword Thearch took two men and turned into a faint shadow, rushing into the Mystic Divine Palace and disappearing. Fei Tian laughed unbridledly. He pointed at the flying carriage and shouted in wrath, “Little bastard, there’s a way in heaven, but you don’t go there. There is only a dead end in hell, and you choose to break in. Qu Lao, General Liu, kill this bastard for me. Qu Fei and his group were killed by this little bastard.”

“Little bastard, die!”

The enemies recognized each other instantly. Qu Lao had a surging murderous aura around him and shot at Jiang Yi like a stream of light. A Heaven Monarch martial expert next to Fei Qi looked at him, and Fei Qi shouted coldly, “Take them down first.”

Swish! Swish!

Two Heaven Monarch Realm Martial experts in general armors let out all their auras and darted down, following Qu Lao. The mountainous aura suppressed the hundreds of people down there, who exclaimed in alert and fled in all directions.


Zhu Sui’s legs turned limp because of the fear. Those three powerful auras were targeted at this flying carriage. Qu Lao even struck out a blue air current, smashing onto the carriage with a raging aura. Three Heaven Monarchs shot over, and Zhu Sui distinctively smelled death.

“What should I do?”

At the extremely critical moment, Jiang Yi not only didn’t panic but also brainstormed rapidly to find ways to resolve the situation.

In just one second, hundreds of ideas occurred to him. Instantly, he reached a decision. A frenetic look flickered across his eyes, the Thearch Palace appearing on his hand. With white light, Zhu Sui and the remaining two people entered the Thearch Palace. Then, Jiang Yi’s body glistened with white light before he disappeared in the same spot.


Qu Lao’s attack followed up closely, the powerful essence force attack shattered the flying carriage into pieces. However, Jiang Yi and his group disappeared in the flying carriage.

“Stop him!”

Qu Lao extended his divine senses and immediately changed his expression. Looking at the gate of the Mystic Divine Palace, he burst out shouting. His body turned into an obscure shadow and flew to the Mystic Divine Palace. Blue light shone on his hand, but he didn’t launch the attack. As… the Mystic Divine Palace was in front of him. The clans of the Nine Emperors had issued a joint notice that whoever dared to attack the Mystic Divine Palace would be hunted by the nine clans collectively.


The space outside the gate of the Mystic Divine Palace oscillated slightly, and Jiang Yi’s body condensed. Without any hesitation, he flashed by and rushed into the gate, disappearing in the dazzling brilliance of the gate.

The three Heaven Monarchs joined forces, and there were two more Heaven Monarchs in the army of Fei Qi—let alone the myriad of clans that were friendly to the Fei Clan. Jiang Yi had nowhere to flee to. If he wanted to keep his life, the only way was rushing into the Mystic Divine Palace. Though he might very likely die as well in there, there was at least a chance of hope.

“Eldest prince, Young Master!”

Qu Lao was way older than thirty so were the other two Heaven Monarchs. They obviously couldn’t enter the Mystic Divine Palace, and so they had to turn their eyes to the eldest prince and Fei Tian and ask them to decide.

“Big brother!” In the presence of Fei Qi, Fei Qi wasn’t in charge, and so he looked at him.

“Fei Tu!”

Fei Qi didn’t hesitate for too long, he shouted; and a young general in his twenties appeared. This man wasn’t very strong and was only at the first or second stage of the Vajra Realm. He flew out and cupped his hands. “Eldest prince, Fei Tu is here.”

Fei Qi’s cold eyes swept around, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Go in with two men and ask Young Master Jian to kill this man. Tell the young masters and young mistresses inside the palace to help to kill this person. I, Fei Qi, will owe them a favor.”

“Understood!” The young man cupped his hands and answered. Waving his hand, he brought two other Vajra Realm martial experts who were younger than 30 and turned into a stream of light, sprinting to the Mystic Divine Palace.


The scene happened just now caused quite a stir among the innumerable martial artists and guards of different clans who were watching below. Many people asked around for the identity of Jiang Yi and his group to know who even had the balls to provoke Fei Qi on the Pegasus Continent.

However, they pried into them purely out of a mentality of gossiping. Actually, they didn’t even have to snoop around as everyone knew that Jiang Yi was already a dead man. How dare he have the nerves to offend the Pegasus Race on the Pegasus Continent! If he was not a descendant of a super clan, he would be doomed.

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