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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 593: The First Stage of the Union of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 593: The First Stage of the Union of Heaven and Earth

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“The Hell Grade?”

Although Ling Qijian spoke in a low voice, two iron chain bridges were only three kilometers apart, and Jiang Yi had an extremely good hearing—he naturally heard him. However, Jiang Yi didn’t look at them and carried on his journey in silence.


After another 20 steps, Jiang Yi finally couldn’t resist the pressure and fell down again. This time, he really couldn’t stand up anymore. He paused and panted. Though he could no longer get up, he kept his head high and looked at a distance. He looked indomitable.

He just rested for about half a minute before starting to crawl. He came to realize that it was absolutely impossible to reach the other end of the iron chain bridge, whether he could get to the midpoint was still questionable.

The threat of death and the derision from Ling Qijian and Ling Shiya still echoed clearly in his ears!

Without saying a word, he began to crawl quickly. He was a bit faster than he was just now, but after every five steps of crawling, he would slow down to let his body adjust to the increasing gravity.

With four limbs on the ground, the pressure on this body was reduced. He went faster and faster. Eight hundred steps, 1000 steps… 1300 steps…

After finishing one-fifth of the journey, he slowed down; but he never stopped for even a moment. He went forward step by step. His trousers were torn because of the friction between his legs and the black slates. His legs began bleeding, but he turned a deaf ear to it and carried on.

“Such an idiot! He is crawling so fast and doesn’t know to preserve his strength to let his body rest. He only knows to blindly rush forward, which may get himself killed sooner.”

“Haha, he is indeed an idiot. I bet he will go at most another 2000 steps.”

“Hmm, 2000 steps? You’ve overestimated him. If he can go another 1500 steps, I will eat three kilos of sh*t!”

“Haha, how about a bet? If he can take another 2000 steps, the odds will be 5-1. The odds are 3-1 for 1800 steps, and 2-1 for 1500 steps.”

“Alright, I bet 50 celestial stones on 1500 steps.”


Although the people on the iron chain bridge on the right side walked very slowly, they were under the least pressure. Thus, many people still had the luxury to laugh and tease. Some placed a bet on Jiang Yi, and most bet that he wouldn’t go more than 2000 steps.

The lively atmosphere over there attracted the young masters and young mistresses on the middle iron chain bridge. Many people who previously didn’t pay attention to Jiang Yi—such as Wu Ni, the Sword Thearch’s grandson, She Fei, and many others—glanced at Jiang Yi from time to time in order to see how much longer he could hold on.

Jiang Yi turned a deaf ear to the commotion outside, or perhaps, he could no longer spare any extra energy to pay attention to others.

His knees were almost dragged along the ground, and the black slates were stained by his blood, leaving a stripe of a red mark. His hands also rubbed against the stones, and his back was almost crushed to the ground. However, he still kept his head up high. Looking at the path in front coldly and stubbornly, he slowly moved forward.

One thousand four hundred steps!

He was as slow as a snail and was much slower than everyone else, but he was still going forward.


After 1450 steps, his limbs went soft; and he fell onto the black slates heavily. With eyes closed, he gulped in air. When everyone thought that he couldn’t make it, he began crawling again after resting for five minutes.

After 1500 steps, he couldn’t move anymore. This time, he rested for 10 minutes before he resumed crawling.

After 1530 steps, he was completely unable to move and lay on the ground like a dead pig. His eyes were shut, his breathing was barely noticeable. It seemed like all his organs would soon rupture, his soul-spirit would soon break down, and he would soon pass away as he couldn’t bear such enormous pressure.

After two minutes, five minutes… ten minutes!

Jiang Yi remained still, She Fei, Wu Ni, and the rest no longer cared about him. Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya looked away after a few glances. After all, there wasn’t much to see on a dead man. On the iron chain bridge on the right, many people yelled and called for the young master who started the bet to cash the bet.


After 15 minutes, Jiang Yi suddenly got up. However, he didn’t go forward this time. Instead, he struggled to sit cross-legged, it seemed like he was going to cultivate and recuperate.


What made countless people almost have their eyes dropped out in astonishment was that—after five minutes, Jiang Yi stood up with his eyes closed!

He really stood up!

In addition, he didn’t even show the slightest tremble. It appeared that he was submerged in a strange state, which made everyone unable to look away after just one glance. At this moment, he seemed to become heaven and earth, and he merged into heaven and earth.

“How is this possible?!”

Ling Shiya exclaimed. Many people burst into an uproar as Jiang Yi even strode forward at a much faster speed than the beginning. However, after every five steps, he would pause for a while before marching forward. Only in a few blinks of an eye, he had taken a hundred steps!

“Genius! He actually enters the first stage of the union of heaven and earth!”

Yin Ruobing’s pair of bright eyes flickered with a trace of stun. She was the only one present who vaguely understood what happened on Jiang Yi. Only when Jiang Yi entered the first stage of the union of heaven and earth could he blend into heaven and earth, relieve himself of the burden, and walk so fast.

“Ah, if he chose the average or horrible level, he may still have a chance to live. Shame…”

Yin Ruobing’s sparkling bright eyes soon dimmed. From her perspective, Jiang Yi’s physical body and strength were far too weak. Even if he entered the first stage of the union of heaven and earth and experienced less pressure, there was still absolutely no way for him to cross the iron chain bridge.

One thousand eight hundred steps, 2000 steps… 3000 steps!

Jiang Yi walked with big strides with his eyes closed. His speed seemed so unreal to the crowd. They had a feeling of seeing ghosts in the middle of the day. Some even doubted whether this side was the hellish level.

Luckily, when Jiang Yi passed one-third of the bridge, he finally slowed down. Even though, his speed was considerable. To everyone’s relief, Jiang Yi began to tremble again, and his breathing hastened. Obviously, the pressure was too much for him.

After 3500 steps, Jiang Yi was at the same speed as the rest.

After 4000 steps, Jiang Yi fell on his knees and started to crawl slowly again. However, his eyes were still closed; and an unknown aura was around his body, making people hard to look away.

“He is something. If he is able to get out alive, we can take him into our clan.”

Ling Qijian sighed softly, but Ling Shiya looked a bit unnatural. She sent a voice transmission to Jiang Yi just now—if he could cross half of the bridge, she would take up his family name. However, Jiang Yi was only fewer than 1000 steps away from the midpoint.

Wu Ni and his group stopped looking at him. Although Jiang Yi was still going forward, from the way they were looking at, Jiang Yi was about to run out of his strength; and he would never cross the Bridge of Helplessness.

Four thousand five hundred steps, four thousand eight hundred steps…

Jiang Yi became as slow as a snail again. Almost all his body clung to the floor. The scariest thing was that blood started to come out of his seven apertures. He looked extremely hideous and gruesome and might be dead anytime.


Just at this moment, a sound of wind came from the other side of the canyon. Everyone turned pale and immediately sat down. Unanimously, they all turned their eyes to Jiang Yi.

Many thought that Jiang Yi was close to death. The hurricane was approaching, but he still wallowed in some unknown state and crawled forward slowly.


The wind was getting more and more violent, and the iron chain bridge started to shake. Ling Shiya suddenly cried out, and many showed scorn in their eyes. Jiang Yi fell down from the iron chain bridge and crashed into the blistering magma like a boulder!

“Ah? Jesus, what have I seen…?”

Ling Shiya and Yin Ruobing couldn’t help but close their eyes. However, a shriek of fear soon broke out, causing the two to shudder involuntarily. Many people looked down at the magma, only to see a picture that they would remember for life!

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