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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 594: All of You Can’t Do It!

Chapter 594: All of You Can’t Do It!

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At the abyss of the ravine, scalding lava was tumbling and flowing while there was constant Earth Fire that scuttled out from below. White smoke and pungent sulfuric smell burst towards the face while the blazing heat from the lava caused suffocation.

Right now, a figure slowly floated up from within the lava; and he was still closing his eyes and swaying along with the flow of the lava. As the abyss of the ravine was swaying around, he was like a person doing a backstroke in the sea, leisurely and carefreely.

Gradually, he opened his eyes and twisted his body in bewilderment. His hands even slid across the lava while he scooped up a bundle of Earth Fire and took a closer look. Once he took a glance, he let out a breath of relief and collapsed on the lava to relax while he closed his eyes to take a rest.

Something even stranger happened. The patches of Earth Fire in the surrounding lava had rushed at him and vanishing into his body. The lava that he was lying down on had quickly solidified and actually turned into red soil moments later!

Ss, ss…

Countless individuals gasped while taking in a breath of cold air. Had it not been for the heat wave that caused them to perspire, they would think the boiling lava was just a red-colored river.


Wu Ni, Tu Long, Ling Qijian, Yin Ruobing, and the others had lit up eyes as they all stared at Jiang Yi’s fiery red pearl. They were all knowledgeable individuals and could naturally guess that all this was because of Jiang Yi’s pearl.

There were plenty of artifacts which repelled fire, but those that allowed one to be fearless of Earth Fire were extremely rare. At least, the young masters and the young ladies present weren’t qualified to have it. Hence, all of them were looking at the Fire Spirit Pearl with burning eyes while She Fei’s eyes revealed a smear of killing intent as he wanted to kill and plunder.


Jiang Yi opened his eyes while his hand reached towards the blood on his eyes, nose, and mouth. He wiped off the blood and grinned.

Due to the blood on his face, his face was unconsciously pulled longer, making it into a sinister smile and shocking everyone. Immediately after, he did something that stunned everyone.


His hands slammed on the lava, and he flew and twirled in midair. As he landed, his legs moved quickly as he traveled on the surface of the lava and flew towards the other side of the ravine like a sharp sword.

“He actually made it…”

Seeing that Jiang Yi was just a few blinks of the eye from the cliff, everyone exchanged visions.

For the hundreds of thousands of years, these ten miles of Bridge of Helplessness had stopped countless prodigies and martial artists. Many couldn’t even reach the ends and would need at least several months to cross this bridge. Jiang Yi actually took just a blink of the eye to cross half the distance.


Jiang Yi ignored those eyes that viewed him as a freak and continued to travel above the lava as he constantly flew and stepped on the cliff. This cliff wasn’t smooth like a mirror, and Jiang Yi was able to easily find those jutting areas which he could borrow strength and flew up. In a few blinks of the eye, he had crossed to the other side of the bridge and reached the stone door. He then turned around and grinned at everyone.


Absolute silence!

When looking at Jiang Yi’s sinister smile, everyone felt the fiery pain on their faces. This was Jiang Yi silently slapping their faces and telling them: ‘All of you can’t do it, but I can!’

Ling Shiya’s delicate body shivered as she didn’t even dare to look at Jiang Yi. Her charming face appeared with two red clouds that were astonishing hot. She had just transmitted a message to Jiang Yi, saying that if Jiang Yi could cross even half of the Bridge of Helplessness, she was going to take up Jiang Yi’s family name.

Jiang Yi took a glance and continued to move forward. The stone doors at the front automatically opened while Jiang Yi walked in with large strides, leaving behind a straight and upright back view.


At this same moment, at the plaza outside the Mystic Divine Palace, the first teleportation array on the left suddenly radiated, which caused almost a hundred individuals to tremble with shock.

The people that were here to obtain the treasures had nearly all entered the Mystic Divine Palace. Thus, there were many spectators who were just in here to watch the show. People like Fei Qi, Fei Tian, and many other youths who were at the Vajra Realm had entered. They were all seated at the plaza and watching the exciting show.


While the sky above first teleportation array radiated brightly, everyone on the white jade plaza burst into a commotion. Fei Qi and Fei Tian abruptly stood up and looked towards the sky with disbelief.

Fei Tu told them that Jiang Yi had entered the Hell Grade teleportation array. Among all the people who were here to obtain the treasures, only Jiang Yi had picked this difficulty!


As the teleportation array surged with light, it formed a scene which was the opening of the stone doors; and a man with battle armor walking in with large strides before the stone doors gradually closed.

“It’s him! It really is him!” Fei Tian’s eyes contracted as he exclaimed. Fei Qi, Fei Tu, and the others had a change in expression while their bodies poured out with killing aura.


“This kid was actually the second person to pass the first level? And it was actually the most horrific Hell Grade?”

“It is the Hell Grade, and every level is three accumulation points. This kid is the first person to obtain three points. The ninth-ranked artifact Everlasting Mirror is his…”

“Overlooked—we have all overlooked this. Who knew this kid was actually so incredible? Hell Grade difficulty!”

“Hurhur, this kid is just a lucky bastard. Even if he can pass the first level, can he pass the second level? The second level is the Yellow Springs Path, and I am willing to bet 100 celestial stones that this kid will definitely die. Who will be the banker for the bet?”

The entire plaza was flaring up as they all determined that Jiang Yi was going to die, but he didn’t. Also, he was the second person to pass the first level and the first person to obtain three accumulation points and the Everlasting Mirror. How could everyone not be shocked?

Fei Tian’s eyes flickered with hatred as he gritted his teeth and said, “Big Brother, what should we do?”

“What else can we do?”

Fei Qi quickly regained his composure and spoke indifferently, “Are we going to get someone to attempt the Hell Grade difficulty? Who could pass it and chase after him? You, me? Or Fei Tu and the others?”

“Then… are we not taking our revenge?” Fei Tian got imperative.

Fei Qi glared at Fei Tian and spoke with disappointment, “Fei Tian, you are not young anymore. Why are you still so childish? Do you think he can pass the Hell Grade difficulty? There is no way to teleport out if one couldn’t pass the third level. Even if he managed to pass the third level, so what? He still would have to die after he came out, right? What are you so imperative for?!”


Fei Tian nodded like a little chick pecking. He grinned with an eerie smile and said, “Big Brother is extremely correct. Qu Lao and the others are outside. Even if this kid manages to pass all 18 Levels of Hell, he still would have to die.”


In a strange spatial zone of the Mystic Divine Palace, a purple-haired young lady was rushing rapidly in a sinister path. Her delicate body paused for a moment as she turned around to take a look. Her beautiful eyes under the demon’s mask were filled with astonishment.

“Someone actually obtained the ninth treasure?”

She murmured softly. Whenever treasure had been obtained in this Mystic Divine Palace, all the people inside would sense it. She was the first to pass the first level and was about to pass the second level as well. She was just about to obtain the ninth treasure, but someone was actually faster than her?

“He must have chosen the Hell Grade difficulty. Otherwise, it would be impossible to obtain three accumulation points so quickly. Who could have such a heaven-defying combat strength?”

The purple-haired young lady muttered and looked towards the distance before she started to run again. Her beautiful eyes were filled with resolute as she snorted. “Hmph, The Heaven Evasion divine skill and the Destitute Dragon Grass are mine. No one will even think about snatching it from me.”

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