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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 596: Heavenly Prodigy Woman

Chapter 596: Heavenly Prodigy Woman

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“I should stop thinking and refine the Everlasting Mirror first. It’s too terrifying here. Would my soul spirit be able to hold on any longer if another eight or ten more of them were to come—or even just dozens of these crocodile-headed creatures?”

Jiang Yi couldn’t help but shudder when he imagined the situation he would be facing if dozens of the crocodile-headed creature attacked him together. He concentrated and continued to refine the Everlasting Mirror. “This mirror should be a defense attribute artifact, and I wonder what grade is it in. However, from how it looked, it should at least be a saint artifact, right? It would be great if it was able to defend the soul spirit.”

Jiang Yi continued refining while he increased the speed of essence force perfusion. An hour later, more than half of the Everlasting Mirror was sparkling in brilliance. In just a few more moments, he would be able to refine it completely.

“It is back again!”

At that moment, Jiang Yi had no choice but to stop because a breeze of eerie wind brushed over. It was the type that caused him to feel goosebumps as it terrorized his soul spirit. He stood up abruptly while the Fire Spirit Pearl sparkled in radiance, and his divine senses scanned out. However, he still discovered nothing.

“It’s out!”

The spatial zone ahead of him jolted slightly, and the Fire Spirit Pearl released several lumps of ghost flame immediately. Suddenly, Jiang Yi struck out a few strikes, and the ghost flames expanded outwards. It whizzed towards the crocodile-headed creature that was flying towards Jiang Yi.


The ghost flames enveloped the crocodile-headed creature, which instantly inflicted intense pain causing it to let out ear-piercing screams. Its body was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye, but it was still too fast. It passed through the ghost flames in the blink of the eye and buried in between Jiang Yi’s brows.

Ss, ss…

When the crocodile-headed creature bashed into Jiang Yi’s soul spirit, it caused him to constantly take in breaths of cold air as he was in pain. However, his complexion had turned a lot more relaxed because after the crocodile-headed creature had passed through the ghost flame, its body had become smaller by two-thirds. It wasn’t even as thick as a pinky finger and could attack his soul, at most, a few times before vanishing.

Jiang Yi paid no attention to attacks in his soul spirit. What bothered him was that the ghost flame could actually injure the crocodile-headed creature. This allowed him to gain some confidence. As long as he could injure it, he would just need to rack his brain to brainstorm an idea that could inflict serious damage to the crocodile-headed creature. This way, his soul spirit would no longer need to suffer from intense attacks and would not fall apart. Furthermore, there would also be hope for his survival.

Hope could always allow a person to be brimming with confidence. It would give the person the desire to seek survival and also to tap into a person’s potential.

When the crocodile-headed creature vanished after attacking three or four times, Jiang Yi didn’t continue contemplating as he sat back down and refined the Everlasting Mirror rapidly.

Less than an hour later, the Everlasting Mirror lighted up in gentle radiance as it gave off a formidable aura. During that point of time, Jiang Yi and the Everlasting Mirror had a thread of connection with each other and some information of the Everlasting Mirror came pouring into his mind.

“Sure enough. It’s a defensive treasure and also a top-tier saint artifact. Unfortunately, it is unable to defend the soul spirit!”

Jiang Yi eyes brightened up after he had studied that information. However, it died down very quickly. The Everlasting Mirror was able to congregate itself automatically. During crucial moments, it would be able to withstand against a fatal strike from the fifth stage Heaven Monarch expert. Although this was an extremely formidable defensive treasure, it didn’t pose any use to Jiang Yi at this very moment.

“Let’s go!”

He paused for a moment before standing up and walked along the meandering pathway unhurriedly. This Yellow Springs Path was just way too terrifying, and he must not stay for too long. Jiang Yi had a feeling that this place was similar to the Bridge of Helplessness. The longer he stayed, the sooner he would perish.


Meanwhile, the middle of White Jade Plaza lit up in white ray. Very quickly, it coagulated into an image; a stone door gradually opened. There was a youngster with a menacing aura that was donned in a red Chinese gown. He had a braided pigtail and wore a beast bone necklace. He flashed by before charging into the large door.

“She Clan’s Young Master, She Fei has passed the first level!”

A lot of people in the White Jade Plaza sighed with regrets. However, it had already been over two hours. Therefore, all of them was not really amazed by it. On the contrary, they showed an expression as though it was a normal outcome. After all, She Fei was in the Heaven Monarch Realm.


The teleportation array radiated in white light again when the scene disappeared. Furthermore, it was a series of five flashes. Wu Ni, Tu Long, the Sword Thearch’s grandson, Ling Qijian together with Ling Shiya, and Yin Ruobing had also passed the first level.

Their expressions were extremely dull, and only Ling Shiya looked somewhat miserable. Evidently, if it wasn’t Ling Qijian helping her out, it would have been impossible for her to successfully get through this level so quickly.

“Haha. Things are going to get interesting!”

“Young Master Xie and the others are heavenly geniuses. All of them possess formidable strengths. Truly worthy to be the most outstanding descendants of the Nine Thearchs’ Clans.”

“That’s right. I wonder which clan would obtain the eighth treasure.”

“Anyone can take it as long as it’s not that brat!”

“You are saying that brat who went to challenge the Hell Grade difficulty? Stop dreaming, I suppose he should be dead by now. Those Soul-Devouring Crocodiles in the Yellow Springs Path specialize in devouring a person’s soul spirit. Since he doesn’t have any soul-spirit related artifact, how long could he possibly last…?”

This time, the White Jade Plaza turned lively. Hundreds of people had gathered outside as they grouped themselves into two or three and discussed excitedly as if they were the one challenging the levels to seize the treasures.

What caused everyone to be surprised was the Sword Thearch’s grandson. He was only eight years old, and he had yet to reach the Heaven Monarch Realm. Unexpectedly, he was able to pass the level with the other descendants. This caused a lot of those influential Young Master outside to blush in shame. However, when they remembered that he was the grandson of the Sword Thearch, they felt relieved.

Frequently, there would be some abnormal freaks emerging out from the Nine Thearchs’ clans. Wasn’t Yi Chan of the Buddha Thearch Clan one of them? She had cleared the first level four hours before everyone did.


It was at that moment when the middle transportation array lit up in white rays again. An image coagulated, and a stone door opened little by little. A purple-haired girl dashed over. Meanwhile, the spatial zone around her fluctuated unceasingly, and a lot of ghost-like crocodile-headed creatures flocked towards her.


It was as if everyone heard the purple-haired girl letting out a delicate shout as her body radiated with white beams. The beams were actually terrifying bolts of lightning that had been turned into electric serpents as it revolved around her frail body. When those crocodile-headed creatures touched onto the lightning, they would issue silent screams before turning into white smokes and disappearing. The purple-haired girl had also charged into the door, and the door closed off unhurriedly.


The White Jade Plaza boiled in emotions. Yi Chan had actually succeeded in challenging the second level and obtained four credits, allowing her to receive the eighth treasure. In such a short span of time, three of the ten treasures had been taken away. This had greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

If Yi Chan was to continue challenging the levels in such a ferocious manner, all the remaining treasures would be monopolized by her alone. There was nothing special about the remaining treasures as they were all top-tier saint artifacts. Only the third and four were pseudo-divine artifacts. Furthermore, it was a set. If Yi Chan obtained them, her strength would inevitably soar.

If she were to obtain the second treasure, the Heaven Evasion divine skill, as well as the number one treasure, the Destitute Dragon Grass, it would cause her constitution to be tempered even further. By then, Yi Chan’s potential could no longer be measured. Perhaps, she might become the next Yi Clan’s Patriarch.

Countless eyes turned fervent. Yi Chan had always maintained a low-profile. It was reported that no one had seen her face before, and the mask she was wearing could not even be penetrated by the divine senses of a middle-stage Heaven Monarch expert. However, Yi Chan’s mother was a well-known beauty in those days. Her father was also a reputable handsome husband. Therefore, Yi Chan was definitely not any inferior to Yin Ruobing or Ling Shiya. Perhaps, she might be superior to them in looks.

A beauty exceeding even that of the natural world was also known as the most outstanding third-generation descendant of the Buddha Clan of the Nine Thearchs’ Clans. She was also the Buddha Thearch’s favorite granddaughter who possessed heaven-defying combat strength.

Yi Chan gathered all the crucial points a woman should have, becoming countless young masters’ goddess. A lot of them started fantasizing if they were able to capture this proud woman’s affection, wondering about their future.

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