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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 598: A Prestigious Clan’s Descendant’s Foundation

Chapter 598: A Prestigious Clan’s Descendant’s Foundation

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Once Jiang Yi entered the Union of Heaven and Man state, he attempted to blend with the world and searched for opportunities in heaven and earth. He tried to find flaws in those crocodile-headed creatures while looking for a perfect way to kill them, in order to break out of this situation.

Chi! Chi!

As his body moved, there were two ripples on the side of the path as two sinister-looking crocodile-headed creatures appeared and flew towards him.

Jiang Yi didn’t have any change in expression; neither did he open his eyes. There wasn’t even a wave from his aura presence. His Fire Spirit Pearl lit up while he casually pushed out a few bundles of ghost flame, causing the two Soul-Devouring Crocodile to howl miserably and turn into ashes.

Oh, after this Union of Heaven and Man advanced to the next rank, I feel that I am more closely related to this world and that I can see this world more clearly and thoroughly.

Jiang Yi might not have any reaction on the surface, but his heart was actually amazed. Back at the Bridge of Helplessness, he unintentionally entered the Union of Heaven and Man state, allowing him to have an increased comprehension of that state. In the past, he was immobilized in that state; but this time, he could shift his body. On the contrary, he felt that when he was in this state, he had better control of his body to be more graceful and more satisfying as he was like a breeze that was blowing across the world.

Right at this moment, he felt that he was the world and everything was in his control. In fact, he felt that his body didn’t belong to him as it was like a piece of leaf or rock which he could casually control.

Chi! Chi!

Two more ripples appeared in the spatial zone ahead, and Jiang Yi could sense it before the ripple even started. He could clearly see an ugly creature coming out from the void, which had the fearsome sharp teeth and red eyes.


With a thought in his mind, he abruptly swung his hand and shot out a bundle of ghost flames. Before the crocodile-headed creature could even appear, Jiang Yi enveloped it with the ghost flames.


The creature howled out miserably, while its translucent body rapidly shrunk. When it managed to pierce through the ghost flames, its body was already at half the size. Jiang Yi effortlessly struck out another bundle of ghost flames which killed the Soul-Devouring Crocodile.


Jiang Yi was silently delighted. He was a bit slower in this attack, and if he was faster by a little, enveloping the Soul Devouring Crocodile before it even appeared, the creature would be burned to death as soon as it appeared. In other words… he just had to use one bundle of ghost flames to kill one Soul-Devouring Crocodile, which he had to use three bundles previously.


Jiang Yi floated and killed the emerging crocodile-headed creatures. His movements were getting more and more graceful, and his efficiency was getting better. Thirty minutes later, before the spatial zone even rippled, he already started his attack. Before the Soul-Devouring Crocodile even appeared, the ghost flames had already arrived at that rippling zone. Once the creature emerged, it would be instantly killed by the ghost flames.

En, my efficiency is much better now. A pity that I realized this too late, and I have already used up too much ghost flames!

Jiang Yi was silently feeling regretful, but it was already too late to regret now. The only thing he could do was to think of ways to make up for his earlier wastage and kill as many of the crocodile-headed creatures with the least amount of ghost flames. Of course, if he could think of other methods to kill the creatures, it would be for the best.

His advancement started to slow down. He knew that the longer it dragged out, the more dangerous it would get. However, if he couldn’t think of another way, he would not be able to walk to the end of the Yellow Springs Path.

Jiang Yi was oblivious to the fact that there were actually two more similar meandering pathways on the other side of the wilderness. The three meandering paths were about 10,000 miles, and they end up in three different stone doors. The paths didn’t match up, but they weren’t too far away. Of course, no one dared to pass through from one path to the other. As soon as they left the path, the attacks of the Soul-Devouring Crocodile would increase by around tenfold.

Right now, at the center pathway, there few several young masters and ladies who were running rapidly. The surrounding spatial zone constantly rippled just like when Jiang Yi was rushing. Countless Soul-Devouring Crocodiles emerged and produced a sharp air-piercing sound as they flew towards the young masters and ladies.

The young masters all had very leisure expressions. The one leading ahead was a young master wearing the red Chinese gown that had weird attire. He had completely ignored these Soul-Devouring Crocodiles and flew to the front with horrific speed like an afterimage.


When the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles clashed onto his body, the beast bone necklace on his neck would light up with a red radiance. Every time the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles approached, they would be enveloped by the red radiance and instantly perish after letting out a miserable scream.

The young master in the red Chinese gown was naturally Evil Thearch’s grandson, She Fei. He was at the front and had already traveled thousands of miles. No matter how many Soul-Devouring Crocodiles appeared, he would disregard them and rush at his fastest speed.

A few hundred miles behind She Fei was Wu Ni who brought along the four Heaven Monarch servant girls. As they ran rapidly, he had basically ignored the surrounding Soul-Devouring Crocodiles as well. The four Heaven Monarch servant girls were standing in four different directions from him while they each wielding a flexible sword which had dreadful aura presence. When the Soul-Devouring Crocodile rushed at them, the four flexible swords would brandish and produce an enchanting red light, effortlessly killing the creatures.

The flexible sword was white in color, but why did it emit red sword light? These Soul-Devouring Crocodiles were obviously soul-spirit-type creatures and didn’t have a physical body, but they were still turned into smoke after being thrust by the flexible soft. One had to admit that these four Heaven Monarch servant girls were powerful, and their flexible swords weren’t ordinary either.

Behind Wu Ni was a tall and sturdy youth who wore beast pelt armor. This beast pelt didn’t look normal and was obviously made with some ancient demonic beast’s pelt. The beast pelt armor was ash brown in color and had this mysterious seals on it. It seemed like some special method was used to put on the powerful restrictions which made the battle armor possessed this horrific aura presence. When the Soul-Devouring Crocodile flew over, the beast pelt armor would automatically lit up, which enveloped the seven-feet-tall youth with a black light. Once the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles clashed with the black light, they would instantly perish while the tall youth continued to run like a violent gale.

Behind the tall and sturdy youth was the Sword Thearch’s grandson, who was a seven or eight-year-old child. This child had delicate skin and tender flesh and looked very adorable, giving people a favorable impression of him. He was like a child that was out to play as he hopped and bounced with joy. He obviously had cardinal artifacts on him. His yellow-embroidered robe lit up with a faint yellow light, which didn’t allow the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles to even approach him.

Not far behind the Sword Thearch’s grandson was a bare-footed lass. This lass looked even stranger as she was treading lightly with her barefoot, and every time she took a step, her body would vanish into the air.

She didn’t really vanish, but her body simply turned translucent, which made the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles lose their targets and were unable to attack. She was like a real spirit that was moving rapidly and was about to overtake the Sword Thearch’s grandson.

Behind Yin Ruobing were the Ling Clan’s siblings. The two of them were rather fast, and Ling Shiya didn’t even need to do a thing. Ling Qijian had this white jade sword that revolved around the two of them and would effortlessly slash the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles that would approach them.

This group of individuals traveled on the pathway with shocking speed and graceful maneuvers. Jiang Yi had entered this place in advance, but he had yet to even finish a tenth of the journey, but these group of young masters and young ladies were already halfway through.

The fact had proven that the foundations of these descendants from the Nine Thearchs’ clans were father superior to Jiang Yi who was like a country bumpkin that came from the village.

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