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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 599: A Hero’s Impasse

Chapter 599: A Hero’s Impasse

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The white jade plaza was constantly radiating as the center teleportation array was constantly showing scenes was She Fei and the others who passed the second level one after another. They merely took around six hours to pass the second level with an unstoppable force after passing the first level. Everyone had witnessed the incomparable svelteness of the young masters and ladies from the prestigious clans.

When all of them passed the level, the white jade plaza was bustling with excitement again. After Yi Chan took the lead but had gone silent afterward, without any news of breaking through the next level. It was obvious that she was stuck on the third level. As for Jiang Yi… no one bothered about him anymore. They all assumed he had died in the hands of the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles after such a long time without any news.

Jiang Yi’s name was unknown in this world. Hence, he was definitely not a descendant from those great clans. His appearance strength seemed to be around the first stage of the Vajra Realm. Even if he had lucked out and passed the first level, everyone still despised him in their hearts.

“Come, come, make your bets! Bet who will be the first person to pass the third level!”

“I bet on Young Lady Yi Chan. Young Lady Yi had been at the third level for a long time, and she is probably about to reach the exit. Young Lady Yi will surely win!”

“Hurhur, that might not be the case. Young Lady Yi had gone without any news for a long time. She must have encountered some trouble. I will bet on Young Master She Fei!”

“I will bet on Young Master Jian. Haha, let me tell you the truth. Young Master Jian has the rare True Astral Body which only appears once every 10,000 years. Did you all see the flute on him? That is the Soul-Hooking Flute which the Sword Thearch used back then to dominate the East Imperial Continent. It is a pseudo-divine artifact and is also one of the top ten weapons in the world. With such a powerful artifact, Young Master Jian will be able to surmount all difficulties and obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass and the Heaven Evasion divine skill.”

“I will bet on my goddess, Young Lady Ruobing…”

The people outside were so bored that they started to put their bets. Fei Qi and Fei Tian were also feeling rather bored. As he couldn’t cultivate here peacefully, Fei Qi stood up and said, “Everyone, Fei Qi is considered the host in this continent. Why not let me be the host? Let’s not talk about anything more, but I can at least pay out 20,000 celestial stones. Everyone, just place your bets as Fei Qi will not renege on his debt.”


Originally the notion to place the bets was just a small joke, but now that Fei Qi had gotten involved, it was a serious deal. Fei Qi was the eldest imperial prince of the Pegasus Empire and was the next successor of the Fei Clan. He had a very esteemed status, and he immediately placed 20,000 celestial stones for the taking. Everyone was instantly in high spirits, and the entire atmosphere was extremely exciting.

Fei Tian also got interested and raised his hand high and said, “Is there anyone who wants to bet on that kid on the Hell Grade difficulty? I will make my own private bets. If he manages to pass the second level, I will pay five-folds. If he manages to pass the third level, I will pay ten-folds. Twenty-folds for the fourth level and fifty-folds for the fifth level. If he could obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass, I will pay a hundred-fold! How about it?”


The entire plaza was flared up. Fei Tian’s compensation rate was too high, and it had tempted everyone. If Jiang Yi managed to get the Dragon Destitute Grass, 100 celestial stones would turn into 10,000 celestial stones. It was truly a worthwhile bet.

Even though most of the people didn’t think that Jiang Yi could even pass the second level, they were all hoping to be fortunate and placed their bets. However, they didn’t put huge bets—at most a few dozen celestial stones or a hundred celestial stones. As a result, the total bets came down to slightly over one thousand celestial stones.

Fei Qi knitted his brows and was a little displeased. Since Fei Tian already said it, he couldn’t simply refute which would affect Fei Tian’s reputation. Fei Qi simply transmitted a message: “Fei Tian, you are too impetuous…”

Fei Tian didn’t mind and replied with a transmitted message. “Big Brother. I have once exchanged moves with that kid. His strength might be strange, but he isn’t overly formidable. He will never be able to pass the second level. Trust me.”


Fei Qi nodded and didn’t say much but was still rather concerned in his heart. If Jiang Yi truly defied the heavens and obtained the Destitute Dragon Grass, their Fei Clan would have to compensate over 100,000 celestial stones. When that happened, their father would probably be vomiting blood.

Jiang Yi wasn’t heaven-defying as he was advancing slowly. If he carried on with this speed, he would probably need around 20 years to pass the second level.

He didn’t have any urgency written on his face. He continued inside that mystical Union of Heaven and Man state while his body floated gracefully. His hands were constantly brandishing as though he was playing the zither gracefully and lightly.

The Fire Spirit Pearl would constantly flash as bundles of ghost flames appeared. His hands quickly stirred up the ghost flames which split each bundle into two portions. Afterward, his hands would constantly flicker while the active ghost flames would start to change its form and turned into two little fire snakes.

Chi! Chi!

With a fling of his hands, the two fire snakes whizzed forward to the area where two Soul-Devouring Crocodiles appeared after a ripple. The two ghost flames then clashed with the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles which rapidly shrunk and vanished at the same time.

I succeeded!

Jiang Yi was ecstatic. After studying for four hours, he finally developed a martial skill which could be used to deal with the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles.

Originally, he had to use three bundles of ghost flames to deal with one Soul Devouring Crocodile. After entering the Union of Heaven and Man state, he only required one bundle. Now that he developed the martial skill, a single bundle of ghost flame could actually kill two of the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles.

He still had about one thousand bundles of ghost flames left, and if one bundle could kill two of the creatures, he would be able to kill at least two thousand Soul-Devouring Crocodiles. Of course, this was if he maintained his current speed. If he was to travel at his fastest speed, he would immediately deplete his ghost flames in less than 30 minutes.

“Let’s go!”

He didn’t know how much more he had to advance or if these one thousand bundles of ghost flame would allow him to reach the end, but he had no other choice. His only way was to slowly advance and slowly think of other methods to survive.

One day, three days… five days!

Jiang Yi had advanced two thousand miles. He only had around 500 bundles of ghost flames left, and he had yet to find another method to deal with the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles. The Nine Heavens Dragon Flames weren’t powerful enough, and it was useless to even mention the Earth Fire.

This Soul-Devouring Crocodile didn’t have a physical body, and there was no way to physically attack it. If it could even pass through the ghost flames, it was needless to even talk about Jiang Yi’s attack. He had trying releasing his Massacre Intent, but it was ultimately ineffective.

Ten days later, Jiang Yi advanced to the 4000-mile mark, and he had less than one hundred bundles of ghost flames. As time shifted and the further he got, the frequency of attack got faster. Every time, there would be five or even eight Soul Devouring Crocodiles that attacked at the same time. Jiang Yi was grumbling, but he had to release the bundles of ghost flames and split them up into the fire snakes.

If it wasn’t for the Union of Heaven and Earth state which could detect the emergence of the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles ahead of time, Jiang Yi believed that he would already become a pile of white bones. Along the way here, he had witnessed plenty of bones, and if he still couldn’t think of another method in one day, he would ultimately turn into a fresh set of bones by the side of the road.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the front, there were eight ripples; and Jiang Yi had already released eight fire snakes. When he killed the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles, the spatial zone in front had rippled again after he took a few steps.


Conveniently, there were two sets of bones at the front, and there were evil winds blowing across. Jiang Yi’s mind had this indescribable feeling that this was a hero’s impasse. Could he, Jiang Yi, be perishing in this unending Yellow Springs Path?

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